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Is Trump Commander in Chief? Reversal of Stolen Elections. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Dec 21, 2023

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House Republicans threaten to subpoena Jack Smith.  Jordan and Biggs sent a letter requesting documents from Jack Smith with regard to the case against Trump.  They are requesting documents to identify Jack Smith’s staff and evaluate his hiring practices.  There are some prophetic words about Jack Smith being outed on things.  That’s starting to happen and it’s exciting.

We see a Fox News article that says Chairs of a group that led the effort to boot Trump from the Colorado ballot donated to Biden.  Rick says when you see someone that says they are Republican and donates to Biden, they are by definition a RINO.

Rick shows some Truths from President Trump saying he is not an insurrectionist and then poll numbers showing President Trump is still greatly leading others.  Rick discusses that President Trump’s job in this awakening was not to expose the vaccines but his job is to stay popular.

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Is Trump Commander in Chief?  Back on December 20, 2017, President Trump signed Executive Order 13818.  This order was used to freeze funds in an incredible fashion, Rick says.  Rick reported extensively on this order back in 2018.  This order freezes the assets of anyone that is involved in serious human rights abuse.  So why is this order still in effect?  This order has to be reupped every year.  President Trump resigned it in 2018, 2019 and 2020 but it just happened again in 2023.  It got reupped by Biden in 2021 and 2022 and just did again.  Rick says there is no way, if Biden was in complete control, that he would have reupped this order with all the corruption he has already documented.  Rick says this is huge evidence toward exactly what Jon Herold (Patel Patriot) has in is Devolution series. It’s also what Derek Johnson is talking about.  Jan Halper-Hayes is also talking about this. Rick continues to go into great detail about the information we have available to us that points us to President Trump being CIC by reading a Telegram post from Derek Johnson with an explanation of the orders and other information.

Rick then points us to Elijah Streams who has interviewed many prophets but is also interviewing Patriots and has an interview from Derek Johnson and Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes.  Rick also shows Jon Herold’s Devolution series page and gives information about him.

Rick also discusses an article about Israel and a telegram post on the UN General Assembly resolution.  He talks about the hospitals in Gaza as well as a post about an illegal woman and her check in date being 2031.  We also see a “Defund the Police” advocate asking for police protection.

Rick reads a post from his alone time with God and a new prophecy from Julie Green before moving to PraiseNPrayer with the beautiful music.  We also have a time of praise reports and prayer request.  Where we hear that Elizabeth from Australia has dealt with wildfires but the Lord was faithful and protected her and her animals.  Praise the Lord!!!

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