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Mike Smith LIVE. Out of the Shadows. Into the Light! B2T Show Nov 21, 2023

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We start our evening with news that Pfizer knowingly distributed drugs to children with ADHD that were adulterated according to a lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton. We then moved into a report that former troops that were punished by Biden’s vaccine mandate are now suing for back wages.

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We then find that American First Legal has filed several class action lawsuits alleging civil rights have been violated.  Rick discusses how Elon Musk has filed a suit against Media Matters.  “We are going on offense now.” This leads us into a Truth post from President Trump about voter ID and the radical left being so opposed to it. Rick says “The radical left are the real racists”

Biden has been rejected by the democrats by 40%.  This is setting things up for the switch.  The DNC has a clause that says they can switch their choice later.  Rick thinks they will put up Michelle Obama.  What do you think?

Rick talks about home sales dropping to a 13-year low which leads us into the financial crisis we are facing.  Rick refers to the economic update from Dr Kirk Elliot from last night.  We are witnessing the crash of the Babylonian system.  For more information on protecting your wealth, contact Dr Kirk at 720.605.3900 or signing up here:

Mike Smith joins us to discuss his life and movies he has come out with.  Mike tells Rick he has been hit will multiple subversion tactics trying to suppress and block the truth.  Out of the Shadows was kept quiet until the premiere but Into the Light has been attacked because it was known to be coming out.

Mike makes an announcement that just happened this week.  They have created DVDs of both movies.  Check out his store to pre-order.  They should be in for Christmas.  They make great stocking stuffers.

Mike reveals a project he has been working on for 5 years.  Check out the recording to hear what Mike’s been working on.

Mike takes questions from Backstagers where he offers to host a dual showing with B2T of both movies and a Q & A session.  Date to be announced at a later date.

We then move into PCR and pray for the children.

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