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Trump in Harlem. Big Supreme Court Decision. B2T Show Apr 23, 2024

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Let’s start our show…

Huge cheers for Trump at Harlem Bodega – Massive crowd chants “Trump! Trump! Trump!..” and “USA! USA! USA!…”

President Trump went to a bodega where the store owner killed an attacker.  The store owner was charged for the death.

Rick shows a clip of President Trump outside of the store.

In another clip of President Trump is speaking and the crowd starts singing the National Anthem.

Rick talks about the Feast of Unleaven bread.  He shows Hebrews 4:14-16.

Rick shows Matzo bread and discusses how it represents Jesus with piercing and bruises on it.

In John 6:34-36, we see Jesus saying He is the bread of life.

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In the Trump Truth section, we see President Trump talking about Juan Merchan and the rights he has taken away from him.

In another Truth, President Trump is talking about the dollar and how it stands against the Yen.  He also talks about businesses struggling.

President Trump also has a video about higher education.

Why SCOTUS will toss 350 J6 convictions.  A clear majority questions the DOJs use of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to prosecute J6 defendants.

Top Biden cabinet pick Xavier Becerra reportedly plotting this exit.

Biden faces uncommitted ballot test in Pennsylvania Democrat Primary.

Facebook meddled in US elections almost 40 times since 2008.

Judge dismisses riot charges for over 100 migrants who rushed the border,

Rick says this shows the 2-tier system.

Rick shows another Trump Truth that has a Washington Examiner article about Pro-Palestine supporters at Columbia University confronting Jewish students ‘to push them out of camp.’

In another article by The Midwesterner, ‘Death to America’ fliers circulate at University of Michigan Gaza camp.

Rick says this is why you shouldn’t send your children to woke colleges.

Rick goes back to the Columbia University article and shows a video.

Amir Tsarfati has a post explaining what happens at these protests.

In an OSINTdefender post, we see that Iran is able to conduct a nuclear test.

Rick says this post shows what the Globalists are really doing.

Russia moves tactical nuclear missile systems to Finnish border.

Rumble says it received ‘censorship’ demands from Australia and New Zealand.

This comes after Australian eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant ordered social media companies to remove videos and images related to two stabbing events in Sydney last week.

Woke NPR places ‘Trigger Warning’ on Declaration of Independence.

Rick shows a post about that shows an editor’s note from July 8, 2022 with the reason they are using the trigger warning.

This story quotes the US Declaration of Independence, a document that contains offensive language about Native Americans, including a racial slur.

Rick says NPR is in big trouble.

Supreme Court to hear arguments in emergency abortion case that could upend state bans.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Wednesdays in a dispute between the state of Idaho and the Biden administration over whether state bans on abortion violate federal emergency medicine statues.

The article goes into detail about what the Biden administration is trying to use to win this case.

Rick moves on to some of his Alone Time with God posts and reads from Julie Green before moving into Backstage for a time of Praying for the children and any intercessory needs.

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April 16, 2024 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T–EXPOSING THE ONES WHO ARE CAUSING THE INVASION FROM WITHIN

***For I the Lord this day, I am telling you, my children, watch your enemies struggle. Watch the desperation grow. Watch their destruction. Watch how prideful and arrogant they will appear like in their actions to destroy your food supply, your freedoms, your economy, peace in this world, or peace in your nation. Watch as they try terror attacks to bring much fear to your nation. Watch as they try to start wars all over the world, but they will come to nothing.##

***It looks like they have made plans against my Israel, but remember what I have told you. I have dragged them by their mouths down to my nation. It was a trap to destroy Iran, to destroy Hamas, to destroy Hezbollah and to destroy ISIS. Their silent terror cells they tried to rise up in this nation will not be able to do the damage they originally had planned against you. I allowed certain things, my children, to prove to the world the Washington establishment was playing both sides. They were funding Iran at the same time to help Israel, just to pay Iran to attack your nation.##

