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Juan O’Savin LIVE. The Coming Darkness: Prepare! B2T Show Aug 2, 2023

Show Notes

Juan O’Savin comes on LIVE after about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Rick first reviews the latest news on Trump’s indictment by Jack Smith.  We learn they did not provide all the video footage to the Trump lawyers.

They did this likely to control the narrative and get the spotlight off of Hunter Biden.

In addition, they are trying to say Trump instructed some people to delete certain footage and Trump denied this on Truth Social.

We also learn that Biden wanted the DOJ to take action against Trump on the documents despite his crimes.

Pence also comes out swinging at Trump saying he should never be President.

We also learn that Jack Smith has secret notes from Pence that he plans to use to prove Trump’s guilt.

Rick reviews other news before reading and commentating on several of Julie’s prophetic words.  One part warns us to prepare:

“My children be aware and be prepared. You’re coming into a time of darkness.”

Also, the Lord wants us to focus:

“Give close attention. Remember, stay focused. A firm, focused, foundation on the Father. When you have that focus, when you have that foundation and you stand firm and you won’t be moved…”

Rick also reviews many of the words he received in his alone time with God around focus.

We worship to several songs before Juan comes on.

Juan tells the story of what went down in 2020 after the election.

Sidney Powell, General Flynn, and Patrick Burn advised Trump to issue the Insurrection Act due to all the voter fraud.

However, when Trump asked for advice from military Generals and Admirals and their assessment is that this would lead to civil war by the summer.

Juan shares many more stories and insights during the 70+ minutes of the interview including his assessment of timing and potential scenarios around the near-death experience he expects the United States to go through.

Juan prays for the country, and we pray for Juan before we go backstage for a Bible Study with Gus.

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Prophetic Words

August 2, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –THE COMING DARKNESS

*** For I the Lord this day, am telling you, my children, I have given many warnings of things to come. I’ve told you about darkness. I have told you about the plans of the enemy and what they want to do, and how they wanted to bring a one world government, a great reset, as they call it, to turn your lives upside down, to kill as many people as they possibly could kill, to take away any freedoms that you had left.##

***I talked to you about the great shakings, great reveals, great things that were coming. I told you I was going to lock you in to protect you. I told you about great judgments that were coming to your enemies and every single thing that they have done. My hand is against your enemies. But, there’s another side of that darkness. Yes, things will be shaking. Things will turn upside down. Things will be abnormal. Things will be uncomfortable it may seem, definitely to the world.  But, on the other side of that darkness; there’s my light, there’s my glory, there’s my love, restoration, healing, great joy in the midst of great sorrow. There is peace.##

***Where there is so much unrest, you say, God, how can this be? How can it be like two worlds going at the same time? One with gross darkness and chaos and shaking, unrest and judgment. On the other hand, joy and peace and restoration and gladness and just glory and light. Healing. How can this be? God, how can it be? How can it be with two worlds going? How can this be?##

***My children, I have given you the example, a great example in my word, and I’ve spoken about this place many times. My land of Goshen, where there was chaos with all the judgments, all the plagues that were going on against Egypt because of what they have done to my people. At the same time, one world was chaotic, dark, and destructive. Destruction was hitting them like they have never seen and never known. On the other side, there was protection. There was my glory, there was joy, and there was peace. There was healing. They didn’t leave Egypt the same way they came in. They left it better.##

***My children, when this darkness is happening and chaos, it looks like, is overwhelming and surrounding you; no, I am surrounding you. I go before you. I protect you. I am your shield. I am your strong tower. I am your deliverer. I am your joy. I am your peace. My children don’t you know, I am your healing. I’m a healer. I don’t just have it. I am healing.##

***There are so many things with my glory that I’m about to pour out. My glory and my light will destroy all of that darkness. It will destroy all of that evil. It will not touch you. You are coming to a place with my glory. You will not be touched because the enemy can’t come into my presence.##

