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Biden to be Replaced! Trey Smith LIVE. The Exodus! B2T Show Aug 23, 2023

Show Notes

The latest prophetic word from Julie Green discusses the puppet Biden will be replaced:

“This puppet is about to be replaced, and see how long they try to do this and act like it’s normal and that it has happened before.”

The word also warned that the establishment and the left will attempt to bring in a new president:

“Anger and outrage from the land of my eagle as you watch the party of the left and the establishment try to pull the wool over your eyes, you would say, to replace the Biden in whom they want to take his place to lead this nation…”

Trey Smith was not able to make the interview, so instead Rick dug into the latest word from Amanda Grace.

This word from the Lord also discussed problems in the white house:

“Thus says the Lord, a civil war within the walls of the White House shall spill out as the panic has begun and the scrub down has ensued; except says the Lord, they may attempt to erase the memory, however the memory has a backup that shall make it into the hands of committees; and they shall, to the people, unpack its contents and lay it bare as their skirts are lifted above their heads and their nakedness exposed.”

Rick reviewed other news about the Tucker interview going live during the Fox Republican debate, Trump’s discussing the arrest of Rudy Giuliani and how Biden fell asleep during a discussion on the tragedy in Hawaii.

With the extra time, we moved to an impromptu PraiseNPrayer where we worship to beautiful music videos and hear praise reports from California, Australia and from Rick and prayers for multiple people on Facebook and Rumble.

Then we go backstage for a Bible study lead by Gus Minkler.

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Prophetic Report

August 23, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – THE PUPPET IS ABOUT TO BE REPLACED

*** For I the Lord this day, am telling my children a flood is coming like no other flood. Flood. Flow. Flow. A flood of truth is coming like never before. Your enemies are desperately trying to run for cover into places where this flood won’t reach them, but little do they know, for them there is no safe place or high ground where the flood won’t reach them because I am truth and I am everywhere and truth destroys and annihilates every lie. Your enemies, while running for cover, are growing extremely desperate, and in that desperation, they’re making more and more mistakes and soon these lies and their deception and their mistakes are about to catch up to them.##

***Watch as the Biden will have his biggest gaff yet. He will have a word blunder no one can explain. They will try to make something up in the news, but it won’t work. Even for the people who have been blind from the truth before, this is now becoming more obvious. Something is seriously wrong with the Biden’s cognitive ability and functionality. They will start to say this more and more in the news, and many different stations will say the same thing. Also, watch the Biden take another fall on live TV as another sign of his fall from power in the so-called position of the presidency.##

***This puppet is about to be replaced, and see how long they try to do this and act like it’s normal and that it has happened before. Anger and outrage from the land of my eagle as you watch the party of the left and the establishment try to pull the wool over your eyes, you would say, to replace the Biden in whom they want to take his place to lead this nation, and that they truly believe that this is their country and that they’re in control of it, but they will soon find out this nation is mine. It’s always been mine and always will be mine and all of them will be removed and my children will take their places where they rightfully belong, sayeth the Lord.##

***My children, once again I want to remind you that you are watching a movie play out in real life. What you are seeing in your government, what you were seeing happening around the world with many leader; there are many actors, there are many scripts; fake scenery. There are many props and a lot of CGI. Many things that look so real and so believable are actually nothing but a lie. I have told you time and time again things are not how they appear to be, and soon you will see how fake it all was and how many actors were really the ones you see, not the people who they are supposed to be. I will pull the curtains back. I will show the fake sets they were using. I will unmask the actors and show you who they really are.##

***My children, they will not stay where they are now and they will not be able to further their plans. They’re about to overplay their hand in such a way, some will give themselves away big time. More and more are about to step down, walk away, and some will say they’re retiring but really they are being removed by me, sayeth the Lord. Some will pay with their lives and some already have. Soon all these things that have been hidden will be revealed to the world.##

Hiawatha, this name I say again will be in your news for a surprising reason.

***A major retailer is about to make a shocking announcement and watch their stocks tumble. I told you, my children, many corporations will collapse and be judged for the things they have been doing that you were totally unaware of.##

Saskatchewan, this name will be in your news for a shocking reason.

