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Epstein Tapes on Clinton? FBI J6 Sting. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 8, 2024

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We start our evening with the weekly economic update with Dr Kirk Elliott.  Dr Kirk explains the debt ratios of the world and how by 2028 the income for each country will only pay the interest on the debt with no entitlement programs being funded.  He also discusses how the United States took a little of 200 years to get to 1 billion dollars in debt and this year Biden’s budget is over 3 trillion dollars in just one year.  Listen in to hear what else Dr Kirk has to say about the economy.

Rick discusses the Epstein drops that have gone on for a couple of days.  Today’s drop included chilling photos from the private island.  In the first set of documents a witness said they had not seen Trump at any of the properties or plane involved.  Rick says it has become clear that Bill Clinton is a pedophile.  That used to be a conspiracy theory.  The documents today have a person saying a friend told them Trump was involved with a minor.  Rick says you have to be careful to not jump to conclusions because of the accusations of President Trump.  The articles discuss how everything was videoed so they could blackmail and keep people under control.

Tucker has another episode that reveals a huge number of FBI assets on January 6th including some that dressed as Trump supporters.  Rick directs us to watch Episode 61 on Tucker’s X page.

Biden is not considering firing Austin following a mysterious hospitalization.  Austin is said to have been in the hospital for 3-4 days, possibly in intensive care.  No one knew where he was.  So, who was running the defense of our country?  Rick says this gives more teeth to the Devolution theory that the Commander In Chief is not the resident.

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Tonight we hear some praise reports and have some prayer requests along with our beautiful praise and worship music.

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