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Division: Anti-Semitic or Zionist. Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Oct 10, 2023.

Show Notes

It’s clear that we cannot trust the media, nor can we trust what is being reported by both sides of this war between Israel and the Palestinians.

When Israel says this is our 911, that raises major red flags.

When over 2,000 militants cross one of the most secure borders ever and the top intelligence agencies in the world had no clue, that raises major red flags.

Rick feels that we have been set up by the globalists Cabal to keep our eyes off their exposure.

We know that 911 was a false flag (real life death and consequences but planned to get to a globalists Cabal key goal).

So why do we now accept that we are hearing truth that this was a simple intelligence failure.

We have the neo-cons like Lidsay Graham and Nikki Haley calling for expanding the war into Iran.

We have Black Lives Matter and many on the left “standing with the Palestenians.”

Rick feels this is the globalist Cabal (including the rouge elements in the Mossad and the CIA) using the extreme Muslims to purposely create this event.

Now the MSM can report on this and not on the failed Ukrainian Resistance, the Biden Crime Family, and the Medical Cartel.

Rick’s advice is to reject spending much time watching this war and all the propaganda and spend more time with the Lord.

This was advice given to Rick in his alone time with the Lord:

“Those focusing too much on the war and on their problems will be in a position where the enemy can take hold of you and take you off my path.  Be careful to not let the world’s problems take you off track.”

Rick also reads most of Julie’s prophetic word as well that names some of these Cabal organizations:

“I am delivering you from Wall Street. I am delivering you from the FDA. I’m delivering you from the IRS. I am delivering you from the WHO. I am delivering you from the hands of the wicked.”

Dr. Ardis comes on live and he also discusses not spending time keeping up on the war and how it is a distraction from his mission of exposing the Medical Cartel.

Dr. Ardis gives us great insight into how the COVID virus is real venom and that we have plenty of natural ways to protect ourselves from them.

He also discusses how we can protect ourselves from the transmission/shedding of the vaccines as well.

Dr. Ardis discusses his new “The Ardis Club Experience” where there are many advantages including 15% discounts on all products, monthly Zoom meetings, early information releases, and more.

Then he reviews the 3 critical steps to recovering and/or protecting yourself from COVID and future bio-weapon attacks.

First you need to release the venoms from your nicotine receptors with nicotine and/or a product called a Foreign Protein Cleanse:

Second, you need to break the venom down that is in the bloodstream with food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (only food grade!) or a product like EDTA:

Lasltly, allow the broken up particles to flush using a product like Apple Pectin:

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However, if you join the Ardis Club Experience 1st with the B2T code, you will get 10% off the experience and then can buy all supplements for 15% off.

In the Q&A a Backstager asked about low testosterone and he recommend several things including this Prostrate Pro:

After we pray for Dr. Ardis, we praise the Lord with an awesome music worship video.

Then we go Backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR) where we pray for the children and military and pray against the media across the nations.

After PCR, Rick conducts Impactor for Truth training where we review the lesion about “Your Calling” and he helps understand how to identify and document your specific calling from Ephesians 4.

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Prophetic Words

Tue Oct 10, 2023 8:33am

Lord, Thank you for the Bible.  Thank you for all the memory verses and the Book of Genesis.  Teach me what you want me to learn each day as I study.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  How are you today Lord?

I am doing well Rick.  I look forward to seeing you remove the stress from your life and fully trust me with all your burdens.

I am sorry Lord.  Please help me with my faith and trust will I can live without anxiousness.

All my people will have trouble in this world.  But remember, all of you can take heart as I have overcome the world.  Just continue to focus on my face.  Continue to focus in my word.  Continue to focus on what I am communicating to you in prayer, through the word, through worship and through time alone with me.  Then your paths will be so straight the enemy cannot stop you from walking exactly how I want you to walk.  You will be unstoppable.  Is that not the way you all want to live?  As unstoppable beings on the path I have marked out for you?  Well, then you have the formula.  Do not be anxious about anything.  But instead, seek my face.  Put me first.  Prioritize time alone with me.  Prioritize time to worship, pray and be in my word.  It seems simple but the enemy will do everything he can to take your focus off of me.  He will do everything he can to distract you and put your time elsewhere.  This is why I keep emphasizing this.  Those focusing too much on the war and on their problems will be in a position where the enemy can take hold of you and take you off my path.  Be careful to not let the world’s problems take you off track.

