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Globalists Panic over Trump! Israel Announcement. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 15, 2024

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The Globalists are panicking over President Trump.  A recent interview was done with Yuval Noah Harari.  He says it is very likely that Trump will win the election and will likely be “the death blow to what remains of the global order.”  Rick says “Many people call him ‘the prophet’, he’s a false prophet obviously.”  You can see in the video Rick plays that the deep state is panicking.

Rick reports on a ‘Trump Truth’ talking about the other candidates running for the Republican nomination and why they cannot win.  He highlights another Truth that talks about the protesters trying to tear down the fences around the White House.  Rick also reads a couple of other posts from social media talking about the election and how God’s hand is on President Trump.

Georgia DA Fani Willis is now claiming the ‘improper’ relationship accusations made against her are based on race.  She is accused of having an affair with her top prosecutor and is saying they are targeted because they are black.

Eric Adams is putting an illegal immigrant shelter under curfew because of rising crime and complaints of the illegals begging.  Anyone found to violate the curfew three times within a 30 day period will be expelled from the shelter.  Rick says “You just see the globalists agenda just falling.”

Rick brings on Gordon Pennington from Kure It Now to explain his company and how the oils work.  Gordon talks about the oils and how to get your own and a great discount.  Check out his website and watch today broadcast to learn more.

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Mon Jan 8, 2024 3:44pm They Want to Take Down My Children

Lord, Thank you for my wife and son being awake.  Please draw them closer to you.  Draw all those around me to acknowledge you as their savior.  Thank you for Romans Chapter 13 and explaining how we can put on Christ.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  What would you like to share with me and your children today Lord?

I am blessed when my children dig into my word and start to dig deeper into my love for them.  This will be the key in these chaotic times coming soon.  As things start to look totally out of control, know that I am still in control.  This is why I am emphasizing the fact that I see the beginning from the end.  You can take comfort and know that nothing surprises me.  The devil is not only predictable, he is operating against the almighty God who created him and already knows what he will decide to do.  Not only do I know what he will decide, I even know the end result of every action he takes.  The globalists thought they had everything under control they needed to get to their evil plans and accelerate the timeline of a one-world religion and government.  They thought if they controlled most of the most powerful people and institutions worldwide, I would not be able to handle the complexity and their backup plan after backup plan they had in place.  I laugh to see them having to create even new plans since their original plan and all their backup plans have failed.  They are starting to realize that they not only do not have full control of events, they have almost no control over the results of the actions they take.  Why?  Because they have run into me.  I am now taking action so that their latest adjusted plans will fail as well.  They want to take down my children and my anointed ones.  That will not happen no matter how many people and institutions they control.  I am enjoying seeing them fail over and over again.  As they continue to have to make new plans and start to leverage more and more of their assets, and the people of the world are now seeing what they’re up to.  Their hidden agendas are now well known and the evil behind them is being exposed.

Exposure will be a key term used over and over again in 2024.  The exposure of evil and evil most could not imagine, will drive people to pay attention and have to make a decision.  Do they now realize that there is a God?  Do they realize that I came to save them?  Do they now realize that I exist and reward those who earnestly seek me? Yes, my children, many will come to me that would have never otherwise.  And many of my children will finally commit fully to me.  This is now the time to commit fully to me so that I can guide you through these historic times.  When everything seems to be going astray, just remember, I have everything under my control.

[ Lost part of the word due to cursor jumping… 🙁

Fragments I could not put together:

Yes, people will get hurt during this spiritual war and yes the enemy will seem….

…destroy many lives.  But remote???….

…don’t let the way you think restrict how I use you. ]

Remember, I am the salvation of everyone who comes to me.  I am no respecter of persons and will save anyone who comes to me and I will use in a mighty way everyone that commits fully to me during these times.  Now is the time to fully commit to me as I expose everything and use my Remnant for the purposes I sent my word out for long ago.  Those words are returning to me now as they accomplish their purpose.  You can be part of my words accomplishing their purposes if you allow me to yoke you fully so that you will clearly understand the direction I have for you day by day and moment by moment.  Let’s do this, my children.  I guarantee a victory and I guarantee an abundant life to those who chose to submit.

