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Dems Now Agree; Walls Work! Trump Attacks Nikki. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Oct 5, 2023

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Mayorkas now agrees that border walls work!

After massive illegal immigration, he agrees to support building more wall in South Texas.

He finally uses Trump era type powers to eliminate roadblocks that were keeping walls from being built.

The Biden Administration waived 26 federal laws to allow border wall construction.

Meanwhile, the RINOs of the MSM, Fox News, seems to be propping up Nikki Haley now that the wind has come out of Desantis sales.

Trump takes note of Fox News tactics and slams Nikki using his nickname “birdbrain” several times in a Truth Social post:

“Fox has totally given up on Ron DeSanctimonious, and is on their next “journey” pushing Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley… Fox & Friends just put on a hand picked Haley acolyte who absolutely gushed Birdbrain.”

We also learn that the FBI Is monitoring MAGA supporters in the run-up to the 2024 election.

The FBI is creating a “distinct category of domestic violent terrorists” to target MAGA loyalists based on their political views.

Although the FBI does not use the term MAGA, even insiders agree the definition
“predominantly targets Trump’s base.”

As crazy as it sounds the UK Prime Minister is under heavy attack for stating the facts about there only being two sexes “a man and a woman.”

Rick covers other news and then reads the latest prophetic word from Julie Green that warns of secrets being revealed:

“Great secrets are about to be told; secrets that no one in that camp ever thought were going to be told. I have told you I have infiltrated the infiltrators, and my infiltrators are about to sing, sing, sing, sing, speak truth, and uncover deep, dark, evil secrets of your governments.”

Rick also covers the updated B2T Ministries Vision, Mission and Expansion Plans along with the New Partner Model.

In a word given to Rick on Sep 11, the Lord told Rick to stop delaying getting the Partner model set up:

“By not having this model set up, you are delaying the reaping I want to bless people with as they serve me with their first fruits… I know this is hard for you Rick, but get your emotions out of this. This is between me and my Body.”

Rick then teaches on Hebrews 5 where it becomes clear how Christ is a much different High Priest than those in the Old Testament.

Christ never sinned and never had to perform sacrfices like the Old Testament priests and Jesus is the Son of God that lives forever.

Rick discusses the meaning of the Melchizedek priesthood and what a Christophany is.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer and we get to hear first hand of a healing and other awesome praise reports.

We worship to many songs, including “Reserection Power” that was in Julie’s latest prophetic word:

“Go in my name. Go and flow in my glory, in my resurrection power.”

We pray for peoples prayer request and enjoy the presence of the Lord!

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