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The Fall of DC! Smith Sets Court Date. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Aug 28, 2023

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Jack Smith and the corrupt judge on the J6 indictment sets court date the day before Super Tuesday confirming the Deep State’s attempt at election interference.

Trump reacts on Truth Social with many posts about the election interference and the attack on Trump and anyone questioning the election.

It’s crystal clear that the DOJ is trying to hide and set free anyone involved in rigging the 2020 election while it goes after anyone telling the truth about the rigging.

Julie’s latest prophetic word discusses the need of the Remnant to stand and shout using the authority of Jesus to call for the reinstatement of Trump:

“Shout, oh United States. Shout for your rightful president’s reinstatement. Yes, I said reinstatement. I am returning what has been stolen. So, continue to stand, continue to pray in the healing of not only this nation, but all the nations that is about to begin, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer.”

The word also discusses the fall of Washington DC:

“Washington, oh Washington, great is your fall. Oh D C., your fall will be like no other fall in times past because this judgment is far greater. More signs of your destruction are coming. A great cry in the capitol will be heard. A video is coming.”

In addition, the prophetic word shows Hollywood will be exposed:

“Oh, Hollywood, a whistleblower is coming; one that will destroy your plans, destroy your narratives, destroy your power. You are not in control of TV and entertainment. You are not in control of the movies. You are not in control of these nations or any nation, along with the children. Great judgment is coming to Hollywood.”

Rick reviews other breaking news around Masks causing major problems and the Biden administration push for new vaccines and lies about them being effective.

We review other breaking news before Rick teaches on the times we are in now by consolidating Biblical Text, research over the last 6 years and the prophetic voices.

After the Bible study we move to PraiseNPrayer where we worship the Lord, hear numerous praise reports (including a person being healed from Phase 4 cancer) and pray for those asking for prayer.

Watch and listen to the beautiful praise videos where we tie back each song to scripture, worship and praise and then pray.

Don’t miss this wonderful PraiseNPrayer and join us each Mon and Thu.

In addition we use this powerful Worship videos for WordNWorship on Fri and also on Sun morning.

Rick will continue the teaching on the book of Revelation on Thursday.

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