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Jack Smith Indicts Trump! Clay Clark LIVE. B2T Show Aug 1, 2023

Show Notes

Jack Smith, the special prosecutor assigned to investigate Trump over January 6 (and who is married to Michelle Obama’s documentarian) just indicted Trump.

This will only wake up more people as the January 6 narrative continues to crumble.

The fraudulent charges include:

  • Count 1: 18 U.S.C. § 371 (Conspiracy to Defraud the United States)
  • Count 2: 18 U.S.C. § 1512(k) (Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding)
  • Count 3: 18 U.S.C. §§ 1512(c)(2), 2 (Obstruction of and Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding)
  • Count 4: 18 U.S.C. § 241 (Conspiracy Against Rights)

Trump took to Truth social once he learned this was going to happen and put out a full statement discussing the clear election interference.

Trump noted the timing being right after the bombshell testimony from Devon Archer about Joe Biden being “the brand” of their business deal so they had him on over 20 business calls.

As the Biden crime family gets exposed, the Biden DOJ takes desperate actions to try and stop Trump.

The Body of Christ needs to pray with our authority to fully expose the false flag on January 6 and the evil plans of the cabal.

Rick reports on tweets from Derek Johnson that show 3 Dooms Day planes flying over the US that cost nearly $150k per hour per plane to operate.

Derek also shows the massive military planes in action.

He explains the Executive Orders and laws that have our reserves being deployed out of state and the country demonstrating they are still acting on behalf on Trump’s Executive Orders that have been extended under Biden.

This all indicates the fact that we are under a Continuity of Government (COG).

Rick reads the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where the Lord urges us to take action:

“Start digging. Start searching. Start seeking. Start studying who I am. Get in my word. See what it says. See the things that I will reveal to you in greater measure. This is a time of an open heaven.”

Rick also reads several of his words he received during his alone time with the Lord. One theme is:

“Delight in me. Seek me. Know my word. Then they will truly know me.  They will know the Lord that loves, the Lord that lives, and the Lord that manifests through every part of their lives.”

Clay Clark was not able to make the broadcast, so Rick read more of his words from the Lord and showed off the new studio and new method of displaying the worship videos.

Afterwards we go backstage for Project Children Rescue.

We pray for the rescue of the children, for the military that is rescuing them and for the downfall of the propaganda media across the nations.

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Prophetic Words

August 1, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –GET READY TO FIGHT

*** Get ready to fight. Fight the good fight of faith. Get ready to stand. Stand in your faith. Stand on my word. Some are asking, Lord, what about this fight? What about this stand? Your enemies are about to make it harder on you in many different levels; in many different ways. This is their last-ditch effort, you would say, to break you. A last last-ditch effort to break this nation. This is their last-ditch effort to try to bring in and roll out the one world government system; to try to have AI in control while you have no purpose in society. They don’t want you. They don’t want to deal with you. They want you out of their way.##

***But I say today, you move them out of the way. I have given you the authority in my name. I have given you my blood covenant. I’ve given you authority and ownership in this earth. Like I’ve said so many times before, to get this down on the inside of you, this great revelation that you have ownership, children of almighty God. You have ownership. You have authority. You have power. You have dominion. Stop letting them twist it and do their own thing, and do what they want when they want. Get up to this place of authority. Get up to this place of power. Get up to this place of dominion. Get up to this place of ownership like you would, even in your own home.##

***If they tried to come in your home and rob it, what would you do? You’d stop them. You’d call the authority; the police officer. You’d call; you’d call the authority to bring them away, to handcuff them, to take them to jail. The same thing goes in the spirit. Somebody tries to destroy something that’s yours or break in or to steal something that’s already yours, you can use my authority to reprimand and to render them helpless and to kick them out of your home and sentence them.##

***What do you mean by sentence? Until they repent, they’re under the curse. I’ve told you, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. That’s exactly what I mean. But they will prosper against you if you don’t use your authority. When you call a natural police officer, they have the power and authority behind them to back them up; to remove that person from you. I’m the ultimate authority. You call upon me and I will make sure your enemy does exactly what he’s supposed to do. But I need you. I need you to bind, rebuke, loosen your angels. I need you to use your authority.##

