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Trump-GOP Supports Texas. Navarro Sentenced to Prison. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 25, 2024

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We start out evening learning that Greg Abbott declares Texas’ right to self-defense ‘supersedes federal statutes’ as he battles Biden admin over razor wire at border.  Rick believes Abbot has a tendency to be a RINO but, in this case, he is doing the right thing.  Abbot proclaimed on Wednesday that the Lone Star State’s right to self-defense “supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary” amid a feud with the Biden administration over border security.  This statement of defiance comes on the heels of a standoff over razor wire the state has laid across the US-Mexico border despite a US Supreme Court ruling permitting the federal government to remove that barrier.     Rick says we must be careful what we wish for because when Trump gets back in office, he will have to fight the democrat governors on stuff like this.  Abbott argued that because the federal government has failed to safeguard Texas from an invasion, the state has the “constitutional authority to defend itself.”

In another article, we see Republican lawmakers push to ban feds from removing border barriers after Supreme Court defeat.  Razor wire is at the center of Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s border clash with President Biden.  Rep Mike Collins of Georgia introduced legislation Thursday that would ban federal authorities from removing razor wire or other barriers from the US-Mexico border.  Rick says this has very little chance of passing because the criminals are in charge.  Rick also says Justice Roberts always sides with the Republicans when it doesn’t matter but when it does he sides with the Democrats.  Then we see a Trump Truth that talks about the border and how Biden is handling it.


Judicial Watch says Allied Educational Foundation file US Supreme Court Amici brief opposing Colorado court decision to remove Trump from ballot.  Rick reads the article about the brief and what information it contains.  He says he loves how Judicial Watch writes articles.

Rick discusses more articles including about the Democrats’ pushing to close the largest ammunition manufacturing plant.  Rick talks about the second amendment and how this could affect the military as well.

Today, we got the news about Peter Navarro’s sentencing.  He was sentenced to 4 months for defying January 6 subpoena.  The sentence was 2 months shorter than the 6 prosecutors were seeking and the fine was $9500 which is far less than the $200,000 fine they were seeking.

Rick goes over several more articles before moving to read and discuss Julie Green prophecies and Rick’s Alone Time with God.  Rick also had a Bible Study over Ephesians 2 then moving into our beautiful Praise and Worship music.

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