***So, fill yourselves up. Fill yourselves up with me. Fill yourselves up with my glory. Call upon me. Ask me for it. My glory is my presence. It’s my power. It’s my goodness for you. I’m sending out glory that will fill this earth, like the water filled the days of Noah. Remember with that water, there was destruction on a level never seen on earth. But at the same time, I was cleansing the earth of the evil. My glory, even in the midst of that destruction, is going to cleanse the earth from that evil that was holding you, enslaving you, and keeping you from me. I promised that I would not flood the earth with water, but I never promised I wasn’t going to flood the earth. But this time, it’s with my glory.##

***I said, no water. No. I said no water. And I will not do that again. But this time it’s with my glory. My glory will fill this earth and it will annihilate, and it will destroy the destruction of the enemy, the plans of the enemy, all that they have done before you and against you. And it will be like it was never there.##

***This is for a short time, my children, because there is a time coming. I’ve told you about the book of Revelation. That time is drawing near, closer than you realize. But remember, my promise. Don’t go by what man has told you. You go by what my word has told you. I did not appoint you to this wrath, and this will be wrath. You are not a part of that. You don’t have to be.##

***But until that time, my glory will fill this earth and more people will come into the body of Christ than any other time in history because of this glory, because the proof of the miracles that I still do, proof of my love because they will feel it. All these things to look forward to. So, don’t pay attention to just the shaking and the darkness and the judgment. You pay attention to the light, my glory, and what I have in store for you. You are in my Goshen because you are in me.##

***So, my children, receive my protection. Receive my glory in unlimited ways. Unprecedented things are coming. Unprecedented things are coming, but my unlimited power will be seen in and through you. You will see me. You will see me do things you never thought you’d see. I’ve told you the Red Sea was nothing compared to what I’m about to do for you in this hour. So, rejoice in this day. Rejoice in my glory and receive it, sayeth the Lord.##

July 28, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –IT’S TIME TO BE MORE AWARE

*** For I the Lord this day, am reminding my children of the serious time that you are living in; the seriousness of this day and of this hour. A seriousness not to be afraid of, but to be aware of. To be aware of me, to be aware of my glory, to be aware of the anointing that flows through each and every one of you. To be aware of the power of my name, the name that I have given to you, the name of Jesus. To be aware of the authority that it holds. To be aware of the destruction that it does against the power of your enemy.##

***Be aware today that you are a child of the most-high God. Be aware today that you have a great and mighty victory. Be aware today that you have authority. Be aware today that you have ownership upon this earth. Be aware today who lives on the inside of you. Be aware! Be aware today!##

***Give close attention. Remember, stay focused. A firm, focused, foundation on the Father. When you have that focus, when you have that foundation and you stand firm and you won’t be moved; the destruction you cause to your enemy in every single one of his plans that he has against you. In my word it says, one can put 1,000, but two can put 10,000 to flight.##

***My children stand together. Stand arm in arm. Stand united and stand strong. Stand! Stand on my word. Stand on my truth. Stand on the name above every name and, don’t forget it. It’s not just a name. It’s the name. It’s the name; the ultimate name. The ultimate power of that name destroys hell; destroys the power of hell in your life. I have said to you to get to know me. When you get to know me, you will know how powerful, how mighty each and every one of you really are. Not without me, but with me.##

***Come spend time with me and let me show you what I have. Let me show the power, the authority, the dominion, the love, the peace, the forgiveness, the joy. Let me show you these things in an unlimited measure. Let me show you who I am and how I am in you.##

***You are not alone. You have not been forsaken. You are not subject to any of the circumstances around you. You don’t have to stay in them. You don’t have to bow to them, you don’t have to give into them. You have me, and the demons will flee once you tap in to that power, that power source, that resurrection power on the inside of you.##

***Stand on my word and know who I am, and know you belong to me. You are my children. I will defend you. I will protect you. I will deliver you. I will bring you great victories. That’s not if; I will. Those are promises; I cannot lie.##

***For those of you who will dare to stand, those of you who will believe, those of you who will trust, those of you who will not give up or give in, great is your reward today. Today is your day. Every day is your day because it’s a day that I’ve made for you. So, receive this day, receive this gift, receive all that I have for you, and don’t limit me. Don’t limit me, and you will see. You will see my glory, sayeth the Lord.##

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