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DeWit Resigns in Disgrace. Whistleblower Scott Bennett LIVE. B2T Show Jan 24, 2024

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Kari Lake calls for Arizona GOP Chair to resign after leaked audio.  Rick says he was disgusted after learning about the leaked audio but is even more disgusted hearing how he handled the issue.  This audio was leaked 11 months ago.  In the article, Kari says “I want corruption rooted out of our government.  I don’t care if it’s on the Democrat side or the Republican side.  We are going to root out corruption.”  Rick says he thinks it took 11 months to leak out the audio because they had to strategize on how to keep her alive.”  After Kari calls for his resignation, he actually resigns.  We see this in an article entitled Arizona GOP chair Jeff DeWit resigns after leaked audio controversy; Kari Lake campaign fires back.  Rick says his statement was so globalist, so cabal.  Rick then reads most of the statement DeWit delivered about the leak.

L.A. Times editor pleads with fleeing Californians to please stop bashing the state on the way out.  Democratic governors are asking people to not bash their states when they are leaving.  Rick says “Well, change the policies.”

Then we see an article saying calls grow louder for Haley to drop out of GOP primary.  Even Ronna McDaniel tells Nikki Haley to drop out.  Rick says McDaniel is a RINO and she’s calling for it.  He says the globalists know they’ve lost.  New Hampshire allows democrats and liberals to register as republican for the primary and she still lost.  Rick also says Haley is even going to lose in her home state.  Rick shows a post from Marco Rubio saying Trump will be the GOP nominee.  What we don’t know yet is how much donor money is going to be wasted over the next month.  Rick says Rubio has this all wrong because he believes the money that is going to Haley right now is globalist money that will go to Biden if it wasn’t going to Haley.

Rick discusses more articles about Biden administration demanding Texas grant border access following Supreme Court decision, Manchin’s futile third-party tease continues saying there will be ‘other options’ after Super Tuesday, plus several more articles.

Rick then reads a Julie Green prophetic word and plays one of his ‘Rick’s alone time with God’ videos before we have Scott Bennett come on to discuss recent events.

Scott talks about how he became a whistleblower.  He talks about things that happened with Hillary Clinton and Obama.  Scott encourages people to go to his website to learn more about him.  Scott believes a Trump/Tucker Carlson ticket would be a dream team.  Rick and Scott then talk about Scott’s books he has written.  Scott talks about his world travels.  Rick and Scott continue to talk about world events.  Check out the broadcast to hear more from Scott.

After Scott leaves, Rick plays some praise and worship music and then the backstagers go into a Bible Study with Gus.

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January 24, 2024 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – I AM YOUR LIFE, YOUR LIGHT, YOUR HOPE, AND YOUR FREEDOM

***For I the Lord this day, I am telling my children, I am clearing the airwaves. I am cleaning house. I am destroying all of these things that are against you. Don’t fear, don’t panic, don’t be moved, don’t go astray, don’t turn your back on me. Trust in me, for I will show you great and mighty things. I will show you how powerful I am, how powerful my vengeance is, and how I will restore what has been lost and broken. I will mend broken hearts. I will be your comforter. I will be your guide. I will be the God and the Father that you need me to be. I will show you love in ways you never thought you would ever receive love in this way, or forgiveness, or mercy.##

***My grace and my mercy are fresh and new every single day. So, while you are living in this world, when it looks wild, crazy, chaotic, out of control, upside down, when it feels like everything is going wrong, when the enemy looks like they are pursuing you even more and they look like they are winning, and it looks like there is no way of escape, when pressure is trying to overwhelm you and when fear is trying to grip you, trust that I am your father. Trust that I will never abandon you. When everybody else around you in your life has failed you, I don’t fail. I will not fail, and I will not leave you where you are.##

