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Military Tribunals at Gitmo? Dereck Johnson LIVE. B2T Show Jun 6, 2023

Show Note

Derek Johnson comes on LIVE to discuss updates on Military Law and his press pass to Gitmo.

Before Derek arrives Rick reviews current news around the fact that Ukraine destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline and the US had intelligence.

Rick reviews an article on the Medical Cartel and high insurance prices and discusses why he changed to Share Healthcare.  sharehealthcare-rickb2t

Rick reads the latest prophetic word from Julie Green that tells us where to focus:

“So, press in more to me. Turn those TVs off. Put down your phones. Leave the distractions of the world. Shut them away from you. Close it off. Start focusing on my word.”

When Derek comes on he was on fire and irritated by attacks from podcasters, one who is in uniform.

You can visit Derek’s Truth Social to understand some of the background of him defending his factual reviews of Executive Orders and Military Law.

Derek spends a full 1.5 hours with us discussing various aspects of Military Law, updates on the timing of his Press Pass for Gitmo and how the Executive Orders have been extended.

Derek explains how Military intelligence has set up the Deep State for all the stolen elections AFTER 2016.

He also digs into other aspects of Military Law vs. Civil War and the Constitution.

Derek gives a shoutout to his relatives who stormed Normandy on this day in History on June 6, 1944.

Derek answers also why we should have hope and not give up.

During Q&A, Backstagers also ask direct questions about “Is Joe Biden dead?” and “How does Australia fit in?” and more.

Much more detail on the show and Gus, Rick and other Backstage members lift Derek up in prayer.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  Blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage


June 6, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –A WARNING TO BE AWARE OF WHAT IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE

*** My children, there’s coming a day very soon, a day where something is coming that most people didn’t see coming. Most people are unaware of what’s about to happen; some things very dark, some things very bad, some things that look like, and I said look like, they are going in the wrong direction; that all the prayers that have been prayed didn’t matter. That’s what it will look like. Your enemies are trying to cause mass chaos everywhere in everything. But my children, I have told you, my goodness outweighs their bad. Good prevails over evil every time; not sometimes. Every time!##

***My goodness. I am pouring out that which your enemies are so desperate to stop. Yes, they’re trying to stop me. They’re trying to stop my church and my body. They’re trying to stop this alignment. They’re trying to stop this revival. They’re trying to stop this great awakening. They’re trying to stop it, and I said trying. Your enemies never get what they want.##

***These events are coming; yes, events that will be catastrophic it looks like in certain areas; in certain places, devastating anguish, horrifying to certain people. My children, I’ve warned and warned time and time again not to fear this. Why would you fear something that’s not bigger than me?##

***They are trying to get you away from me; to look in every direction but mine. Yes, every direction but mine. They want you to believe in their power and what they can do. They’re shouting loud, they’re doing things and it looks like they have all the power of the world behind them. Do you think these people, these globalists, these world leaders, these presidents or governors or senators, these people of corporations, Hollywood, all those people, they are connected? Yes, they’ve joined forces. Even with all them joining forces, do you think in any way it intimidates me?##

***What has brought grief to my heart at times and saddens me, is my children don’t look to me; not like they should. I’m absolutely good. I reward those who diligently seek me. I will not lie. I will not fail. I have given you these promises. These are unchangeable things. They can’t change. But still, there are certain people that look to man for answers. And, those people very shortly will be very disappointed because of what men are about to do.##

***I told you a great shaking, “the great shaking” is coming in the likes of which the world has not seen like this before. But, I told you with this shaking, it’s not the end. No, it’s the end of their great reset for now. And I said for now. They will try again.  But for now, this is your time. Don’t delay. Focus on me. Live your lives for me and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. I promise you great victories, and I will bring them. They’re already given to you, my children today.##

***So, press in more to me. Turn those TVs off. Put down your phones. Leave the distractions of the world. Shut them away from you. Close it off. Start focusing on my word. You can stop the distractions, I promise you. I’ve given you that ability. Remember who I am. Remember what I am. I am the creator. I’m the God who nothing is impossible for me. No, there’s not. Get that word out of your vocabulary. Impossible.##

***And yes, things are changing.  Hold on. This is the time to hold on. Hold on tighter. Hold on tighter, because things are about to shake, and with that shaking comes your glorious freedom, a freedom that I have longed for, a freedom that I have so desired my children to have. So, receive it, cherish it. Rejoice in the fact that such freedom is available to you. Rejoice in that fact that I am turning things around that only I could do. Rejoice in that fact that your deliverer is showing up, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed, sayeth the Lord.##

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