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SGAnon LIVE! McCarthy RESIGNS. B2T Show Dec 6, 2023

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Ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says he will leave the U.S. Congress by the end of December. McCarthy wrote an op-ed for Wall Street Journal, stating his decision to depart from the House and that he will continue to serve America in new ways, recruiting bright and fresh candidates for elected office.  Rick says, “It will be real interesting to see if he is a real evil person or a controlled person and they have something on him.”  Rick believes that’s what all these people that are resigning, they’re vacating what’s not theirs.

GOP lawmakers allege the J6 committee coordinated with Fulton County prosecutors Fannie Willis.  House Republicans obtained this letter she sent to the J6 committee requesting evidence from their interviews.  The J6 committee sent evidence to Fannie Willis but deleted all the deposition videos.

Rick uses this oil as anointing oil and for its health benefits.  You can order this product here:

Rick goes over a video of President Trump in an interview with Sean Hannity.  President Trump roasts Biden. Rick believes God is blessing President Trump with a huge personality and popularity that will eventually be used to unite this country.

Rick explorers several more articles including an article on the Hamas terror attack and an article on Texas joining a lawsuit against the Federal Censorship-Industrial Complex.

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Rick discovers that SG Anon will not make it to the show.  He had a last-minute trip come up and will reschedule later.  Rick was able to conduct an interview with SG at the Open the Heavens event over the weekend.  Check it out in the link in the show notes.

Since SG couldn’t make it, Rick plays some of the beautiful worship music.  After a few songs, the Backstagers participate in their Wednesday evening Bible Study.

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