***Watch as an airport will be shut down for a significant reason. Unusual signs in the sky are about to increase as another sign that things are about to dramatically change for your good. A government is about to be exposed and will fall from grace, you would say. A wildfire is about to be exposed on how it really started and it was not an accident.##

Habitual liar; this phrase will be in your news and watch and see who they say this about and many more will follow.

***Keep your eyes on Japan. There will be a whistleblower that will come out of this country that will have explosive evidence against the Biden and Obama, along with the establishment in D.C.##

Backlash, this word will be in your news more and more and soon you will see why.

***The White House press secretary is about to be exposed and she will be removed and replaced, but she will say she’s leaving; but judgment is coming for the ones who try to continue their narrative and their lies.##

***My children, many things are about to come that will look like things are falling apart and the opposite to what you are praying. Remember these words; remember who’s in control and it’s not your enemies. It’s me, and I am on your side. Everything will be okay. Everything is changing for your good whether you understand that yet or not. I am your deliverer and I’m delivering you out of this mess, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer.##

August 1, 2023 – Amanda Grace’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T  UNMASKING SECRETS FROM THE U.S., CANADA, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, DISNEY AND THE WORLD MARKET

*** All glory, honor and praise be to the highest on the throne, Almighty God, great is his faithfulness. His mercies are new every morning. The Alpha; Omega. He is creator of all Things and to his kingdom there is no end.##

***And the spirit of the Lord says this day, the stones are being rolled away, the stones are being rolled away, says the Lord. What was buried in a tomb and thought not to be found shall in this time be found, says the Lord.##

***Thus says the Lord, a civil war within the walls of the White House shall spill out as the panic has begun and the scrub down has ensued; except says the Lord, they may attempt to erase the memory, however the memory has a backup that shall make it into the hands of committees; and they shall, to the people, unpack its contents and lay it bare as their skirts are lifted above their heads and their nakedness exposed.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, shortages to control the people shall fail. Shortages and provocation to lure the people into public aggression is their potion. However, says the Lord, they have a very Public issue with the face-in-name-only of the highest seat in your land. Subterfuge, says the Lord. An act of subterfuge, a very public act to attempt removals will be executed as father and son shall attempt to sell each other out. However, mother has already made a deal, says the Lord; to allow them to fall, says the Lord. The witch of Endor says the Lord; Saul and the witch of Endor. In this time, you shall see the same patterns come forth, for the kingdom has already been torn away in the spirit, says the Lord. THE KINGDOM HAS ALREADY BEEN TORN AWAY AND GIVEN TO ANOTHER.##

***Thus says the Lord, this is the time to kick the thieves out from among you. There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood; feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breeds out lies, and one who sows discord among the brethren. This shall be dealt with in this time, says the Lord; for some of you, including ministries that should be for my Purposes, have welcomed in thieves and given them a listening ear. Judases, says the Lord, you so have welcomed, and you are on the cusp of the pit, says the Lord. For you have believed a snake oil salesman and lies; for you have left the spirit and operate from your flesh, and throwing my business to the side for your merchants and military tales. And says the Lord, I am bringing a strong correction and causing an intense shakeup and shakedown and those Judases shall find themselves in empty fields with nothing, says the Lord of Hosts.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, I am bringing vindication in this hour to those who have been discredited by those who have given themselves over to be tools of darkness and deceit; who have welcomed greed into their camp. Vindication, says the Lord. FOR MY CHILDREN WHO DO MY WILL AND WHO TRULY GLORIFY MY NAME AND BRING GLORY TO MY NAME SHALL NOT BE DISCREDITED, says the Lord, but shall be upheld in this hour as the slander of those seeking an occasion for financial gain and control falls to the ground.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, I the Lord am going back to what you would call the nineties and early two thousands and resetting and correcting what purposely was moved out of place. A setup, a wicked, corrupt, fleshly set up all to create a facade to do exploits in other nations that were not of righteousness, but of corruptness and greed for the LOVE of money. My children, not money itself but THE LOVE AND WORSHIP OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL KINDS OF EVIL.##

