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Trump Not Guilty! 7 Angels & 7 Plagues. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show May 8, 2023

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Trump pleases not guilty in Georgia and waves his right to an arraignment.

The charges are ridiculous, and we know he is not guilty, but it is all forcing the Deep State to blatantly show who they are.

They are marxists and criminals that will attack any threat against their tyrannical power.

Rick plays one of the many videos Trump released on Truth Social as he directly takes on the information war with over 40 short videos the last few days!

We also review the updated on-line course Rick is offering to equip Christian Patriots to become impactors for Christ.

Visit the “Training” tab on to learn more.

Rick reviews other breaking news around Biden trying to give work visas to migrants, the Senate trying to pass bloated spending bills and doctors lying about McConnell’s health being good.

We also review the latest word from Julie Green that says the Deep State is in a panic:

“They don’t know what to do with you. When you don’t quit, when you don’t whine, when you don’t cry, when you don’t give up or give in, they don’t know what to do. They’re panicking.”

And their plans are failing!

“Everything is going as planned, so they thought, until the more they did, the more they did against you, the more you came together, the more you fought back, the more you praised, the more you’ve gotten into my word, the more you sought me. That was not their plan.”

Rick’s brother Rob comes on live to discuss the new show Rick and Rob are going live with each Sunday night at 8pm CST: “My Faith and Health”.

The show is based on a new free newsletter:

Subscribe for crossword puzzles, review of faith topics, heath tips, mighty men and majestic women, verses of the week and more.

Rob also announces a 30% off Labor Day special at when using the B2T code.

Rick then teaches on Revelation 15 relating the vision to many other parts of the Bible and discussing the 7 angels that will release the 7 bowls full of the wrath of God.

We once again discuss the times we are in now and the various views of the timing of the bowl judgements.

Then we move into PraiseNPrayer where go into deep worship with new expanded wide videos.

Rick shares his experience at the Hospital earlier in the day where he prayed for the entire family of a 9-year-old boy getting his 4th heart surgery!

We praise to the updated beautiful videos and the new setup where we can better emphasize the song as well as those worshipping live!

Many prayers are lifted up for those attending live and against the evil in the world.

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