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Biden to be Replaced! Trey Smith LIVE. The Exodus! B2T Show Aug 23, 2023

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The latest prophetic word from Julie Green discusses the puppet Biden will be replaced:

“This puppet is about to be replaced, and see how long they try to do this and act like it’s normal and that it has happened before.”

The word also warned that the establishment and the left will attempt to bring in a new president:

“Anger and outrage from the land of my eagle as you watch the party of the left and the establishment try to pull the wool over your eyes, you would say, to replace the Biden in whom they want to take his place to lead this nation…”

Trey Smith was not able to make the interview, so instead Rick dug into the latest word from Amanda Grace.

This word from the Lord also discussed problems in the white house:

“Thus says the Lord, a civil war within the walls of the White House shall spill out as the panic has begun and the scrub down has ensued; except says the Lord, they may attempt to erase the memory, however the memory has a backup that shall make it into the hands of committees; and they shall, to the people, unpack its contents and lay it bare as their skirts are lifted above their heads and their nakedness exposed.”

Rick reviewed other news about the Tucker interview going live during the Fox Republican debate, Trump’s discussing the arrest of Rudy Giuliani and how Biden fell asleep during a discussion on the tragedy in Hawaii.

With the extra time, we moved to an impromptu PraiseNPrayer where we worship to beautiful music videos and hear praise reports from California, Australia and from Rick and prayers for multiple people on Facebook and Rumble.

Then we go backstage for a Bible study lead by Gus Minkler.

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