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Elite Panic Over 2024 MAGA. Agee’s LIVE on Banners. B2T Show Sep 5, 2023

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The MAGA movement continues to grow and the other candidates that have come into the race are just exposing the RINO funding.

CNN reports on Trump’s growing lead and DeSantis’s decline and Soros complains that Trump will damage the Globalist agenda.

Well, what a shame!  That is exactly why we support Trump.  J

Rick tells his story of how God wants to speak to us.

The book by Nathan French called “It’s Not Supposed to be a Secret: God Wants to Speak to you” is what inspired Rick to expect to hear from God.

Rick first heard from him in Israel after reading most of this book.  See links to the book and Rick’s story here:

Rick reviews breaking news that expose Fauci even more about his knowledge of the Wuhan lab.  He was discrediting reports of a lab leak at the same time he had emails clearly showing this was the likely cause of the spread.

Rick then reads Julie’s latest prophetic word where the Lord tells us how to fight in this battle:

“Listen to my words. Get into my word. Stay clear of your enemy. Lord, how do we do that? By staying focused on me, by being in my word, by having your spiritual ears open to hear me.”

Then Robert and Jamie Agee join the show LIVE.

We get to hear many incredible stories of their journey to putting up banners across the country based on inspiration from a ReAwaken tour.

General Flynn asked people to get involved locally that would result in national impact.

They started with one billboard, and little did they know, it would lead to 100s of billboards across the nation.

Now they are on a nationwide tour where baptisms have become a key part of every city they enter.

They started the tour on Pentecost and will end it at Colorado Springs at the Feast of Tabernacle.

See the map of their journey here:

There are many amazing videos of those being baptized and lives being trained on this site as well.

Robert and Jamie give us highlights of some of the key baptisms and spirits trying to stop them in Vegas, Idaho Falls, Illinois and more.

You can find their billboard website here:

We discuss the amazing story of even having a billboard at Times Square!

We then pray and lift specific prayer requests up for Robert and Jamie.

Then we go backstage for Project Children Rescue and Impactor training on the reliability of the Bible.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:

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