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Juan O’Savin LIVE. Fani’s Affair? Fauci Lies. B2T Show Jan 10, 2024

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Our first article today is Fani Willis’ legal team met with the Biden White House about ‘Get Trump’ case on taxpayers dime.  Evidence that has been submitted by President Trump’s legal team suggests that Fani Willis used taxpayer money to meet with Biden about her 2020 election case against President Trump around the time he announced his 2024 presidential campaign.  Corporate media talk about this evidence has centered around the inappropriate relationship Willis had with the attorney she contracted to be the special prosecutor for the ‘get trump’ case.  She has now been subpoenaed by the attorney, Nathan Wade’s divorce proceeding.

The House Judiciary passes a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress which sets up a full floor vote.  The House Oversight Committee is also considering a resolution to hold him in contempt as well.  It is thought that his is part of the awakening to let people know about the Biden crime family.

Fauci FINALLY coughs up to Covid failures during a grilling by Congress.  He admits the lab leak is credible.  He reveals HE told schools to impose the vaccine mandates and he, even, praises Trump on the China travel ban.  Fauci said the social distancing ‘six food rule’ was not based on scientific data.  He also admitted it is not a conspiracy despite efforts to silence the lab leak theorists.  Rick says this is really showing that Dr. Fauci is being outed completely.

In the latest Epstein documents, Virginia Giuffre claims she had sex with another foreign prince in the south of France after being trafficked to Prince Andrew and she says Clinton visited the island twice.  In the article, Giuffre also claims she was trafficked to others including Lex Wexner, who is the owner of Victoria Secret.

Rick also discusses an article talking about the Freedom Caucus discussing dumping Speaker Mike Johnson over the new spending deal.  Mike Johnson is saying he is not concerned about being ousted.

Juan was engaged in another podcast, and it lasted longer than expected so Rick had an impromptu Praise and Worship time with our beautiful music and had some praise reports from the audience.

After the Praise and Worship time, the Backstagers had a Bible Study that happens every Wednesday night after the show.  Come Join Us!!

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