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J6 Indictment on Trump. Rev. Craig Hagin LIVE. B2T Show July 18, 2023

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As expected, the criminal Biden Administration’s DOJ is about to indict President Trump for the supposed January 6th insurrection.

This was an insurrection with no guns, doors opened for the people, tours given by Capital police, with DC police and FBI agents undercover inciting the people and police launching flashbangs and teargas into peaceful crowds.

Not to mention the fact that Democrats rejected national guard troops and Pelosi worked to lower security measures.

America is seeing first-hand what happens when you let a puppet President into the white house.  Sometimes you have to “show” people vs. tell them.

Trump responded to these crazy lawfare tactics.

The result will be a more popular Donald J. Trump than ever.

However, as the prophetic words given to Amanda Grace said; Trump needs to fully submit to the Lord in order have refuge from all these attacks.

We see Biden approving another $1.3B to Ukraine in an attempt to hide all the evidence Russia is finding on bio labs, human trafficking and money laundering.

Even the NYT is admitting that 30% of the reported COVID deaths were actually not from COVID.  It’s actually much higher than this, but this is likely the Elites trying to “get ahead of a story.”

The medical cartel will be exposed, and it won’t just be Fauci.

Rick then reads the latest Julie Green prophetic word where the Lord tells us to focused:

“Stay focused on my word. Stay focused on walking in love. Stay focused on your enemy and how he’s already defeated. Stop looking here or there and anywhere. It could easily get your attention. It gets your attention off of me.”

Rick also reads a few of the words the Lord gave him before he read this prophecy around focus and alignment.  You can see Rick’s story and documented words from the Lord here:

Then Reverend Craig Hagin comes on LIVE and with high energy tells his story all the way from selling Bibles at 3-years old, to wanting to have a business career, to being called by the Lord and even going to college and getting an accounting degree.

Learn how he influenced Clay Clark, started supporting political candidates, his involvement in Pastors for Trump and the ReAwaken tour.

We get insight from Craig on staying out of fear, on his take on the Johnson Amendment and 501C3 and much more.

We pray for his protection, boldness and refreshment before going backstage to pray for the children in Project Children Rescue (PCR).

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