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Military Tribunals at Gitmo? Dereck Johnson LIVE. B2T Show Jun 6, 2023

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Derek Johnson comes on LIVE to discuss updates on Military Law and his press pass to Gitmo.

Before Derek arrives Rick reviews current news around the fact that Ukraine destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline and the US had intelligence.

Rick reviews an article on the Medical Cartel and high insurance prices and discusses why he changed to Share Healthcare.  sharehealthcare-rickb2t

Rick reads the latest prophetic word from Julie Green that tells us where to focus:

“So, press in more to me. Turn those TVs off. Put down your phones. Leave the distractions of the world. Shut them away from you. Close it off. Start focusing on my word.”

When Derek comes on he was on fire and irritated by attacks from podcasters, one who is in uniform.

You can visit Derek’s Truth Social to understand some of the background of him defending his factual reviews of Executive Orders and Military Law.

Derek spends a full 1.5 hours with us discussing various aspects of Military Law, updates on the timing of his Press Pass for Gitmo and how the Executive Orders have been extended.

Derek explains how Military intelligence has set up the Deep State for all the stolen elections AFTER 2016.

He also digs into other aspects of Military Law vs. Civil War and the Constitution.

Derek gives a shoutout to his relatives who stormed Normandy on this day in History on June 6, 1944.

Derek answers also why we should have hope and not give up.

During Q&A, Backstagers also ask direct questions about “Is Joe Biden dead?” and “How does Australia fit in?” and more.

Much more detail on the show and Gus, Rick and other Backstage members lift Derek up in prayer.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  Blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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