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Vaccine Deaths & Lies Continue! Israel Cease Fire. B2T Show Nov 22, 2023

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Rick reviews 4 articles about how the walls are closing in on the Medical Cartel and their attempt to hide the deaths being caused by the COVID vaccines.

We even see the VAERS database purposely not being updated.

Dr. Mccullough is asking that all COVID mRNA vaccines be removed from the market.

Lawsuits are now being filed due to the new evidence being revealed that these Big Pharma companies hid data from the public.

Informed consent was never given, and this will be the downfall of the vaccine manufacturers.

Yes, they have immunity, but what may over-ride this immunity is purposely withholding evidence of massive risks that was never provided.

Rick then brings on his brother Rob, CEO of QE Strong, who discusses the globalists various ways to weaken our bodies and addict us to Big Pharma medicine.

Rob has developed 6 different valuable assets around pain management and education on natural methods.

All these assets are available for free with the purchases of QE Pain patches which are being offered at a significant discount for Black Friday. Get 3 months of Pain Patches with the Pain Relief and Wellness Bundle here:

Israel and Hamas have reached a deal for a Hostage exchange for 50 women and children for women and young Palestinians in jail in Israel in addition to a cease-fire.

Amir from Behold Israel feels this is not a good deal at all and just encourages enemies to take hostages in the future.  He also feels Hamas will likely not live up to the deal.

We also see huge momentum of truth decimating the false J6 narrative that had been portrayed by the J6 Select Committee and the media.

The newly released J6 footage shows Capital Police firing rubber bullets at peaceful protesters and rioters fist-pumping Capital Police as they are released from handcuffs.

We see patriots walking peacefully through the capital with Capital Police standing calmly watching them and even waving back at the patriots.

Rick believes that the Nancy Pelosi laptop will soon show her coordinating a full false flag with the Capital Police.

Rick reports on other breaking news such as a likely failed terrorist attack at the Canada/US border near Nigra Falls where a car bomb exploded and several articles showing the demise of the culture centering around gender.

Then Rick reads the word he received in the morning from the Lord in his “Rick’s Time Alone with God” where the Lord encouraged us to get close to him:

“Get into my word every day without fail.  It is your guide; it is what renews your mind and it is what will allow me to flow through you.  I love you, my children.”

Rick also reads Amanda Grace’s word form 11/18 where the Lord says he is leading the Israeli army to an underground base:

“There is an underground control center, not a tunnel, says the Lord, a full-fledged control center that contains the plans, blueprints, locations of all bunkers, tunnels, stockpiles. I am leading the Israeli army to it. Call on me, my Children, for you are about to hit the motherboard;…”

Then Rick teaches on Romans 4 about faith leading to righteousness.  As we study this word we also worship to 5 different worship videos between the teaching.

Then we go backstage where Gus teaches a Bible Study.

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