January 15, 2024 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – GET READY FOR THINGS TO CHANGE

***For I the Lord this day, I say to my children, don’t lose hope, because your sorrow, I am turning into joy. I have heard you, and I have heard the cries of my children in desperation. I have heard the cries of my children in their darkness. I have heard the cries of my children for freedom in their nations. I have heard the cries to bring back justice and liberty. I have seen the pain that they have caused. I have seen the torment that they have put you through. I have seen what they have done. I have seen the death. I have seen what they have done to your bodies. I have seen what they have done to your minds. I see the great deception they have brought upon my earth and in my churches to turn people from me.##

***My children, you have cried out; and in these last several years, you have cried out for freedom, you have cried out for me to answer you, and I am answering you. I am moving on your behalf even though you may not understand and you may not see it all yet. Even in your darkest hours, I have not failed. Even in your darkest hours, I was hearing every single one of your cries and every single one of your prayers, and I have the answer, because I am the answer.##

***There are millions upon millions of people crying out for this nation to be that lightened beacon, to be my arm, to bring back freedom throughout the nations of the world, to bring back blessing and prosperity in this nation. This nation brings it to the world, to free it from these globalists and to free it from the hands of the wicked, and I promise you, I am doing just that.##

***I am destroying their bioweapons. I am destroying their terror cells. I am destroying the one world government before your face, and I will destroy the Washington establishment before your face, and you will see how hard they fall. You will see no matter how long they have been there, oh yes, there is a great old establishment in your nation, oh United States, but I will tell you, no matter how long they have been there, and no matter how many deep-rooted establishments have been seated in those government seats, I am running each and every one of them out. I am removing every single one, and not one will be left standing that is against me.##

***But this time that you are living in before you see each and every one of them removed, and I promise you, every one against me will be removed; but before that, there will be a great cry in this land because of what is about to happen. Everything is growing in intensity. Shaking is going to shake even harder now. The darkness is going to grow. It is going to seem like a death, a great death, and the ones who are against me, I have warned them and I have warned them to turn back. I have warned them to repent. I have warned them to stop their destruction, and they chose not to.##

***I told you, these are the pharaohs of today. You can see that their hearts have grown cold, and the wicked that I am about to expose, you will know why the death had to be the way it was and why a silence had to come, why a locking up had to take place.##

***Remember my words. Remember these words because there is going to be a time where things are going to look like the opposite of what I have told you, and your enemy is going to swoop in to try to deceive you. He is going to swoop in to try to get you offended at me and angry at me because you are wondering, why God are these things happening? They had to take place just like they did in Egypt. Great judgment had to come, because Pharaoh would not let my people go. You are about to see even greater judgment upon this earth than even in my Book of Exodus, because there is not just one Pharaoh in all of his men; there are many all over this world. You will see your governments start to collapse all over this world.##

***I have heard you. I have heard you. I have heard you cry for great justice and I am bringing it, but it is not without a shaking. It is not without things looking worse, but they won’t be in the house of the Lord. They won’t be for you, my children, who are standing, and who are believing, and who are holding fast. I promise you my light will shine through you even greater. I am giving you greater strength and greater revelation knowledge, and great anointing that you will be in joy when the world is full of chaos. You will be at peace when there are others who are against me, who are dealing with so much unrest.##

***It is coming, a time where it will grow very quiet, and in that quiet time with your Father, I will reveal more to you. When the blackouts come, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid because I am all you need, and I will show you that I am your everything and you don’t have to rely on anyone else but me. So, my children, get ready. Get ready for things to change. Get ready for things to change because I am changing it all for your good, sayeth the Lord.##

Romans 15

English Standard Version

The Example of Christ

15 We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. For Christ did not please himself, but as it is written, “The reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me.” For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

Christ the Hope of Jews and Gentiles

For I tell you that Christ became a servant to the circumcised to show God’s truthfulness, in order to confirm the promises given to the patriarchs, and in order that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy. As it is written,

“Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles,
and sing to your name.”

10 And again it is said,

“Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people.”

11 And again,

“Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles,
and let all the peoples extol him.”

12 And again Isaiah says,

“The root of Jesse will come,
even he who arises to rule the Gentiles;
in him will the Gentiles hope.”

13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Romans 15

V1 We who are strong

Bear with the failings of the weak

V3 Christ did not please himself

Reproaches of those who reproach (taunt or insult)

V4 written for our instruction

Encouragement of the scriptures

V6 God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

V8 became a servant to the circumcised

confirm the promises given to the patriarchs

V9 I will praise you among the Gentiles

V10 Rejoice, Oh Gentiles (NKJV)

V11 let all the peoples extol him

V12 the Gentiles will hope (NKJV)

V13 Memory Verse on “Hope”!!

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