Deep State Set-Up! Flynn Setting Up Military Trials for Treason – B2T Show Dec 18

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Flynn Took a Rubber Bullet and Told Congress Everything under Oath

Deep state Set-Up with Flynn 


UPDATE: Clinton-Appointed Judge APOLOGIZES to Flynn for Treason Remark During Sentencing

Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Delayed

Reason for Flynn “TREASON”

Q stays silent after Flynn hearing today

Do you really understand what’s coming?

Corrupt Comey Responds “Who Cares” When Asked by Congress Who Paid for the Russian Dossier

our mission should be to get the “Q” question asked.

Did you know in 2008 Comet Ping Pong/James Alefantis was accused of being a murder and rape heaven? Many years before Pizzagate? Frank Winstead who tried to fight it died. He was a politician.

Trump expected to sign order creating US Space Command in coming days: officials

Entertainment and the media have the 3rd highest suicide rate in the US. It’s wearing on a person to lie for a living.

BELGIUM CHAOS: Prime Minister offers RESIGNATION as UN migrant pact crisis ERUPTS

ANOTHER BLOW TO GLOBALIST ELITES! Belgian Prime Minister Offers Resignation over Protests Against UN Migration Pact

Report: Macron Accused of TREASON in Letter Signed by Twelve Generals

The Rockefeller Foundation: ” We can indoctrinate the kids how to think. So that it breaks up the family.

Mark Taylor Teaching:

5-6 Army of God June of 2015   

Declaration of Unity – Mark Taylor

I _____________________ in the name of Jesus, decree and declare, according to Matthew 18:19, that I will be in unity with my brothers and sisters in the Army of God and all the forces of Heaven. That I will support and defend the Word of God and His army, with all of Heaven, against all enemies from the Kingdom of Darkness, even unto Supreme sacrifice.

I will not fire upon those in the Army of God, but will direct my fire upon the enemy, and the enemy alone. I will protect my brothers and sisters in God’s army, from any assault that the enemy may launch. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, on and off the battlefield.

I will obey the orders of the Supreme Commander of the Army of God, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to Ephesians 4:11, the Government of God, and the uniform regulations founded on God’s throne of righteousness and justice. I decree it and declare it on earth as it is in heaven. So be it Amen

Rick’s Bible Memory Verse of the Day:

1 Corinthians 1:22-23

“Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles”

Express to Gitmo? SerialBrain2 Decode of #GingerbreadExpress – B2T Show Dec 17

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SerialBrain2 Decode!

Trump, Q, Gingerbread, Stockings and GITMO. PART1

Grand Opening of the Gingerbread Express

HUGE! Judge Sullivan Orders Mueller to RELEASE ORIGINAL 302 REPORT on Flynn Interrogation — ON EVE OF SENTENCING!

Attorney Sidney Powell: Mueller Has Destroyed Evidence and Obstructed Justice in Flynn Case – Mueller’s Time Is Up

James Comey Dodges Questions About Whether He Leaked Classified Information

Anybody else want to kick James Comey in the balls?

Is it time we all start filing complaints with the FCC over Fake News? YES and here’s how.

This is what happened when my wife left me alone in the Walmart craft section…

Like clockwork, a false flag bomb or suspicious package directed at Jewish School. Why does this happen whenever Comey is testifying or Clinton Foundation is grilled by House committee?

“Merry Christmas” is back!

Who do you most want to see HANG? My Top 5 > 1) Killary 2) Obama 3) Brennan 4) Podesta 5) Cheney

Two arrested as 'yellow-vest' clashes with counter protest in Edmonton

Canada has joined the Yellow Vest Movement!


Yellow vest protesters come out across Canada inspired by French movement

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – Mishandling of Classified Information

New Legal Filings Reveal Hillary Camp Funneled Cash to Chris Steele to Help Her Challenge 2016 Election Results

MEXICO IS FED UP…Shuts Down Their OWN Border

Weak 15: Empty Seats Abound, As the NFL Season Winds Down


15-10-13 Don’t be deceived get in the Fight – Mark Taylor October 12, 2015   

The Spirit of God says, “The Clintons, the Clintons, your time has come to an end, for you both are being omitted for the Crimes you have committed. Hillary’s is no great secret and they will be her downfall, but Bill’s will be exposed one after the other and it will be a windfall. For this time, you will not escape prosecution and restitution for the rape and prostitution. You thought no one saw, but the Lord see it all, and now this will be your downfall.”

