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Lies and Brandonomics. Revelation 4 & 5. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jul 17, 2023

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Joe Biden continues to lie about the economy and was fact-checked on Twitter showing several inaccuracies, including the fact that wages have actually gone down and not up.

Rosanne commented on the post after he was corrected on how nice it is to have some real fact-checkers vs. those that try to defend the globalist narrative.

Kirk Elliott comes on and discusses new developments of the de-dollarization of the nations that will likely cause our fiat currency to devalue significantly.

Rick discusses his long-term approach of not following gold and silver pricing as the Babylonian system just buys more derivatives to short gold and silver whenever it gets too high.

Rick is excited to see what happens after the Banks no longer have the funds to short these precious metals.

You can call Kirk Elliott at 720.605.3900 to get a free consultation for your specific situation.

Rick covers other recent news around the strategic oil reserves, new revelations about Fauci who was supposed to have been replaced years ago, news with Ukraine and the west blowing up Infrastructure in Russia and more.

Rick shows a picture in the clouds taken while we were all praying at the base of Mt. Rushmore.  Many people think on of the could formation above the statues looks like Trump.

Rick reads and commentates on the last ½ of Amanda’s prophecy that is powerful and the Lord tells us to get close to him:

“COME UNTO ME, those who are heavy laden, and I the Lord will GIVE YOU REST. The process of learning to REST IN ME, there shall be adjustments for such to occur, as you are about to enter a season of much change in your lives; adjustments, corrections, and setting things in order. New chapters shall open in chapters of your lives.”

Rick then teaches on Revelation Chapters 5 and 6 and plays several animated videos that attempt to show what John may have seen in his vision of God’s Throne and the scene where the Lamb of God is found worthy to open up the scrolls!

We study this as part of PraiseNPrayer and we worship to 8-9 music worship videos that highlight events discussed in Chapters 5 and 6.

Don’t miss this wonderful worship and discovery experience as Rick points us to the times we are in now vs. other interpretations.

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