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Michelle to Replace Biden for 2024? Pastor Art LIVE. B2T Show Sep 12, 2023

Show Notes

It’s becoming very clear that the globalist cabal is giving up on Joe.

Biden has them in a Panic and now there are various reports that are preparing Michelle Obama to replace Biden on the Ticket.

The problem is the Biden Crime family is being exposed and that will also lead to the Obamas.

As McCarthy starts an Impeachment Inquiry, more evidence will surface and as they see those aliases of Joe start to lead to Obama, Rick believes they will try and remove Joe well before the 2024 election.

Trump continues to mention the 25th Amendment and it’s likely the Democrats may leverage this.

Rick reviews other news around the CIA being exposed for covering up the fact that COVID was a lab leak, Biden now giving $6B to Iran in a hostage exchange and the total giving to Ukraine now exceeding $100B.

Rick also reviews the latest Julie Green prophetic word that confirms what Rick has been hearing about the Glory of the Lord flowing though his Remnant:

“Shine your light bright. Let my glory fill you up. You are to be my light. You ought to be a great light in great darkness. Many will turn, many will turn, many will turn. They will turn and they’ll look to you. So be my hands. Be my feet. Be the mouthpieces. I need you to bring more people into my kingdom.”

The Canadian Pastor Art comes on and gives a background of him moving to Cananda to escape the USSR communism from Poland.

He moved to Canada for freedom, but in 2005 he saw communism coming to Canada quickly, but the church in Canada and in the US did not listen.

Pastor art has been arrested 11 times with over 100 court cases against him for just speaking truth.

He was charged for a sermon he gave during the Trucker’s convoy and found guilty.  The first time every a Pastor has been charged and found guilty of criminal charges for giving a sermon.

He recounts how he was treated worse than the hardened criminals in prison and even subjected to solitary confinement for 50 days.

Pastor Art was giving up hope until he heard from Julie Green and other prophets saying he would be used in a mighty way in prison and would not go back.

However, since he has rejected many corrupt offers to stop speaking out about the tyranny, they have told him to prepare for prison, as he will be sentenced next week.

Please pray for Pastor Atur Pawlawski.  He asked for God’s perfect will, but we can also pray that he does not return to prison!

Many backstagers ask Pastor Art specific questions about his experience and his hope for the future.

Then we pray for Pastor Art before worshipping to a few songs.

We then go backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR) where we pray for the children, the military freeing them and also against the globalist new media covering the crimes up.

After PCR, Rick conducts training on Impactor for Truth.

We cover the lesson on the Right God and the Right Jesus and also the Right Gospel lesson with great discussion around the Trinity and the saved by faith alone gospel.

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Prophecy Review

September 12, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – A GREAT UNMASKING HAS BEGUN

*** A great unmasking has begun. Yes, a great unmasking has begun. I am removing every mask. I am removing every veil. I am removing every curtain. Everything your enemies were hiding behind, I am removing. I am opening the eyes of my people. You’ll see the swamp, a deep-rooted establishment that infiltrated your nation, oh United States; that embedded itself, and their roots run very deep, very deep and dark. The trenches they have dug, which they have hid many things in, I am unearthing. I am showing the world every single one of them and their intention; everyone they murdered to keep their power, everyone that they unjustifiably tried to ruin their name, their careers, and remove them from places that they were rightfully sitting in.##

***Oh, yes, I’m tearing the roof off of the buildings in your capital, and I am showing the world documents. I’m showing the world paper trails. I’m showing the world the money. The money. Oh yes, the money and control and power are what has driven so many. They sold themselves. They’ve sold themselves to the devil. Yes, many crimes. They have committed many crimes in your justice system. I will free every person who has been wrongfully accused to hide their evil and to hide what they were doing. I’ll reveal all the fallen men, all the people who had to fall in order to save the establishment. I will show every email, I will show every video. You’ll hear every phone call or voicemail. I have all of it. I have every document they tried to shred. I have the original. I have it all. I told you I have infiltrated the infiltrators.##

***What they are about to do to cause this great upset, this great distraction, laugh in their face. Laugh! But Lord, they’re destroying our countries. Lord, they’re destroying the economy. Lord, they’re destroying our freedoms. I said, laugh! They don’t have the power to destroy your country. They don’t have the power to destroy your freedoms. They don’t have the power to take down the economy. No, they don’t have such power. They believe that they are gods. They believe that they have all the power in the world. I told you these were the pharaohs of today.##

***The same spirit behind them, controlling them, was the same spirit behind Pharaoh. And look what I did. I showed him who I was. I showed him I was the great I AM. I also showed him I was the God who nothing was impossible. I AM that I AM, my children. I’m showing the world who I truly am. I’m showing these leaders all around the world who I really am. I’m showing the globalists who I really am. I will show every place they’ve hidden bioweapons. I will show completely what they have had in your medicine. I will unveil and expose the FDA. I will expose big pharma. I will expose every corporation, every business that was affiliated with the globalists to destroy my nations and to take over my earth.##

***This is a time to be very awake. This is a time to stand and fight, and battle lines have been drawn. War has been declared, but the war has already been won. Remember these words when you hear them and their news reports. Yes, their news reports that feed the airwaves and feed the nations with pure lies and deceit, along with fear. Truth is no longer in them, but the arm of the one world government I will completely expose. I am going to shed much light on all the news media, every single one. There is not one news station that has been against me, that has been spewing hate, spewing division, and lies and propaganda that I will not expose. Judgment is coming. A great judgment is coming to your news media, oh United States.##

***A great shaking is about to occur. I told you I’m sending someone. I have multiple people that have the proof, undeniable proof of what the enemy has done with your news and how they used it to enslave you; how they used it to bring much fear, how they used it to steal your nation. My children, awake. Awake. Awake.##

***Things are starting to shake. Awake. Awake. Things are starting to shake, shake, shake, shake. The shaking is a good thing for you. It’s shaking those shackles off, the chains off, the oppression off, the fear off, the frustration off, the sickness off, the poverty off. It’s shaking it off of you. The shaking is good for you who are awake, but those who are asleep, the shaking will be judgment. The shaking will bring much darkness. The shaking will bring much confusion and chaos. That is why I told you, my children, I need you to be awake. Stay alert, be awake and pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Say, say, say. Say my words. Say my words.##

***A great darkness is about to happen. A darkness that some don’t see, but my light will shine through thee. Shine your light bright. Let my glory fill you up. You are to be my light. You ought to be a great light in great darkness. Many will turn, many will turn, many will turn. They will turn and they’ll look to you. So be my hands. Be my feet. Be the mouthpieces. I need you to bring more people into my kingdom. Stand your ground. Stand your ground. It’s time to stand. It’s time to win, sayeth the Lord.##

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