The Spirit of God says, “Beware, beware, the enemy roams about seeking whom he can devour and this sitting President is doing just that in this hour. He’s full of lies and deceit and is very hateful; he spreads division and corruption with every mouthful. Beware when he says, “Look over here what the right hand is doing’, to divert your attention from what the left hand is doing, is his intention. This is a setup from this President and his minions, from the hate, the division, and Hillary Clinton. Why can no one see this? For the signs are clear to see, that this President and his minions shall try for three. A sign will be, he will try and take the guns so the people can’t rise up and stop him when he tries to run. He will not succeed for this is the peoples right, but make no mistake it will be a fight.”

The Spirit of God says, “My Army, My Army, rise up and take to the fight, and I will stop this that has already taken flight. For this is a war over America and not to be taken lightly. You will have to fight, but America will shine brightly. Take the fight to the enemy and you will be victorious for all to see, and America will be loved once again, even by some that used to be her enemies. My Army, continue to war, pray and fight with a shout, and I will remove this President that has become a louse!  Then you will see the man I have chosen, Donald Trump, when he takes back MY WHITE HOUSE.

1 John 1:9 

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.





Spygate Fail! New Emails! Bible Study Romans 2 & 3 – B2T Show Dec 16

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EMAILS Reveal Obama Admin’s Push To Create Russia Scandal Hours Before Trump’s Inauguration
Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Urgently Provided Classified ‘Russiagate’ Documents to Multiple Senators Immediately Ahead of Trump Inauguration

Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok’s iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New “FBI Lovebird” Texts

U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against 19 Defendants For The Sex Trafficking Of Minor Girls And Young Women In New York State’s Child Welfare System

View post on

“Government shutdowns are the biggest nothing out there…when they happen it only shows how much of the government is not needed as life goes on and demonstrates the need to cut “services”

This Government Shutdown Is Going To Be AWESOME

This Government Shutdown Is Going To Be AWESOME


Hillary deletes 33k emails, bleach bits, hammers devices – crimes disappear Mueller deletes thousands of emails, devices scrubbed – crimes disappear And Trump is the one under investigation?

Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million

The timing of Trump being elected is really fortunate for us. 


Three Men Indicted In Conspiracy to Kill Whistleblower

Members of Congress Will Now Have to Personally Pay to Settle Sexual Misconduct Claims, per legislation passed on 12/13. This is something that should have been done a long time ago.

Global warming vs. transgender

Devin Nunes calls for White House-linked transparency office to declassify government documents

U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against 19 Defendants For The Sex Trafficking Of Minor Girls And Young Women In New York State’s Child Welfare System
The Framing of Michael Flynn

John Solomon Drops a Tick-Tock Bombshell – DIA Holds Documents That Can Exonerate Flynn…

WATCH: Democrat Ted Lieu Admits He Wants To Censor Speech, Laments He Can’t

Bible Study

Romans 2-3 NIV
Romans  Bible Study Tools

Catching a Wild Animal – Clintons & the Cabal – B2T Show Dec 13

Show Notes:

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Celebrate Trumps “Promises Delivered!” here

The President Donald J. Trump 2020 Freedom Coin

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Highlights from the Clinton Foundation Hearing

Never been more convinced re Q than right now after CF hearing. BIG things happening. WWG1WGA, Patriots!

Not one major media outlet has any mention of the Clinton Foundation hearing, DURING the hearing. LINKS

Got It! Clinton Foundation Whistleblower is Outside Lawfirm that Performed Its Own Investigation; Huber Has the Evidence!!

HO-LY SHIT!!!! BOOM!!! “Mr. Clinton on a regular basis mixed and matched his personal business, on an ongoing basis, with that of the foundation…He would use CF donated funds for PERSONAL use…..”

Breaking from CF Hearing: FBI did send a plane to Little Rock to load documents from CF

How many of us here believe in Jesus?

I’m a Bartender. People are waking up and asking questions. I’m sending at least 1 person per night to QMAP.PUB

The Earth is not flat – Just stop it.

