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SGAnon LIVE! McCarthy RESIGNS. B2T Show Dec 6, 2023

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Ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says he will leave the U.S. Congress by the end of December. McCarthy wrote an op-ed for Wall Street Journal, stating his decision to depart from the House and that he will continue to serve America in new ways, recruiting bright and fresh candidates for elected office.  Rick says, “It will be real interesting to see if he is a real evil person or a controlled person and they have something on him.”  Rick believes that’s what all these people that are resigning, they’re vacating what’s not theirs.

GOP lawmakers allege the J6 committee coordinated with Fulton County prosecutors Fannie Willis.  House Republicans obtained this letter she sent to the J6 committee requesting evidence from their interviews.  The J6 committee sent evidence to Fannie Willis but deleted all the deposition videos.

Rick uses this oil as anointing oil and for its health benefits.  You can order this product here:

Rick goes over a video of President Trump in an interview with Sean Hannity.  President Trump roasts Biden. Rick believes God is blessing President Trump with a huge personality and popularity that will eventually be used to unite this country.

Rick explorers several more articles including an article on the Hamas terror attack and an article on Texas joining a lawsuit against the Federal Censorship-Industrial Complex.

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Rick discovers that SG Anon will not make it to the show.  He had a last-minute trip come up and will reschedule later.  Rick was able to conduct an interview with SG at the Open the Heavens event over the weekend.  Check it out in the link in the show notes.

Since SG couldn’t make it, Rick plays some of the beautiful worship music.  After a few songs, the Backstagers participate in their Wednesday evening Bible Study.

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December 6, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –A DARKNESS IN THE WHITE HOUSE

***Death, you will not come to my children. I said, death, you will not come to my children, but to enemies of almighty God. The death you have planned, the death you have planned worldwide, will not come near my children. Do you hear these words? Death, you do not have hold of my children. Death, you do not have the right to my children; but no, death to you and death to your plans and death to the plans of the enemies of almighty God. Death to your regime, death to your one world government, death to all of your deaths across this country and across the nations.##

***You will not have death to my America. You will not have death to the freedoms in this nation. You will not have death to the freedoms around the world. You will not have death in the name of Jesus, the way you wanted it, but death will come to your door and death will come to your plans. Death will come to you, enemies of almighty God. I said, there will be no death to the rightful president of this nation. There will be no death to my David or anyone with him. There will be no death to his family. I have spoken my words. I have spoken life into this nation. I have spoken life over my David. I have spoken life over my children, and there will be no death. I said, there will be no death of my body. There will be no death to the faith in my body. There will be no death to freedom in my children and in their minds and in their souls.##

***The destruction you have planned for the soul of this nation, for the souls of the nation around the world, for the soul of my children, it will not come to pass because the soul is not yours to maintain. It is not yours to control. It is not yours to bring down. Enemies of almighty God, you will see; you will see the death to your plans. You will see what you are trying to do with your viruses and what you are trying to do with your lockdowns and your control, what you are trying to do to bring down this nation, what you are trying to do to bring down my David, what you are trying to do to bring down the 2024 election, what you are trying to do to bring down the freedoms that roar in this nation and the soul of this nation is something, enemies of almighty God, you can’t touch because you can’t touch me.##

***I am the one who has brought life to this nation. I am the one who has brought freedom to this nation. I am the one. I am life, and life destroys death. I am light, and that light destroys your darkness. The walls that you are trying to put up, the portals that you are trying to open into the unseen world, how you are trying to overthrow me once again, it will not happen. Yes, you will see. You will see. You will see my light. You will see my power. You will see my mighty hand at work on behalf of my children. You will see my mighty hand move on behalf of my nations.##

***I will say this again and again, there will be no death to America and the foundation of this nation and what it was built upon. You tried to build your own foundation, but your foundation is crumbling, and so are your lies, and so are your narratives, and so are your plans. You will see, the next moves that you make against me, you will see that I am the great I AM. Enemies of almighty God, I have let you go so far. As I have said before, I have let you go so far, and the reason for that is for your ultimate fall.##

***You thought you got everything that you wanted. You thought that everything was going the way you wanted it until recently, and you can’t figure out what is going on. You can’t figure out as you are making your plans, your plans are stopped before they are fully made. You are just beginning in these new stages, and I am tearing them apart just as I am tearing apart your foundations and what you stand on in your lies that you have built up, that you have been built upon. That is the reason why you are in certain places. It is for your destruction. So, vacate, vacate, vacate what is not, rightfully yours. Vacate those seats. Vacate that power that is not yours.##

***My children, I have told you, many vacancies you are about to see. A darkness you will see in the White House; not a normal darkness, not a normal atmosphere, not something that you are used to seeing. Something you will see will signal that fall, that great fall that is coming that I have told you about. I have told you to watch the White House more than once. Keep your eye on it. You will know it as soon as you see it. It will be evident that the one who has stolen the seat of the presidency, and there is not just one, he will not come back from this.##

