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CPS Exposed. Meghan Walsh LIVE. Woke Protests Spreaad. B2T Show Apr 24, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s start our show…

Rick starts the show with a post from Praying Medic.  It shows a clip of Biden giving a speech and reading off the teleprompter.

Biden says “Four more years. Pause.” as he’s speaking.

Biden says he gets flipped off by children regularly.

In the article, Biden says he never thought he’d see a time when he was going through a neighborhood with a Trump sign that says, “F Biden” and having a little kid standing with is middle finger.

Rick shows several Trump Truths with stats on several states and how much he is winning in the polls.

Trump could net an additional $1.26 billion from Truth Social.

President Trump’s stake in TMTG would be worth over $4 billion.

Rick talks about Truth Social and then how President Trump’s net worth went down while he was in office because he didn’t take a salary.

Biden considers amnesty for over 1 million illegal aliens married to US Citizens.

Rick says they need the votes so they are going to push whatever they can.

In an X post, Elon Musk shows a graph showing the woke mind virus taking over legacy media.

Pro-Palestine protests sweep college campuses Nationwide, leading to arrests at New York University.

Rick shows a post with a video of a drag queen in a library telling the children to shout, “Free Palestine.”

In another video clip, we see Protesters and DPS riot troopers face to face at University of Texas in Austin.

The Israel Defense Force has launched a significant strike operation this morning against Hezbollah positions in Southern Lebanon near the border of Israel.

Satanic temple ‘invocation’ sparks chaos at Ottawa County board meeting.

Rick says with the drag queen and this, it’s just crazy what they are trying to do.

New Biden emails reveal details about the Ukraine whistleblower who got Trump impeached.

Meghan Walsh joins Rick.

This is Meghan’s first time on B2T.

She is the daughter of John Walsh.  She tells of her upbringing and how she was involved in the arts and entertainment industry.

She tells of her family and how her father was instrumental in taking her children away from her.

This is a must-see interview.

Meghan goes into great detail about some NGOs and 3 letter agencies, including CPS.

Meghan was able to find the Lord and change her life.

At the end of the interview, the Backstagers pray for her.

After Meghan leaves, the Backstagers go into our Wednesday Night Bible Study with Gus.

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April 24th – Megan Walsh

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