***The secrets of Iraq and Baghdad are about to surface. The BRICS have fallen, says the Lord, and they have attempted to defiantly rebuild. However, says the Lord, the meetings that occurred between former presidents on both sides of the aisle, as well as vice presidents, shall be exposed. Each has a string that connects to the shell of a man you call president. A shell; a shell company. Another shall be found connected to another high-up in the White House, says the Lord. Garland shall be hung, says the Lord, around the time a garland is done.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord his day, Canada, oh the cries that have come up to my THRONE from Canada. I, the Lord, hear your cries. I see the cloak of darkness and conjuring of demons of the dark. I see the cloak over your nation. However, says the Lord, that cloak is set to be torn; for the removal shall happen a different way, says the Lord. It shall be sudden and quick, and the people shall have a window to rise up and tear that cloak and take a firm stand in their faith and convictions. For the bulldozer approaches to knock down what man and his corrupt family have built. The appointed time is fast approaching, and the largest scandal set to come forth from the government of Canada is almost upon you; that his own cabinet shall turn. Watch around the time of the holiest day of the year for such to occur. People of Canada, get ready to break your chains and open the cells for political prisoners; and those unfairly jailed shall be freed from such. That shall occur.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, a Russian submarine; a Russian submarine; watch the maneuver at sea that puts those on high alert. The one they attempt to replace, Putin, has been groomed far worse. Attached to Geneva, a creation of the forums and secret organizations under such; for yes, there is an entire underbelly of secret organizations that make up the foundations of these forums of the world, and they have groomed such not to free Russia, but to enslave it far worse, and groom Russia for its purposes to weaponize it against whomever they please. Putin stands in their way of such. Pray, my children, their plans crumble and the one they have groomed falls before ever making it to that seat. For I the Lord thy God, am bringing a surprise forth from Ukraine that the world did not see coming. There shall be major change within NATO. The landscape is changing. Members of the European Union with their deals are creating shortages. They are creating shortages of power, of water, of food, all from their deals that sell out their own people. These nations shall be revealed.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, England shall make sense in this hour. They shall emerge as a voice of reason in areas of confusion. A very serious attempt on the life of the prince shall throw their first family into turmoil and cause an investigation to ensue where parliament even begins to question the culling they are attempting in that family.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, Joseph was put in prison for a crime of fabrication of the truth. For a TIME, he was put in prison. Remember this, my children, and at the appointed time he was let out and raised to lead all of Egypt and protect them from famine. FROM FAMINE. My children, remember this has been spoken and that Joseph did amazing things in prison that paved the way for his freedom and leadership to arise.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, let the lions out, let the lions out, says the Lord. An odd occurrence with a lion in South Africa shall be a sign, says the Lord. The lion shall come forth in Israel. The lion shall come forth in America as a PAC, a strong and movable PAC led by the king; for almighty God is going before them, as they shall assemble to be fierce counsel, truth and righteousness. They shall not be seen as a pariah anymore says the Lord. THE MARK, THEY ATTEMPT TO PUT UPON MY PEOPLE; THE STAIN THEY HAVE ATTEMPTED TO IMPRINT IN THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION TO ACCUSE AND BLAME BOTH MY CHILDREN, THE JEWS AND THE GENTILES, THE MARK THEY HAVE USED; THAT MARK IS BEING SCRUBBED AND PLACED UPON THEM INSTEAD, says the Lord.##

***For those who want to promote the perversion of DNA, of genetics, that snake of perversion, those who want to put it on a pole and tout it in this hour, shall indeed suffer disgrace.  The agendas of the pluses shall suffer disgrace, complete disgrace, that their voices lost, their money power shall suffer the largest blow, and their leadership shall fail and crumble. The pluses are falling, says the Lord. The hauntings Disney has attempted to summon shall turn on them yet again, says the Lord. Another strike to their holdings and networks and executives alike shall indeed cause a faction to completely fall. This you shall see in this season, says the Lord.##

***And says the Lord of hosts, the markets, the markets including real estate, shall take an unusual turn and the major banks shall lose more in the next quarter as the voice of the people become louder and their rhetoric becomes smaller.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, take heart in a time of awe and tumult. Take courage my children. Know that these things must be to birth forth what is needed in your nation. For I, the Lord, shall supply all your needs. I shall give your nation what it needs; not what it wants. This you shall see, says the Lord. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, in the name of Jesus Christ who sits at my RIGHT hand. Amen and Amen.##

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