***Listen to the party at the left and their words. Listen. Now more are turning, the closer you get to this next election. They are starting to turn on the so-called Biden. They are starting to change their narratives. They are starting to change because panic is growing. Panic is growing. Listen to these words; 25th Amendment. Listen to those words. Listen carefully. Listen who they are using it against. You are going to start to see more of them collapse on TV. You will see more of them freeze on live TV as they are paralyzed where they cannot say a word or they cannot move. You will see it because a curse, a mighty curse, has come upon them and that curse is growing in them. It is growing in them where they will not be able to control themselves in more ways than one.##

***The wickedness, the evil, the darkness, that power that has once held up this nation and held it hostage, paralyzed it and controlled it, you will see that darkness dissipate. You will see it break apart. The wickedness in D.C. is drying up. Watch. I will show you, my children, who is really in control. The world is about to see that I am in in control.##

***The world is about to shake, shake, shake like it has never been shaken before. You are in the time of the shakings. They are growing to a new level again, a new level of shaking, a new level of quaking, a new level to wake more people up. It might get uncomfortable, it may seem, but don’t go by feelings. Don’t go by that darkness. Don’t go by them and what they’re saying. Do you see, it is shaking in D.C. It is quaking. All of them in your Capital are shaking. All of them in your Capital, they are losing their power, the ones who are against me. Watch more whistleblowers that I am bringing. I am bringing many more, and they are singing. They are singing and they will shout louder and louder. The more truth that comes, the more darkness that it destroys. So, hold on a little bit longer, my children. Hold on because you will see my light destroy the darkness, sayeth the Lord.##

Fri Dec 1, 2023  10:39am (on the plane to Tampa)

Lord, Thanks again for your amazing connections you are giving me and this ministry.  I submit this ministry fully to you.  Please make our paths straight.  Thank you for the beautiful Romans Chapter 8.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you. No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son.  How are you today Lord?

I am on high and enjoying the relationship I am building with my Remnant.  More are submitting to me every day and are executing to their specific instructions.  This is a big part of my army marching.  The Remnant combined with my Angel armies together make this an unstoppable force.  You will see the effects of this great army in the natural nearly every day during this time of chaos.  Everything the enemy tries will backfire directly back to them.  It may not look like it immediately, but each and every person that has aligned with the evil one will feel the backlash of every action they take against my children and against my Kingdom.  My will, will be done on this earth as I have already instructed from heaven.  The judgments have already been confirmed in the Courts of Heaven and the execution of these judgments are now being conducted.

Yes, many are frustrated with the evil that appears to be in control, but the acceleration has begun.  Judgment and blessings are flowing throughout many parts of the world and will soon hit all parts of the world.  These judgments may seem harsh to some, but it is necessary so that people will not just wake up to my love, but also will understand that my judgments are final and they are comprehensive.  Those who thought they were protected by the evil one will soon see that their protection is nothing compared to my judgment.  It will be swift for some and long for others as I use them as examples to expose the truth of the consequences of fighting against my Kingdom.  My Kingdom has come as it is within my church and the power and glory of this will be shown through my Remnant and through my control of the entire earth and its components.  People across all parts of the world will know that I control everything.  It’s time to hold on to my Kingdom as I shake off the hold of the enemy.  The shaking will destroy their empire and give my children freedom.  On an equal playing field, nothing will stop my children.  My body of Christ is arising to become the church the enemy feared.  Go forth my army go forth.  Your victory will be great.  Yes, it will be great indeed!

Wed Nov 29, 2023 6:23am

Lord Thank you for Romans 7 where we see Paul struggled just like we do with our flesh.  Thank you for your guidance and all you do for us with the training and music.  Put me is a secret place where I can only hear from you.  What would you like me and your children hear today Lord?

Be still and know that I am your God.  Listen to my still small voice.  I am talking to all my children.  It’s time for more of you to really start listening.  Yes, I have specific plans for each of you. Plans to help you and not to harm you.  Let me guide you to this future I have for you. The abundant life awaits you, but it takes trust. A trust that puts me first in your life. A trust that allows me to direct your paths. This means letting me yoke you so that I can guide you. In order to yoke you I need you to submit to me by giving me time. I need you to seek my face and you do this by reading and getting to know my word. Get my word into your heart and renew your mind in my word so that my thoughts will start to become your thoughts.  Worship me with my words and spend time alone with me listening to my voice.  Then your ways will come my ways because you are allowing me to communicate what path I want you on.  How else will you know your path?  My word is a lamp to your feet and the light for your specific path.  I will speak to you through my word.  But if my word is not in your heart and your mind you will not hear my still small voice.  So stop.  Stop all the distractions that are keeping you from spending time with me; stopping you from hearing my still small voice. This is the voice of the one who loves you and who gave himself up for you.  I am here. Awaiting to spend time with you. Come. Come now and sit with me and I will sit with you.

Rick’s interview with SG Anon at the Open the Heavens event in Florida

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