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DOJ to Indict Trump! Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Jun 7, 2023

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John Solomon reports that Trump was told that he would be indicted for mishandling classified documents.

However, Trump Truthed a post a few hours later that he had NOT been informed of this.

Therefore, this likely was the interpretation of an insider as John Solomon has been spot on with great sourcing and honesty.

Dr. Ardis comes on live with more breathtaking details on how venom affects our bodies and has been unleashed on us.

More importantly, Dr. Ardis gives us details on how to Detox.

Dr. Ardis gives us great details on how to Extract, Break and Bind the venom using these items:

EDTA – 500mg twice daily

Apple Pectin – 1400mg daily

Melatonin – 3-5mg supplement at night

Zinc – 20-50mg with food twice daily

Vitamin C – 5000mg/day

NAC – 500mg twice daily

Dr. Ardis offers a 5-Pack of the above items (less Melatonin) here:

Dr. Ardis takes questions from the audience on the advantages and protocols for nicotine gum, how to detox children, Limes disease, and more.

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Dr. Ardis is proud to offer a new detox protocol centered around our new formulated EDTA supplement! This kit will provide 5 of the recommended supplements for detox. You can add Melatonin in the evening to complete this protocol.

EDTA is short for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, an incredible natural substance that is a powerful detoxer of toxic heavy metals such as Lead, Aluminum and Mercury. There are various forms of EDTA and most processed foods we consume have food-grade organic forms of EDTA added to them to increase shelf-life and retain the foods original flavor.

EDTA is added to everything from sodas, to cheeses, to pickles, to mayonnaise and all canned vegetables. Why is this added to our food items? EDTA protects all foods from absorbing metals from the can and packages that would turn the food rancid or change its color. So for example, aluminum canned goods, EDTA, is added to bind to the heavy metal aluminum that is leached from the cans and prevents it from getting into our food. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin (brain toxin). This is great news for the human body too, so many chronic diseases can be linked to heavy metal toxicity in the human body. We are bombarded with toxins daily in our food, water, air, and cosmetics. This is the main reason Dr. Ardis decided to launch his own EDTA product, because this is a product that audiences and customers can benefit from for the rest of their lives. Everyday we can benefit from supplementing a heavy metal toxin chelator like EDTA. Dr. Ardis takes it daily, and recommends all people do the same.

This is NOT the only reason that Dr. Ardis has released his own EDTA supplement. For all of you that know., the spike protein of Sars Cov 2 virus was published to be snake venom peptides or proteins. Also the inventors of the mRNA vaccines have listed in their research papers, they disclose that snake venom phosphodiesterase is used to cleave or cut our RNA to do their gene therapy invented vaccines. EDTA is published to inhibit or block completely the toxic effects of almost all snake venom phosphodiesterases in the body of humans. In Dr. Ardis opinion there is nothing more crucial to be made available right now to help as many people around the world reduce the toxic effects of snake venom phosphodiesterase and other venom components published to be used to create mRNA gene therapy injections. Dr. Ardis is committed to making sure you have the most effective and powerful products published, to help you and your loved ones stay as healthy as possible. EDTA is one of those most important supplements.

Dr. Ardis recommends to take:

EDTA – 500mg twice daily

Apple Pectin – 1400mg daily

Melatonin – 3-5mg supplement at night

Zinc – 20-50mg with food twice daily

Vitamin C – 5000mg/day

NAC – 500mg twice daily

Use as directed for 3 months. After this time you can take as needed or continue for preventative and beneficial reasons. Dr. Ardis and his wife use these products daily to prevent and protect from future exposure or infections.

If you have recently had the V or are dealing with long haul COVID symptoms, Dr. Bryan Ardis, D.C. recommends to use Nicotine Gum (2 mg) twice a day. Chew for 10 minutes (do this for at least two weeks)

If 2 mg is too powerful detox wise, then cut the 2 mg tablet in half or quarters and do smaller doses twice a day for a couple weeks!

You can also use Nicotine Patches. Cut these 14mg patches into 6 equal smaller sizes as needed to reduce the dosage, wear one daily on ribs or upper arm, swap new ones daily, this is what Dr. Ardis does daily, for preventative use.

If you are experiencing issues with nausea from the Nicotine which can occur in a few users who have never taken Nicotine in any form, reduce the time you use the chewing gum or patch.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The statements expressed in this recommendation have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products discussed in this recommendation are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We invite everyone to diligently research all available information and to consult with trusted health care providers before beginning any treatment protocol or using any dietary supplement.

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