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DeWit Resigns in Disgrace. Whistleblower Scott Bennett LIVE. B2T Show Jan 24, 2024

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Kari Lake calls for Arizona GOP Chair to resign after leaked audio.  Rick says he was disgusted after learning about the leaked audio but is even more disgusted hearing how he handled the issue.  This audio was leaked 11 months ago.  In the article, Kari says “I want corruption rooted out of our government.  I don’t care if it’s on the Democrat side or the Republican side.  We are going to root out corruption.”  Rick says he thinks it took 11 months to leak out the audio because they had to strategize on how to keep her alive.”  After Kari calls for his resignation, he actually resigns.  We see this in an article entitled Arizona GOP chair Jeff DeWit resigns after leaked audio controversy; Kari Lake campaign fires back.  Rick says his statement was so globalist, so cabal.  Rick then reads most of the statement DeWit delivered about the leak.

L.A. Times editor pleads with fleeing Californians to please stop bashing the state on the way out.  Democratic governors are asking people to not bash their states when they are leaving.  Rick says “Well, change the policies.”

Then we see an article saying calls grow louder for Haley to drop out of GOP primary.  Even Ronna McDaniel tells Nikki Haley to drop out.  Rick says McDaniel is a RINO and she’s calling for it.  He says the globalists know they’ve lost.  New Hampshire allows democrats and liberals to register as republican for the primary and she still lost.  Rick also says Haley is even going to lose in her home state.  Rick shows a post from Marco Rubio saying Trump will be the GOP nominee.  What we don’t know yet is how much donor money is going to be wasted over the next month.  Rick says Rubio has this all wrong because he believes the money that is going to Haley right now is globalist money that will go to Biden if it wasn’t going to Haley.

Rick discusses more articles about Biden administration demanding Texas grant border access following Supreme Court decision, Manchin’s futile third-party tease continues saying there will be ‘other options’ after Super Tuesday, plus several more articles.

Rick then reads a Julie Green prophetic word and plays one of his ‘Rick’s alone time with God’ videos before we have Scott Bennett come on to discuss recent events.

Scott talks about how he became a whistleblower.  He talks about things that happened with Hillary Clinton and Obama.  Scott encourages people to go to his website to learn more about him.  Scott believes a Trump/Tucker Carlson ticket would be a dream team.  Rick and Scott then talk about Scott’s books he has written.  Scott talks about his world travels.  Rick and Scott continue to talk about world events.  Check out the broadcast to hear more from Scott.

After Scott leaves, Rick plays some praise and worship music and then the backstagers go into a Bible Study with Gus.

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