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RINOs Exposed! Gaza Propaganda. Trump Win. B2T Show Oct 17, 2023

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Jim Jordon was short 20 votes as RINOs are being exposed.

Jordon is getting close but had to agree to continue to fund Ukraine to get some votes, which just shows the absolute disfunction of congress.

The Democrats continue to try to use the Republican RINOs to try to negotiate more power for themselves as they vote in unison as a criminal cabal.

Unfortunately, the past events with McCarthy showed the RINOs they can use their power to get their RINO agenda imposed on McCarthy.

We then review key events from the war including massive propaganda from Hamas, even blaming Israel for blowing up a Hospital that clearly came from a Hamas missile that misfired.

Rick continues to emphasize that this was a false flag created by the criminal intelligence agencies to protect the elite.

He emphasizes that we have to be careful to “pick a side” and emotionally participate in the division that is going on right now.

This is designed to keep our eyes off the Medical Cartel and their bio-weapons, the Biden Crime Family and other key items like election fraud.

Rick explores everyone to keep their eyes on the Cabal and focus more on the Lord than on the war.

We review other news before Rick plays a video of Trump calling out the World Health Organization (WHO) and how Biden is selling our national sovereignty.

Rick brings on his brother Rob to discuss the WHO and how it is a captured regulatory agency, just like the FDA, the CDC, the NIH and many others.

Rob discusses how to stay off Big Phrama medicine by leveraging the success of the Quantum Energy products.

Rob plays a testimonial of an Amanda Grace volunteer from the ReAwaken Tour that has kept her from having to get hip surgery.

She went from limping and using a cane to being able to be without a cane and functional without the surgery!

Rick then reviews a detailed Word from the Lord that Amanda received on Yom Kippur that is extremely powerful.

We then worship to a few praise music videos before going backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR) which we do as a ministry every Thu night and Tue mornings.

After PCR, Rick conducts training for the Impactor for Truth final lesson on becoming an Impactor for the great harvest!

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