***I said resist the devil and he must flee. You don’t just stand there and get upset because you see what he’s doing. I’ve given you the power to do something about it. I give you natural examples so you have greater revelation of what to do in the situations that you’re in. They want a great war; but a war that they win without you fighting. They want to beat you down so horribly you wouldn’t even attempt to try to fight back.##

***So, my children this day, this is a time to stand. This is a time to be with me, and to know your authority. I have to repeat this until more of my children wake up; more of my children get this revelation of who they are, of whom they belong to. You belong to me. I’m the God, the creator of heaven and earth. Why would you back off? Why would you back down? Why would you give in? Why would you quit when I’m on your side? Get that revelation. You are my children. Get that revelation. I live in you. Get that revelation of the blood covenant. Start looking them up. Start studying what a blood covenant really is and how serious a blood covenant is.##

***There are people in countries all over the world that know the seriousness of a blood covenant. So, my children over here in the United States of America and any other place that doesn’t know what a blood covenant truly stands for, look it up. Study it, and know that you have the ultimate blood covenant. There are no places in this covenant that your enemy can try to get in. There’s no loopholes. He can’t get in anywhere. It’s solid, and it’s indestructible.##

***Start digging. Start searching. Start seeking. Start studying who I am. Get in my word. See what it says. See the things that I will reveal to you in greater measure. This is a time of an open heaven. The windows of heaven are opening, opening wide with things I have for my children. Take it. Receive it. Your enemy wants to bring you down to a place where they’re going to bring you down to nothing. Hmm. Laugh, because I sit in heaven and laugh, because I’m bringing you up to a place where I’m perfecting your faith; where you will be untouchable to your enemy because you will be in a place of my glory where the enemy can’t be.##

***Soon you will see. Soon you will see this glory that I’m pouring out. Ask for it, expect it, take it. It’s already yours. It’s already promised. So, take my word for it and enjoy the revelations that you are about to receive. Enjoy my presence. Enjoy the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding I’m giving to you. Enjoy what Jesus has already provided, sayeth the Lord.##

Rick’s Journal of Time Alone with God

Tue Aug 1, 2023 11:39am

Lord, thanks again for all you do for me. I am nothing without you.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  Thank you for your word and the Bible Memory and the reading plans.  Thank you for the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.  I am learning so much as I get closer to you.

Yes, son.  And I need you to learn even more.  Again, my wisdom will be delivered to you as you continue to dedicate time to study and talk with me.  Keep worshipping me with your entire body, soul and spirit.  Nothing makes me more joyous than seeing my children worshipping me and coming under my wings for their refuge, to depend on me fully.  Mighty things will happen in their lives, amazing things will happen, surprising things will happen.  I love to give gifts to  my children who truly follow me, who truly listen to me.  Help others understand that my mighty hand can move directly through their lives only when they are fully submitted to me.  Luke warm does not work.  This is why I warn you in my word to make a decision and become cold or hot.  I will spit out those who will not commit to me.  I want to use many for the upcoming harvest, but I will not be able to since they have one foot in the world, are completely distracted by the world, and the world will keep them from seeing my glory in their lives and through their hands.  For those that do commit to me fully, they will be shocked to see what I will do through them.  Not only will they be blessed, but their family, they’re friends and many they come in contact with that they do to even know will be blessed because they have fully submitted to be used as a vessel.  Submitting to me as a vessel to be used however I want to use them takes a census choice.  Yes, I want you to submit fully to me and I will not leave people in limbo.  If they come to me, and are in my word and worship me and spend time alone with me, then I will direct them specifically for the things they need to do day by day.  There will be very little confusion.  The enemy’s distractions will be pushed aside and the weapons he fashions against you will not succeed.  This clarity is what many long for.  However, this clarity is not there for most as they continue to be in the world.  Call them out.  Let them know I call them out of this stupor right now.  I need their attention. I need their time.  Then their reward will be great and the stresses of the world will melt away.  My burden is light, but my plans are mighty!  Prepare for my vengeance.  Those that are prepared will be at peace and will give peace to many around them.

Thank you, Lord I will.  Anything else I should know from you today?

