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Trump Calls Out McConnell! Nino Rodriguez LIVE. B2T Show Jun 28, 2023

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One of Trumps greatest strengths is his exposure of the RINOs and the Uniparty in Washington.

He call out Mitch McConnel who “gives Biden whatever he wants.”

Trump even highlights the fact that the RINOs are clearly working with the globalists by stating:  “There’s something going on. That doesn’t make sense. They get whatever they want”

Rick also reviews more signs that the bigger banks are in trouble and how an Electric Vehicle company filed for bankruptcy.  Therefore, it’s important to prepare for economic collapse.

Precious metals are key, and Rick tells people to get their free consultation with Kirk Elliott to get out of harms way.

Rick reviews the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where the Lord tells us what to do to prepare:

“Hold on; hold fast. Draw near to me. Draw closely and you will see me. You will see me; who I really am, and you won’t be moved by anything around you. Don’t be moved. That’s another marching order for you. Don’t be moved.”

“I told you about the economy falling. I have warned you they’re going to try more things; but remember this day! Remember what I say. It’s all coming down. It’s all coming down like the walls of Jericho. It’s coming down just like the Red Sea when it was held up for a certain time so my people could walk through. I’ve been holding certain things up so my people could walk through to the other side.”

Then Rick brings Nino Rodriguez on who shares his story.  We learn how he became a citizen journalist, what woke him up, how he quit drinking and why, his experience as a heavy weight knock out machine and how he hit rock bottom.

Don’t miss the end of the video where Backstage prayer warriors lift him up in prayer.  Nino is very moved and appreciates the prayers.

Nino also shares his relationship with Juan O’Savin and with Jim Caveziel.  He talks with Juan and Jim frequently and he tells us how to prepare.  To have silver and cash on hand.

Nino also states that 13-15 US cities will be “lost” to total depravity and violence at the hands of BLM, Antifa and illegals.

But he has hope. A hope based on his faith in God. Nino also shares his spiritual walk.

Afterwards we go backstage for some training on Neighborhood.Social groups as well as a Bible Study lead by Gus.

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