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War Update & Rick’s Analysis. Clay Clark LIVE. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Oct 9, 2023

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The war continues to escalate as attacks come into Israel from the North and other Muslim countries work to join the Palestinians in Israel.

Rick gives an update on the latest happenings including looking at within the hour updates from the Israel Defense Force (IDF) social media.

We look at a Dan Bongino clip where he was very upset and showing the coordinated hang gliders that came near the festival and killed over 250 young Israelis.

Rick openly discusses how this is likely a play by the elites to distract us from their attempted domination and their exposure.

Rick feels this was a purposeful event created by the elites by hiding intelligence from the IDF to create such a catastrophe.

Now everyone is fighting between those that support Israel and those that support the Palestinians vs. uniting to expose the elites.

Chaos keeps eyes off the elites evil plans.

Now all the neocons support destroying Hamas and even attacking Iran, while another huge contingent of leftists and anti-Israel truthers support the Palestinians despite the barbaric attacks.

We are all fighting each other vs. focusing on the globalist elite’s plans.

Therefore, we need to recognize this is a spiritual battle and we need God’s guidance about how to pray and use our authority to call this evil down.

Clay Clark comes on live and shows how much of this tracks back to Biblical text about the end times.

Clay encourages people to read these texts and understand Yuval Noah Hari’s transhumanism agenda

Rick then reads several words he received in his Alone Time with God around this conflict where the Lord clearly said he would defend Israel:

“I still consider the land of Israel my land.  I will protect it and bless it despite the odds against it.” And

“My Israel will be protected, and I allowed this to happen to expose the true evil of the evil one.”

We then move to PraiseNPrayer where we hear many praise reports and praise the Lord with wonderful Worship videos.

We then lift up Israel, the leaders and the victims on both sides.  We declare and decree a revival and intervention in the land of Israel!

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