***Your enemies in your own land want to bring war to stop this election and to cripple this nation. They will stop at nothing. They will signal to foreign lands it is time to attack, to awaken the cells that are here to attack you internally. What you have seen so far was slow. Now they will try to put this into hyper-drive because there are other attempts to steal another election, to steal this nation, and it is not working like before.##

***So, hold on as the economy crashes; viruses will break out, shootings will occur more and more in large events. In the streets, chaos will erupt, and uncertainty will grow in the hearts of many. But I tell you, my children, your enemies will never succeed in what they have planned against you.##

***A shock will come from Mexico. Explosive proof is coming to show you how Mexico is paid to allow terrorists through their nation to guarantee their access to your country. Your government guaranteed Mexico that those terrorists would not target them or stay in their land, but come here.##

***Many secrets at your southern border are about to be exposed in a major way. The FBI, the CIA, and the establishment are all part of helping the invasion; invasion into your country to stop my David and to destroy America from within. My children, war has started in your land by the hands of the ones who supposedly run your nation; but I will expose all treason, all plots, and attempts to take down this country.##

***I have infiltrators in your FBI, your CIA, in the White House, in your Congress, in your Senate, in your Supreme Court, and all around the border. There is nowhere I cannot see and there is not any place your enemies are safe from me.##

***My United States, Hezbollah is in your nation. Hamas is in your nation. ISIS is in your nation. Terrorists from China are in your nation. There are many enemies here to bring destruction. My traps have been set and they will never get the war, the chaos, to the degree they wanted. They will never be able to murder the amount of people they wanted to murder. They will never be able to sabotage all they wanted to sabotage. They will not get the economic collapse as they wanted, death from viruses as they wanted, control as they wanted all over the world, the fear they wanted because I am here, and I am in the way, and I am here to stay, sayeth the Lord.##

***Obama, your days are numbered for destroying my nation and having it under your chokehold. I will soon show the world how you have brought your buddies here to destroy this country, how the puppet in the White House is not only controlled by you, blackmailed by you, manipulated by you, but your puppet will not be your puppet much longer. The strings have been cut and things will continue to backfire on you, and your puppet will take a fall he will not recover from, and you will not be able to replace him with another.##

***Your demonic control over this nation, over its capital, over its people, it is finished. Your days are short, just as they were for Pharaoh controlling my people in Egypt. When people on your side will be caught in the acts of their attacks, they will sing like canaries and will tell who paid them and the plot to bring down this nation; but I have my people all over the place, all around this nation. You didn’t see or know that they were with me to stop you. Obama, this is not your country. It is not under your control. You don’t have power over it, and you don’t have control over my people. I will show you that I am the most-high God. Obama, your reign over this nation is through and so is everyone with you. I will show you that I am the one who is in control and I will show you that this is my nation and not yours, sayeth Lord of hosts.##

***It may look to the ones on my side that they have no chance to recover or win, but I am about to show this nation how big I really am. My children who are fighting this fight, who are seeing the darkness, the evil, and the corruption firsthand, things may appear overwhelming and impossible to overcome without me, but I am on your side and you will not lose. This nation will not fall, and I have put you in these places, in these positions to help take back this nation. So go forward, keep fighting, keep pushing through because I have got you, and I don’t lose, sayeth the Lord of hosts.##

Whiplash, this word will be in your news for a shocking reason.

***Another train derailment is about to take place. I will show you this was no accident and I will show you who did it and why. Things are heating up, yes, but so is the uncovering of all their plans.##

***Proof is coming, explosive proof of your airplanes, how they have been sabotaged to cause death and chaos in your skies so no one flies. They are trying to stop you from traveling and moving around. They want you to have less freedom, and the more fear it will bring. Listen to the FAA say it is not safe to be in the air. Watch them say terrorism. Listen to this and know this is their plan to keep you where you are.##

***My United States, something is about to happen in the skies above you that was meant to destroy you. I allowed you to see this, but I also will not allow them to have what they wanted. So, don’t look up in fear on what you are about to see. Look up to me and I will give you peace.##

