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DOJ to Indict Trump! Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Jun 7, 2023

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John Solomon reports that Trump was told that he would be indicted for mishandling classified documents.

However, Trump Truthed a post a few hours later that he had NOT been informed of this.

Therefore, this likely was the interpretation of an insider as John Solomon has been spot on with great sourcing and honesty.

Dr. Ardis comes on live with more breathtaking details on how venom affects our bodies and has been unleashed on us.

More importantly, Dr. Ardis gives us details on how to Detox.

Dr. Ardis gives us great details on how to Extract, Break and Bind the venom using these items:

EDTA – 500mg twice daily

Apple Pectin – 1400mg daily

Melatonin – 3-5mg supplement at night

Zinc – 20-50mg with food twice daily

Vitamin C – 5000mg/day

NAC – 500mg twice daily

Dr. Ardis offers a 5-Pack of the above items (less Melatonin) here:

Dr. Ardis takes questions from the audience on the advantages and protocols for nicotine gum, how to detox children, Limes disease, and more.

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