***During the time where I am completely destroying the news media and their airwaves and the frequencies of the enemy, everything that they are doing to control you, persuade you, deceive you, distract you, I am destroying it. Why do you think there is a time of silence? It is to stop those frequencies. It is to stop the lies and the grip that they have had over you, their control over you. I am silencing your enemy. Where it may feel uncomfortable for you and you are wondering why all these things are going on, remember it is for you, for your growth in me, for that torment to flee, to give you this opportunity to seek me and to turn everything else off and sit quietly before me and hear me speak and give you revelation and talk to you like a father longs to talk to his children; to show you love like any father would, any good father would show their children.##

***So many people around the world are going to scream about darkness and they are going to scream about the silence and wonder what in the world is going on. When everybody else is screaming and they are panicking and they are in fear, you focus on me. You focus on me. You don’t focus on that; you focus on me. My arms are wide open, waiting to accept my children in, to protect you, to heal you, to restore you from all the damage your enemies have caused. I have seen it.##

***So many of my children have been crying and screaming in torment, asking for freedom, and I have given it to them already. Don’t receive the bondage or slavery any longer, but receive my words and what I have for you. Receive that I am a good God and receive that I am on your side. Receive that I am moving, receive that I am doing something about it. When things look dark and things grow silent, remember I am not. I am light, and I always speak to my children whether they hear me or not. I am always guiding them and leading them.##

***This time you won’t have those distractions. I have to almost shut down the world to get its attention. Stop being distracted by those video games, those movies, TV shows, what you call entertainment; by the books people read that are ungodly, that are so evil and have brought in this great deception.##

***I am your life and I am your light. I am your hope, and I am your freedom. Remember this. Remember this when all hope seems lost. Remember this when things become abnormal, remember this, when things start to shake uncontrollably. I am here and I am waiting for each and every one of you to receive me, sayeth the Lord.##

Thu Jan 18, 2023 3:47pm Be Humble and Refresh Yourself

Thank you, Lord for the One in Christ last part of Ephesians 2.  What powerful scriptures that explain the gospel so clearly for the Gentiles.  Thank you, Lord for the prayers.  Put me in a Secret place where I can only hear from you.  No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son?  What would you like to share with me and your people today Lord?

My people need to do what I say in my word around humbling themselves, seeking my face, praying, and turning from their wicked ways.  Wicked ways include wasting time with worldly activities that consume massive time.  If you do the above 4 things then I will hear from heaven forgive your sins and heal your land.  Yes, I will do all 3 things.  I will hear your prayers that I know are sincere since you humbled yourself, prayed sought my face, and turned from your wicked ways.  Also, since my Remnant’s prayers are sincere, I will forgive your sins and lastly, I will heal your land.  Yes, My Remnant is in nearly every land at this time in history.  So I encourage you to make this a challenge for each of you individually and for all of my Remnant.  Humble yourself by spending time with me and putting me as your first priority, understanding that the priorities of the world are not as important as time with me.  Pray to me and seek my face by studying my word and worshipping me.  Worship together.  Study my word together in the land you preside.  Then don’t forget to come to me alone.  This is our time.  This is the time you show me you are willing to do things my way and not your way.  This will help ensure you are turning from your wicked ways.

I see you doing these 4 things my Remnant.   Continue doing these and you will soon see the manifestation of me hearing from heaven, forgiving your sins, and healing your land.  My blessing will be on your food and water.  I will take away sickness from among you and none will miscarry or be barren.  I will give you a full lifespan.  Live in my promises my children.  Invite those in the Body of Christ who are not doing these things to understand these promises.  Depend on me and not man.  Yes, I have many people on your side that have infiltrated the infiltrators.  But it is not “white hats” that will save you.  You will see as time goes on, that it is I, the Great I Am, who will save you.  It will be my supernatural acts combined with my Remnant and my Angel Armies all working together.  This is what will save your nations.  Therefore, focus far more on me than focusing on white hat junk intel.  Part of turning from your wicked ways is spending time in my word renewing your mind and spending time with me and not letting junk intel fill up your mind and your time.  Refresh yourself with me instead.  These are the times of refreshing that you will personally experience if your priorities are God first and everything else can follow.  Refresh yourself, my children, Refresh yourself.

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