Clinton Foundation Hearing 

Seth Rich Case News – Proof DOJ is Conducting a Behind the Scenes Criminal Investigation, and a Grand Jury has already been Convened

Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for Media

Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says council
Republicans examine accusations of ‘pay to play’ at Clinton Foundation, amid plunge in donations
Comey’s remarks about Trump dossier are not credible, says former FBI official
Judge Nap on Flynn’s Allegation of FBI Pressure: ‘That Is Not a Defense to Lying’


16 2-24-16 Do not fear America – Mark Taylor Feb, 24, 2016    

AMMO CAN – 1 week food supply:

The Spirit of God says,

“Why do I sense fear in my people about the future of America? Have I not said that, ‘l have heard your cries and will heal your land?’ Stand firm! Do not falter, put on the full armor of God! Rake the enemy over the coals, for the end time battle is on for my 1 billion souls!”

The Spirit of God says, “Do not fear that my servant Justice Scalia has been taken, for some are crying out, why have I forsaken. For I will show myself strong to prove that the so called wise are wrong. For some will say that this is a miracle, for I am just getting started, this is not even close to the pinnacle, for what I am going to do with My America. For do not my people have eyes to see and ears to hear the two signs I gave, when they carried my servant’s body up the steps of the courthouse where to rest he was laid? Read the signs! Read the signs that were for all to see, and understand the words in this prophecy.”

The Spirit of God says, “5, that’s right, 5 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by my new president, my anointed. I will choose 5 through my anointed to keep those alive.

I will stack the court with those that I choose, to send a clear message to the enemy, that you lose! This is the miracle that I will perform, so that MY COURT will be reformed.”

The Spirit of God says, “The cries, the cries that I have heard from the womb, have reached my eyes and ears like a sonic boom! The five l appoint and the reform that shall take place, the great I AM shall take on this case! For it is my will and my way for all those that have prayed, that MY COURT SHALL OVERTURN ROE VS WADE!  The Spirit of God says, “America, get ready, for I AM choosing from the top of the cream, for I AM putting together America’s dream team, from the president and his administration, to judges and congress to ease Americas frustrations!”

The Spirit of God says, “Rise up my Army and get in the fight, for this is the generation that’s taking flight. This is the generation of warriors that those of old wanted to see, and the enemy will have no choice but to flee. Rise up! Stomp the enemies head with bliss; send the enemy back to Hell and into the abyss. This is the generation of warriors that all of Hell has feared to face and see, but I AM and all of Heaven is cheering you on with glee!”

You’re Supreme Commander, GOD

2 Timothy 1:7  

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid,  but gives us power, love and self-discipline.



35 Q Drops with Q&A! LadyQanuck – B2T Show Dec 12

Show Notes:

You have the right to be Private!

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Clinton Whistleblowers: Thursday’s Public Hearing to Reveal “Explosive” Information

Anyone else with goosebumps?

Q 2619 – Gold shall destroy FED.

Q &A Live now

Q-2622 – “Is Earth flat ? NO”

All The Stocking Letters : S B S A B T Q K

Vatican No. 3 Official Found Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Two Choir Boys

Snowden confirmed traitor per Q. Time to change his Unknown status.

Coincidence? Ellen Degenerate considers ending her show now of all times????

Post 2601: Q wants us to read this Twitter thread by Paul Serran…

Nearly 2-in-3 Trump Voters Support Government Shutdown for Border Wall
Students Walkout to Protest Firing of Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgendered Student’s Preferred Gender Pronouns


16 Purging the Temple April 26, 2016  Mark Taylor 

The Spirit of God says, “The 501c3, the 501c3, those that are eating of it are not eating from my tree! For when I told Adam and Eve do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil for you shall surely see, so it is with those that eat from the 501c3. For this demonic document that you have signed has now made you spiritually deaf, mute, and blind. Woe to those who continue to use this demonic system for you will be exposed and purged from this evil cistern.”

The Spirit of God says, “Can you not see that you are taking a bribe? They will say it’s all about the money, and for that you shall be kicked from my tribe! Taking a bite from that apple has taken you from a spiritual body to a brick and mortar, and has placed you under the New World Order. For how can you be a part of my spiritual body when you have cut off my head? For those that don’t turn will surely fall as dead. Tear up the contract, repent, divorce Baal, and re-marry me, and l will remove the spiritual blindness so you can once again see. Come out of this! Come out of this before it’s too late, for my

judgments are on those systems that I hate. Come out now for I will no longer tolerate!”

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

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