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Can you trust the Bible? Rick has taught courses on this topic for years and shares his method for why you can have absolute confidence in the Biblical text. His TAP method reviews the science of Textual Criticism, Archeology and Prophesy that clearly establishes the Bible as true history and God’s Word preserved as the original inspired writers penned them!

What is our personal authority in Christ? Rick demonstrates how God does not want us to be timid. In fact, the name above all names, Jesus, gives us the ultimate power and authority. Rick will show you how to exercise your personal authority for such a time as this! 

It’s time to know and trust in the Word of God like never before and to use your authority in Christ to call down this evil and usher in the Great Harvest!

Book Rick on Your Show!

Rick will give your audience the tools they need to defend and have confidence in the Reliability of the Bible and how they can start making an impact against the evil in this world by using their authority in Christ. This is a critical time for the Children of God to arise and use the power and authority that God has given them. It’s time to stand up against the New World Order and call in the remnant to take back possession of the nations!

Booking Agent: Gus Minkler at or 256.404.7450

Blessed2Teach (B2T) Ministry Mission is to bring people to the narrow path of salvation through Jesus Christ and to wake up and activate believers to fight for liberty and freedom as we make disciples of all nations through the Great Awakening movement.

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