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Blackout! Prepare Now. Clay Clark LIVE. B2T Show Jun 27, 2023

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The latest Prophetic word from Julie Green warns us of the Silence and Blackout:

“Travel, groceries, businesses, governments, all of these things will be affected. Your economies; all these things will be affected. Great darkness is coming. Prepare for it. A great silence is coming. Prepare for it. The blackout is coming. Prepare for it.”

The word goes on to tell us how to prepare:

“My children, you prepare by getting closer with me. You prepare by being in my word. You prepare by being in prayer. You prepare with my presence.”

Before Clay Clark comes on Rick also reviews the latest news around Biden lying about his knowledge of Hunters business dealings, Biden’s latest blunder, and the IRS whistleblower exposing the DOJ.

We also see the corrupt special council losing its motion to try and seal the 84 witnesses for Trumps trail on confidential documents.

Rick discusses Michael Flynn suggesting the House should call on Obama to testify.

When Clay comes on he immediately goes to an end times discussion looking at Revelation and Joel 2.

He then shows how Yuval Noah Harari, Elon Musk and Claus Schwab all are talking about implants under your skin, neuralink and a central one world currency.

Clay also discuss the Las Vegas Reawaken Tour event where he is having to spend $600-800 Thousand dollars to build a temporary air conditioned indoor facility for the one day event.

Get tickets at and make sure you are there Thursday night for the Pastors for Trump event.

Afterwards, Rick gives his quick summary on the times we are now in according to his study of the Bible, key annon research and key prophetic words.

Rick believes we will be going through a Great Awakening (in process), a Great Exodus (a supernatural 1 day event where God moves his hand) and the Great Exodus (where stadiums will be full worldwide of people seeking God for days at a time).

Rick then reviews other news before we go backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR).

We lift up the children, the soldiers fighting to free them and calling down the news media that is protecting the globalists of their crimes against children.

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