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Division: Anti-Semitic or Zionist. Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Oct 10, 2023.

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It’s clear that we cannot trust the media, nor can we trust what is being reported by both sides of this war between Israel and the Palestinians.

When Israel says this is our 911, that raises major red flags.

When over 2,000 militants cross one of the most secure borders ever and the top intelligence agencies in the world had no clue, that raises major red flags.

Rick feels that we have been set up by the globalists Cabal to keep our eyes off their exposure.

We know that 911 was a false flag (real life death and consequences but planned to get to a globalists Cabal key goal).

So why do we now accept that we are hearing truth that this was a simple intelligence failure.

We have the neo-cons like Lidsay Graham and Nikki Haley calling for expanding the war into Iran.

We have Black Lives Matter and many on the left “standing with the Palestenians.”

Rick feels this is the globalist Cabal (including the rouge elements in the Mossad and the CIA) using the extreme Muslims to purposely create this event.

Now the MSM can report on this and not on the failed Ukrainian Resistance, the Biden Crime Family, and the Medical Cartel.

Rick’s advice is to reject spending much time watching this war and all the propaganda and spend more time with the Lord.

This was advice given to Rick in his alone time with the Lord:

“Those focusing too much on the war and on their problems will be in a position where the enemy can take hold of you and take you off my path.  Be careful to not let the world’s problems take you off track.”

Rick also reads most of Julie’s prophetic word as well that names some of these Cabal organizations:

“I am delivering you from Wall Street. I am delivering you from the FDA. I’m delivering you from the IRS. I am delivering you from the WHO. I am delivering you from the hands of the wicked.”

Dr. Ardis comes on live and he also discusses not spending time keeping up on the war and how it is a distraction from his mission of exposing the Medical Cartel.

Dr. Ardis gives us great insight into how the COVID virus is real venom and that we have plenty of natural ways to protect ourselves from them.

He also discusses how we can protect ourselves from the transmission/shedding of the vaccines as well.

Dr. Ardis discusses his new “The Ardis Club Experience” where there are many advantages including 15% discounts on all products, monthly Zoom meetings, early information releases, and more.

Then he reviews the 3 critical steps to recovering and/or protecting yourself from COVID and future bio-weapon attacks.

First you need to release the venoms from your nicotine receptors with nicotine and/or a product called a Foreign Protein Cleanse:

Second, you need to break the venom down that is in the bloodstream with food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (only food grade!) or a product like EDTA:

Lasltly, allow the broken up particles to flush using a product like Apple Pectin:

You can get 10% all products by using the Coupon Code: B2T

However, if you join the Ardis Club Experience 1st with the B2T code, you will get 10% off the experience and then can buy all supplements for 15% off.

In the Q&A a Backstager asked about low testosterone and he recommend several things including this Prostrate Pro:

After we pray for Dr. Ardis, we praise the Lord with an awesome music worship video.

Then we go Backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR) where we pray for the children and military and pray against the media across the nations.

After PCR, Rick conducts Impactor for Truth training where we review the lesion about “Your Calling” and he helps understand how to identify and document your specific calling from Ephesians 4.

You can have access now for FREE (in a pay forward model) to all Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here in a pay forward model:

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