Son.  You just need to enjoy each day.  Sleeplessness comes from the enemy.  As you move forward step by step you will see the show and ministry flourish.  You will see QE Strong flourish.  Just keep submitting to me.  Help prepare others as a truth-teller and an equipper of the saints.  You know your calling, so keep helping others find theirs.  Spending time with me is the key to learning this calling.  Now go and enjoy your new studio and the uniqueness I told you this broadcast will become.  My wisdom, my glory will be shown as your show and ministry become completely unique.  I am forming the ministry as the potter and am taking great pleasure in seeing it become a beautiful work in my hands.  Well done.  Keep serving me and those I send you.

Mon Jul 31, 2023 2:39pm

Lord Thank you for being able to do life with my brother.  To be able to laugh with him.  To be able to record with him. Do business with him.  Lord I submit all my ways to you.  Please protect this conversation where I only can hear from you.  No other spirits besides the Holy Spirit.

Rick.  Keep on marching forward.  Be on guard against the plans of the enemy.  He wants you discouraged.  He wants you frustrated.  These tools will work great once you continue moving forward.  He has put many obstacles in your way and I will empower you to knock every one of them down.

Thank you Lord.  How best to keep in contact with my uncle-in-law?

Yes, worship music. Branch off of his love of Way Maker.

What can I do Lord to make my workflow not more complicated?  Anything else you want me to know today Lord?

Just that I love you and love even those that do not feel loved.  Tell [private name from Neighborhood.Social] I love her.  That I will glorify her in the perfect timing.  She can call down the evil that Is attacking her.  Command it in my name.  Learn [private name from the Neighborhood.Social] to use the authority that I have provided you. Use it for you, your family, and others around you.  You are a powerful woman of the Lord and despite your age and health will be used by me.  Trust me. Trust me fully.  Your faith is strong.  Now trust me, come to me closer than ever. Give me your health.  Give me your family.  Give everything to me and watch me work.  Great is your reward.  Don’t give up, but submit even further.  Trust me and watch my hand move.

Sun Jul 30  7:53pm

Lord Thank you for giving me the desires of my heart to spend the weekend with families honoring Aunt Jarene’s life.  Thank you for being able to be with my daughter, the grandkids and my great-niece.  Having a 1, 2 and 3-year-old in the Air BNB was such a great privilege.

Yes son. I love seeing the delight on your face when I give you gifts.  I love giving gifts to all my children who know me and spend time seeking my face.  Keep seeking my face and tell others about how they can know me like never before.  As you sit in your new studio, continue to have thankfulness in your heart, obey my instructions and watch me work through you.  Watch as many others follow your lead and start to hear from me more clearly than they ever have.  This is the time to have ears to hear.  This is the time I need my Remnant to come close to me.  To come so close that they hear from me anytime they get quiet, communicate with me and expect to hear.  Huge blessings will come on them and their families.  They will see my power and glory upon them each and every day. Keep teaching. Keep preaching. As you read today how sweet the sound of those who preach my gospel.  This gospel not only saves, but it is the path to see my glory manifest in their lives and throughout all parts of the world they touch.  Command the things you want to see.  As they seek first my kingdom and my righteousness, then they will see the power, the glory of my hand move through them, but they will also receive the desires of their heart.  Continue to teach them to delight in me.  Delight in me. Seek me. Know my word. Then they will truly know me.  They will know the Lord that loves, the Lord that lives, and the Lord that manifests through every part of their lives.

Thank you, Lord.  Thanks for speaking through me.  What do you need me and others to know this hour??

Rick, you need to focus now very carefully on your show.  New eyes are about to come on this and I have plans to glorify the remnant in your ministry.  As the enemy comes to distract, focus on the smoothness of the show.  Focus on leveraging the new software and the new studio.  I will take over and it will become seamless for you.  Trust me fully as you continue to get new ideas from me.  However, do not overextend yourself.  The reason I am telling you to enjoy the process is that I want you to learn and apply things in stages.  All will come together in my timing.  Continue to love on your uncle-in-law.  He will need you and your other uncle-in-law in these coming days.  I have plans for him but he has no idea what these plans are.  Keep in touch, love on him, text him often, and pray for his soul.  I plan to bring many unlikely people to me for my purposes.  Now go and get the sound working in an amazing way so your music videos glorify me every time they are played.  Keep moving forward.  Keep moving forward.

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