***Unusual weather is about to increase in this nation and around the world; manipulated for more chaos, more damage. More whistleblowers are coming to show you what your governments have done against you that they will not get away with.##

***My children, it is all coming to an explosive place, but remember, you have me and that is all you need. You will come out of all of this with my glory, with my protection and my direction. You will have glorious and unprecedented victories. Things you never thought could take place, will. Things that you have never seen before will be seen. It is all about to come to an end. So, rejoice, the great I AM is here, sayeth the Lord, your redeemer.##

Wed Apr 17, 2024 4:19pm – Love the unloveable and help set them free

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to do the show today despite this cold. I call down sickness among all of us in this Ministry in Jesus name. Thank you for the ability to come to the throne daily. I repent for not coming last night. Put me in a secret place Lord where I can only hear from you by the power of Jesus name. No spirits but the Holy Spirit the Father and the Son. What would you like to share with me or your children Lord?

The enemy is trying to divide all my children more than ever right now. He is terrified of the rising of my Church and is already feeling the destruction of his strongholds from my Remnant. It grieves my heart to see my children attacking each other vs. focusing on the battle that we have. Yes, there are infiltrators within your camps, but I will make that very clear as you pray for discernment. It is my job to judge and correct my children, not yours. Many have gone in the wrong direction and I am already correcting many of them, so I do not need your help to publicly expose and attack my children. This is why I am asking you to put me first, not your reputation, your research, or your hurt feelings. Put these all aside and die to yourself. Then repent and come to me.

As I said in my sermons, get the log out of your eye before you try and take the speck out of your brother’s eye. Yes, some have logs, but as soon as this becomes your focus vs. a focus on me and being clean before me, that is when the speck in your eye grows and does not allow you to see clearly. Cannot you see that seeking first my kingdom and my righteousness has nothing to do with exposing others? Work with me to expose the enemy and his followers. Allow me to spot the infiltrators and expose them. I have called some to help me expose these infiltrators, but it is very few of you. Nearly everyone of you who spends energy on exposing people who profess me as their savior, are not listening to me. I need you to renew your mind with my word and come to me with two-way communication. Pray for discernment and ask me before attacking those who claim to know me. Even those who do not claim to know me now, pray for them to turn from their wicked ways and repent. Call down their actions, their systems, and their institutions, but pray for the individuals. Remember I am a patient God and I offer many many chances to repent until a person’s cup of iniquity is full. Your job is not to accelerate and try to force me to judge prematurely.

Listen to me, children, too many of you are criticizing others in your heart and many are doing this publicly. This is not what I want. You know I am all-knowing and all-powerful. If I wanted to change things, am I too weak? Keep exposing the enemy’s plans, but pray for the individuals. Pray for their exposure so that they repent. However, nearly all my children are not being called to expose those who claim to love me. I want to make this very clear. Many who are “thinking for themselves” are using this as an excuse to make up their own truth with limited knowledge. Repent and focus on me. We have great work to do in bringing on a great harvest and a new era that will be beautiful. As you come closer to me and listen to me, the deception of the enemy will be thwarted and you will no longer fall into this temptation. Attacking others that claim to love me almost always displays your pride.

Pray, so that the person you have attacked comes closer to me.

We will be bringing a massive bond of peace and a spirit of unity within the church. So put your theologies aside and focus on love. I do want you to teach sound doctrine and route out false doctrine, but you have limited knowledge, my brothers and sisters. Allow my word to penetrate your heart, spend time with me and you may just learn that it was your doctrine that was incorrect. I love you with an everlasting love and am giving this word of correction not to everyone, but to those who have been exposing people who love me on a continual basis. Swallow your pride my children and come to me so I can use you in a mighty way for my purposes. I will let you know when I want you to expose people, but most of the time this will not be necessary. Instead, die to yourself, humble yourself, and walk in love. This is why I say faith hope and love abide, but the greatest of these is love. I am calling many of you to love the unloveable. Help set them free. Yes, I want you to go one-on-one to a brother when they offend you, but if they have not attacked you directly, let me take care of that. Restore each other, and pray for each other. I will give you discernment to make sure you know when it it time to escalate. But you must be a submitted vessel with love in your heart before I can use you in this way. Love on my Body, children, love them. Love each other so the world will see and know you are my disciples.

