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Epstein Tapes on Clinton? FBI J6 Sting. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 8, 2024

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We start our evening with the weekly economic update with Dr Kirk Elliott.  Dr Kirk explains the debt ratios of the world and how by 2028 the income for each country will only pay the interest on the debt with no entitlement programs being funded.  He also discusses how the United States took a little of 200 years to get to 1 billion dollars in debt and this year Biden’s budget is over 3 trillion dollars in just one year.  Listen in to hear what else Dr Kirk has to say about the economy.

Rick discusses the Epstein drops that have gone on for a couple of days.  Today’s drop included chilling photos from the private island.  In the first set of documents a witness said they had not seen Trump at any of the properties or plane involved.  Rick says it has become clear that Bill Clinton is a pedophile.  That used to be a conspiracy theory.  The documents today have a person saying a friend told them Trump was involved with a minor.  Rick says you have to be careful to not jump to conclusions because of the accusations of President Trump.  The articles discuss how everything was videoed so they could blackmail and keep people under control.

Tucker has another episode that reveals a huge number of FBI assets on January 6th including some that dressed as Trump supporters.  Rick directs us to watch Episode 61 on Tucker’s X page.

Biden is not considering firing Austin following a mysterious hospitalization.  Austin is said to have been in the hospital for 3-4 days, possibly in intensive care.  No one knew where he was.  So, who was running the defense of our country?  Rick says this gives more teeth to the Devolution theory that the Commander In Chief is not the resident.

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Tonight we hear some praise reports and have some prayer requests along with our beautiful praise and worship music.

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Fri Jan 5, 2024 8:24pm. The enemy is going to throw a fit

Thank you Lord for getting us safely to Amarillo from Denver.  Thank you for being able to see my Niece, great Niece, and their home. Thank you for the awesome praise music most of the way on radio.  I love you, Lord.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from. No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son.  How are you today Lord?

I am well and ruling on high.  I am well pleased with what I see in more of my children going into my Remnant and so many souls coming to me daily.  I will continue to shake and shake and let the enemy throw his fit with his minions until more people come to recognize this spiritual battle and start paying attention to their need for me.

Keep putting my word in your heart, Rick.  I see your love for my word and that is something that is contagious.  Keep speaking of how your memorization gives you such an appreciation for the word and how that word can transform lives and give people peace and joy in all circumstances.

My children think of Paul and Silas in jail after being beaten and chained.  They were singing praise songs.  This is in my word to give my children an example of the power of my word and the power of praise.  When you are filled with my spirit and it is your highest priority, then it does not matter how hard your life is.  You can continue to have joy, peace, and patience.  My children need this patience now.  Waiting on me will be worth every bit of frustration you have had in the past.  Be patient and know that I am God and that my timing is perfect.  If I had acted in the timing that most of my Remnant wanted, I would have empowered the enemy and lost many souls that I will not lose now with my perfect timing.

When you get frustrated, just remember I see the beginning from the end.  I see all scenarios and way more than the enemy despite all the powerful people he controls.  They think they are all-knowing and have control of all things and I just laugh at them.  I am the only all-knowing being that exists.  They see timelines and I see the end and how I get to my purposes and my results.   I allow the enemy to make progress only to fall right into the place where I expected him to go because I already know what he and all his followers are going to do.  This is why you do not need to spend time analyzing timelines.  Instead, just get close to me and you will understand the actual timeline that will come to fruition.  I will guide you and allow you to know what steps to take to stay on the path I have for you so that I can use you exactly the way I want to in order to achieve my purposes.  The human mind cannot understand this fully as I give billions of people free choice but still accomplish my purposes.  The only way this can happen is because I see the end from the beginning.  This is why you can trust me, my children.  You have nothing to worry about if you just get close to me, listen to me, and obey.  This is why I say in my word to not be anxious about anything.  And I mean anything.  In all situations, trust in me.  Come to me with thanksgiving and by prayer and petition.  Present your requests to me and I will guide you and give you perfect peace.  A peace that transcends all understanding, because you know that I know the end from the beginning.  You will lean so much into me that you won’t even think twice about trusting in me fully.  You will say “If God is for me, who can be against me? I am not afraid of man.  I am not afraid of demons or any outside spiritual force. I trust in the creator of the universe who loved me, died for me, and is my refuge.  He is my shield, my strength, my strong tower.   He is my refuge.  He is my savior.  Why would I worry?”

Now times are about to get very tough and confusing as I am letting the enemy throw his fit and do everything he can to cause chaos.  This will all backfire on him.  He knows this, but can’t help himself.  He thinks massive short-term pain may help him gain back control.  Therefore, since you know that I know the beginning from the end, it’s time to come to me more often and seek my face.  Do not let all the distractions that are about to hit this world keep you from spending time with me and my word.  Do not let the pain you will have in your personal world keep you from doing what Paul and Silas did.  Keep worshipping me.  Keep singing and praising and glorifying me.  This will frustrate the enemy and he will throw even more of a fit.  As he goes into his tirade he will make more and more mistakes.  This is why praise and thanksgiving, in all situations, is an extremely effective weapon.  Do not think “Why me?” But instead, think “What an awesome God I have who trusts me in this bad situation… I can’t wait to see how God uses this situation for his glory!”  This is when you have matured to be thinking my thoughts.  And when you praise vs. cry, you are doing things my way and not your way.  Then the enemy will realize he has no control over you.  You will be like Job when he continued to praise me.  You will be like Paul and Silas just before the prison doors flew open and the chains fell off.  Huge blessings are about to pour down on you.  Why?  Because you trusted fully in me.  Be confident my children that the difficult times ahead will result in massive glory.  Glory you can’t even imagine at this point.  Come and spend time with me, so I can prepare you for these times.  Continue on this journey and enjoy being alive at such a time.  Smile vs. cry.  Praise vs. getting frustrated.  Laugh with me at our enemies.  I enjoy it when

V8-9 One who loves another has fulfilled the law

V9 wake up from sleep

V11 Salvation is nearer

V12 Cast off the works of darkness

Armor of light

V14 put on the Lord Jesus

V15 gratify the desires of the flesh

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