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Globalists Panic over Trump! Israel Announcement. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 15, 2024

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The Globalists are panicking over President Trump.  A recent interview was done with Yuval Noah Harari.  He says it is very likely that Trump will win the election and will likely be “the death blow to what remains of the global order.”  Rick says “Many people call him ‘the prophet’, he’s a false prophet obviously.”  You can see in the video Rick plays that the deep state is panicking.

Rick reports on a ‘Trump Truth’ talking about the other candidates running for the Republican nomination and why they cannot win.  He highlights another Truth that talks about the protesters trying to tear down the fences around the White House.  Rick also reads a couple of other posts from social media talking about the election and how God’s hand is on President Trump.

Georgia DA Fani Willis is now claiming the ‘improper’ relationship accusations made against her are based on race.  She is accused of having an affair with her top prosecutor and is saying they are targeted because they are black.

Eric Adams is putting an illegal immigrant shelter under curfew because of rising crime and complaints of the illegals begging.  Anyone found to violate the curfew three times within a 30 day period will be expelled from the shelter.  Rick says “You just see the globalists agenda just falling.”

Rick brings on Gordon Pennington from Kure It Now to explain his company and how the oils work.  Gordon talks about the oils and how to get your own and a great discount.  Check out his website and watch today broadcast to learn more.

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