Most of you that are reading these posts are starting to spend more time with me.  Now tell others why you are at peace.  Why you are not being rattled.  Others may join you in seeking my face.  Keep up the good work.  I can use you when you have submitted fully to me.  Let me be the potter and use you as the vessel I need you to be.  As you walk on this path, you will start to use your words, and prayers, declarations and decrees in mighty ways that will move things in the spirit and in the natural.  Keep speaking and see how I move.  Speak what I tell you to speak as you study my word, worship and spend time alone with me.  My word that you study is key to understanding how to speak.  It is also key for me being able to speak directly to you when we are alone.  It does little good to come to me alone when you don’t have the word of God in your heart.  This is why you need to study and know my word.  As you study and worship me, then I can impart my thoughts and my will into your heart.  Now place your burdens on me.  Then start walking with me and watch me work through your words and your hands.  You will know what to say as I will fill your mouth.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  What you have learned as you seek my face will come out of your mouth and have amazing effects on your world.  Now relax and enjoy seeing me work through you.  You can relax and enjoy being in the battle.  These battles you cannot lose if you are walking on the path I have for you.  Now march my children march.

October 10, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –A RESISTANCE IS GROWING

***For I the Lord this day, I say, a resistance is growing. My resistance is growing. My children are rising up in my name. They are rising up in my authority. They are rising up as children of the most-high God. They are rising up in their assignments. Yes, an awakening has begun. Oh yes, a great awakening has begun; a great awakening that will destroy, completely destroy the great reset, a great awakening that is destroying great bondage, a great awakening that is destroying the financial system. Oh yes, I am tearing it apart. I am shredding it. I am completely destroying that system that they have used in bondage against you; a system so corrupt, vile, and evil; a system that was so deceiving that my people went with it.##

***Oh yes, a great awakening has begun. They will tear apart every wall. They will destroy every fraudulent government because there are many worldwide. It is tearing apart their brick system. Yes, bricks. My children, read the story, The Tower of Babel. In the first part of the Babylonian system, what did they do? They made bricks to build a tower. They were doing it against me. Men have been doing things against me for many, many years, but if you read, they never prosper.##

***There are many things happening behind the scenes. I have told you things are going on, many things in the unseen; to the public, to the world. Many things are happening that you don’t know about. Many things are about to be seen. Brace for it. My children, many of you are cheering for it. You are excited for it. Yes, and you should be. But there are some things that will be hard for you to hear and hard for you to see; how deceived the world had become, how deceived my church had become. Great exposures are coming with this great resistance.##

***I’ve heard the cries of my people. I am delivering you out of it all, and I will not leave anything out. That is what “all” means. I am delivering you from the deep state in this nation. I am delivering you from the corruption that has grown so deep, so dark. I am delivering you from Wall Street. I am delivering you from the FDA. I’m delivering you from the IRS. I am delivering you from the WHO. I am delivering you from the hands of the wicked. Yes, I am the deliverer and I am delivering you.##

***As this resistance is growing, my children, let it grow in you. Don’t comply to a lie. Don’t comply to their laws and their rules. Don’t comply. You pray, you stand. You decree. You believe. You receive. You rebuke. Your enemies have to listen. This enemy of yours, the devil, he is using a great multitude of people; yes, a great multitude of people against you. But remember this, my army is far more in number and my army has far more strength than the enemy could ever dream about having on their own.##

***I am in the midst of you. I am everywhere. I am on your side, and I am bringing this victory; a victory that I have spoken of, a victory that I promised. A victory. Yes, a great, mighty, glorious victory you shall receive. So, stand this day and join my resistance; a resistance of truth against every lie, a resistance of life over death, a resistance of overflow and more than enough against the resistance of lack, poverty, and debt. Resist these things. You are not a part of them. I have you in this world for a reason. You are not to be a part of those things, so receive the word of the Lord this day. Receive what I have to say. Receive my power. Receive my glory. Receive these words and watch. I am here to stay, sayeth the Lord.##

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