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Migrant Caravan Over 15,000? Prophet Timothy Dixon LIVE. B2T Show Dec 26, 2023

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A Massive migrant caravan is heading to the US-Mexico border.  It is the largest in over a year.  Currently around 8,000 but may climb up to 15,000.  Rick says this is a final push to destroy America.  They are trying to change our culture and destroy us from within.  We are seeing that with all the students that go to college.  The culture in colleges is to be anti-American.  This is a scary time and is why we need the Lord.

We then see that 17 individuals on the FBI Terror Watch List are caught attempting to enter at the Southern Border.  The article goes on to say a record number of individuals on the watch list have been attempting entry on the northern and southern borders.  The Customs and Border Protection has found an increasing number of known terrorists entering at the southern border with a record 169 detected in the financial year 2023.  Individuals on the watch list that have been at the northern and southern border combined have found 564 attempting entry.  Can you imagine how many have not been caught?

Rick says He is so excited to be alive to see this all fall.  Then, he directs us to Romans 5:8.  Rick quotes President Trump saying “The Best is Yet to Come.”  The Lord will glorify his body in this time.

We see an article that RFK, Jr has asked for Secret Service Protection and was denied again.  The deep state is afraid of him just like they are of Trump.  RFK can wake up the democrats which is something Trump and the Patriots cannot do.  It has been said that with RFK in the race for president that it would hurt Trump but even with him in the race, Trump is still 4 points ahead of Biden.

We also discuss an article about Jack Smith’s appointment being unconstitutional and a Truth that President Trump rants about Jack Smith also.  Rick also points to a post from CatTheGreat on Telegram and a Black Swan Event in 2024.

Brother Timothy Dixon was not able to make it, so Rick played some beautiful music and had a time of Praise and Worship as well as an impromptu Bible Study.

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