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Military Tribunals. Election Interference. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Jun 5, 2023 B2T Show Jun 5, 2023

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Rick believes Military Tribunals have been going on since Trump was elected and the latest prophetic word from Julie has words that point to this possibility:

“Operatives, this word is about to be used more and more in your news because many covert operations have taken place behind the scenes and it will soon all be in the scene, and it’ll shock the world what has all taken place when people were totally unaware.”

In addition, Dereck Johnson, an expert on Military Law will be on the show LIVE tonight, Tue June 6.  Dereck now has a press pass for Gitmo and believes he may be reporting on Military Tribunals!

Rick has also been reporting on “the Great Election Sting” that looks imminent and confirmed by the latest word:

“Another major bombshell of election interference will be exposed. This will not be ignored or denied. Watch, the Supreme Court will make a major ruling.”

We also review some economic news around OPEC restrictions, Home values crashing in California and instability with banks.

Rick points people to consider owning real liquid assets vs. stocks, bonds and non-liquid investments.  He points them to a free consultation from Kirk Elliott: kirkelliottphd-b2t

The MSM is taking more hits where Chuck Todd will be leaving his show of 10 years “Meet the Press.”

Buzzfeed now is valued at only 69 cents per share when 2 years ago it was at $9.62!

Buzzfeed will likely get delisted from NASDAQ if they can’t get above $1 and hit 30 consecutive days of being under $1.

We also get updates of CNN, the Washington Post and Fox News financial troubles.

Rick then reads the last 2 prophetic words from Julie that warn us to focus on the Word of God and not on the oncoming difficult times, including a new virus:

“…Another virus they will try to put on the world and they will continue to try to take your freedoms away. Chaos with more shortages; more inflation. Planes will be grounded again, but in a bigger way.

And the prophetic word confirms an upcoming blackout:

“Transportation, in many ways, will seem to cease, and a blackout will take place that I have continuously told you about.  But, despite all these things, I am in control and the globalists will continue to fail and they will fall, sayeth the Lord.”

Rick also plays a moment from the base of Mt. Rushmore next to the large flag pole holding the American Flag, where Rick leads a prayer of the entire group of prayer warriors.

We then review more news around the corrupt State Department pushing the LGBTQ agenda worldwide and new election fraud updates.

We then study Daniel 6 and the Lion’s Den where Rick teaches how this relates to today in many ways and points to Psalm 2 and Isaiah 61 where the Church is revived for the a Great Harvest and to become the bride without spot or wrinkle.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer where we worship to many awesome praise/worship videos, hear many Praise Reports, Rick gives more updates on how God moved in Rapid City and at Mt. Rushmore. 

We also lift up critical prayer requests with numerous Backstage prayer warriors lifting up those in need.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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