Mon Apr 15, 2024 8:57pm – Be Laser-focused on Me

Thank you, Lord for PraiseNPrayer and for General Flynn to be on the show. Thank you for the prayer warriors. In Jesus name, Amen. Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you by the power of Jesus name. No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son. How are you tonight Lord?

All is well as I look upon my children. Many are in pain, but I am comforting them in their anguish. I love everyone of my children who know me. I also desire all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. However, many will not listen and it is the free choice I have given them.  I am also a providential God who calls many for specific times and in this time I am available 24X7 to those who have chosen to trust me, submit to me, and join me in this battle. As I have said before I can use you in a mighty way. Just come to me on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.

This will be a difficult time for many people as they see pain and suffering that has been caused by an evil group of people following the evil one. They have poisoned your water, your air, your food, and your medicine and have corrupted nearly all your systems, your businesses, and your institutions. I am a patient God and have allowed many atrocities to occur as I patiently wait for repentance and only come to judge when the cups of inequity have become full. This is the case with many over the last few years and judgment has been falling. However, the true evil they have planned is far greater than what you have seen thus far. Since I want to allow the world to shake to awaken more people, things will get darker before they get lighter. Prepare your hearts for this, my children. This is the time to keep your focus on me and not the world. Too much focus on all the shaking will take you off track. Now is the time to live by faith like never before vs. living by site. You will see much despair in this world. You will see many things that are not fair and just in the world. I want you to remember that this life is a vapor compared to eternity and understand that I am sovereign and will be making all things new in the future. Therefore, continue to hold on to me during this time. The evil one will try to destroy you with emotions of despair all around you and make you think that in this world you will have to go into despair as well. However, that is not the plan I have for my children. My plan is for you to commit yourself to me even more and walk with me as we fight this battle on earth as we prepare for heaven.  Your reward will be great if you do not let the enemy pull you into emotional despair. Do not give up and continue to run the race that I have marked out for you. I will give you the perseverance that you need.

Laser-focused, I say, laser-focused. Your laser focus on me will allow you to see those in despair turn into joy. Oil of joy for mourning. You will see beauty for ashes, but only if you allow me to flow through you as a committed vessel for the Lord. This is what I have been saying over and over again. There is no time to waste. Now is the time to renew your mind in my word and stop conforming to the pattern of this world. As you do this you will be transformed and will be able to test and approve what my will is for you specifically. My specific will for you, my child, is good. It is perfect and it is pleasing. This will be worth every minute you dedicate to me to speak to me. It will be worth every minute you spend learning my word. Work to develop a hunger for my word. This is why I keep emphasizing your priorities and putting me and my word first. Make sure this does not become a to-do item but is a privilege that you hunger for. Pray to me for this hunger and I will give it to you. You can have a hunger for me and my word and it will not be a problem at all to seek first my kingdom and my righteousness.

Lastly, despite all the despair that you will see, as you pass the tests you will develop.a perseverance that will allow you to start seeing victory after victory after victory. So I say again, enjoy this process. Enjoy the process of walking closely with me and allowing me to direct your path so that you can face these trails with pure joy. Yes, you will understand my word when I say; “consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds.” Remember, in this world, you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world and you will not just overcome your despair, you will help many overcome theirs. You can be a vessel and help others receive the oil of joy for mourning. And they will not be mourning any longer. Instead, they will see that my mercies are new every morning and they will start to see beauty from all the ashes in their lives from the past. Yes, the best is yet to come, so keep your heads up and your eyes focused on me. And this troubling time period will seem like a vapor even in your life here on earth!

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