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RINOs Hold Firm to Deny Jordon as Speaker. Anna Khait LIVE. B2T Show Oct 18, 2023

Show Notes

Jim Jordon loses 2 more votes in the 2nd round with 22 RINOs voting against him for speaker.

One Congressman from Colorado, Ken Buck, won’t vote for him because Jim Jordon won’t say there was no election fraud in 2020!

Please let your voice be heard by Ken Buck.

This will be a hard, long fight as the criminal Democrats all vote in lockstep to gain more power to sell out the country.

Rick feels the same RINOs would vote against Trump for speaker as well, so this becomes just another example of our captured operations of congress.

Biden visits Israel only to be rebuffed by the Palestinians that won’t meet with him.

Therefore, he negotiates zero American prisoner releases.

Biden’s only insistence is that aid flows from Egypt to Gaza which aides Hamas since they have in the past used the goods for the soldiers and not the citizens.

In addition, the delay in the ground war caused by Biden gives them more time to set booby traps and prepare to kill more Israelis.

Since Biden would not even meet with Netanyahu before the war and he allowed significant funding to the Palestinians and the Iranians, what makes us think he will do what’s right for Israel?

Rick’s bet is he will do what is right for the elites, which is to stoke fear, WWIII and make Israel look bad.

We also see that Biden has pro-Hamas supporters that have been hired, so this could be part of God’s plan to expose more and more to those asleep.

Meanwhile, we see the Deep State’s plan to divide us all is working with both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian marches across the world.

Don’t let them keep you from exposing election fraud, the Biden Crime family, the border crisis, Ukraine bioweapons and of course the elite crimes against children.

Anna Khait comes on live and tells how she moved from an atheist, survivor contestant, and professional poker player to an on-fire spirit filled believer.

She recounts a heavenly experience she had as an 18-year-old at the Western Wall and how culture still kept her from understanding that experience.

Anna also discusses her expertise around health and the need to have healthy living water.

Her ministry and life mission is to help people know God but to also live healthy.

She focuses primarily on clean water and clean air.

Rick asks many questions about the studies she did on bottled water and the many issues that she found in her testing.

This included plastics and incorrect labeling of pH since higher pH only lasts about 10 hours.

The Living Water device link can be found here:

Anna, also offered her email address to learn more about the full home and under the counter water filter here at

We take questions from the audience and pray for Anna before worshiping to a praise video.

Then we go backstage for a Bible Study with Gus.

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