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2020 Voter Fraud. Super Tue Results. B2T Show Mar 6, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

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Trump’s Truth about Nikki Haley and the events of Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday Results – Rick goes through a list of all the states and gives the percentage of the win of President Trump.

Nikki Haley suspends her campaign. Dan Scavino posted a video on his Truth account of Nikki Haley giving the announcement with a crowd shouting. It is a spoof but is funny.

Rick gives a breakdown of each caucus and the votes and percentages for them all.

Trump’s Truths – Trump calls for a debate with Biden.

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Trump Truth – President Trump is going live during Biden’s State of the Union address and correct any inaccurate statements by Biden.

Biden has over 350,000 problems ahead of Trump rematch.

Sworn affidavit in Fani Willis Fulton County RICO case reveals 148,000 mail-in ballots did not receive signature verification, nor did they follow chain of custody documents provided when requested.  Rick shows the court documents.

Elon Musk says He won’t spend on 2024 race after reported Trump meeting. Elon met with President Trump last weekend alone with other Republican donors, few details were provided.  This report claims President Trump is seeking donations because he is low on cash reserves.  Musk has an X post about it.

Jen Psaki mocks voters worried about illegal immigration.

Woke LA District Attorney George Gascon sent cops to the home of staff prosecutor who blew whistle on his soft on crime policies in attempt to intimidate her. Deputy DA Tatiana Chahoian said her boss tried to intimidate her with “mob tactics.”

New York governor deploys National Guard to NYC subways. Mayor Adams was elected largely on a platform of getting crime back under control.  He has been pressuring the governor to help him fight a crime wave that has turned the New York City subway into a lawless and violent zone.

House Select committee subpoenas Andrew Cuomo over C-19 Nursing home policies.  Cuomo has been criticized for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article titled Renault Award: Plastic makers lied about recycling for decades, we find that the public has been misled about the feasibility of plastic recycling.  According to the article, only 9% is ever actually recycled.

Rick then goes into prophetic words from Rick’s alone time with God, Amanda’s Prophetic word from a church in Louisiana, and a Julie Green Word.

After some time of waiting for Juan, Rick starts to not feel well and had to end the show and reschedule Juan.  The Backstagers pray for Rick and he starts to feel better.

The Backstage then goes into their Wednesday night Bible study with Gus.

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Amanda Grace Word

February 25, 2024 – Amanda Grace’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – A WORD FROM THE LORD AT THE PRAISE CHURCH OF LOUISIANA

*** And the spirit of the Lord says this day, the hour is approaching my children; the marching of victory in the distance, the marching of the word in the distance coming forth to fulfill as my word, my breath; the pneumo has gone out ahead.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, when you hear marching in your state, says the Lord, when you hear the marching, you will know that I, the Lord thy God, have gone out ahead of you to strike the camp of the enemy, to bind the devour, to issue judgment against the gods that have run rampant and put filth in your streets, that have laid down refuge, that have tried to put a stench on your children, that have tried to bind them up with every taunt and every cause, and every lie, and has tried to bind them up and herd them in like cattle and brand them for his purposes.##

***Thus says the Lord, the spirit that has attempted to do this, that has attempted to brand your children, that has attempted to brand your city, those that have been branded with those marks, says the Lord, those are the ones who will be delivered and those are the ones that are going to turn and proclaim my works in your state and in your cities. They may be branded on their arms, says the Lord, they may be branded on their body, says the Lord, but those marks that the enemy meant for evil to take territory, I, the Lord thy God, shall brand my name on their hearts and on their minds and they shall turn on the very one that branded them and promised them every delicate dainty, says the Lord.  They shall turn and they shall lift my name above this state, says the Lord. They shall lift up my holy name above all.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, is my arm too short that it cannot reach? Is my hand too short that it cannot save you? Come unto me humbly, says the Lord. The grace period, says the Lord, is thinning with leadership in your nation, with leadership in Israel, says the Lord. The grace period is thinning. Humbly come on to me now and surrender before they physically come for you to destroy you, not destroy what you have built; destroy you, says the Lord. For that is set in their sights.##

***And the ancient one, says the Lord, that has been released from the abyss in this hour, are going to bring an outcry against the people of God. Thus says the Lord, I have equipped you with every good and perfect gift that comes from above. I have given you your weapons of warfare that are not carnal, but mighty through God; not through man, through God, to the pulling down destruction of strongholds. And I have equipped you for this, and I have equipped you to stand before my throne, says the Lord, and petition my courts and use the power and authority I have given you to issue judgment against that spirit, says the Lord, where it has to let go of the heart of this nation.##

***For says the Lord, this nation needs a heart change. It needs a heart transplant, says the Lord. The soul of this nation has been dormant and I allowed it, says the Lord. I allowed it. I allowed it to wake my people from their slumber. I allowed it to bring the army of the living God into order, and I allowed it to mobilize you as my people to bring forth one of the greatest victories in your history; in your history, Louisiana, in your history America; to bring forth a great spiritual victory that will cause the high places to come down and will cause the highest courts in the land to get into order with my agenda, that will cause the Supreme Court of Louisiana to rule on monumental cases the way, I the Lord, say it should be ruled.##

***For I the Lord, I am grabbing ahold of the heart of the judges, and I will take their hearts of stone and I will bring forth hearts of flesh, and gentle humble spirits will come out of some of them, says the Lord. And others who refuse and stand in their defiance and stand indignant in their status, their seat shall give way, says the Lord, and there shall be yet another replaced, says the Lord.##

***For I am the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. I raise kings up, and I bring them low. I raise up shepherds and I bring them low, and I, the Lord, have brought forth an appointed time around the month of August for an overturning of the wicked tables that have exchanged America like a slave on the chopping block; that has enslaved the people, that has oppressed the areas. Around that time, says the Lord, the table of that money changer shall be overturned, says the Lord. It shall be flipped and it shall be overturned and their transaction canceled, says the Lord.##

***For in the darkness they are moving about attempting to bring forth another bidder, says the Lord, another bidder for your highest seats, and they are attempting to bring that bigger bidder forth out of the shadows, says the Lord. And they shall bring it forth, and you, my children, you shall discern because of my word and because what is being spoken forth this day, you will discern, says the Lord, the enormous switch they are attempting to do to put the enemy’s idol, and the enemy’s puppets, and the enemy’s trophies in the highest seats.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, the attempt against the life of Speaker Johnson shall fail, says the Lord. It shall be disarmed and brought low before the people. You will not touch one hair on his head, says the Lord, not one; nor the head of his family. For I the Lord, have spoken it forth this day. And as you try and attempt because of the other nations you have brought to my altar, strange fire, says the Lord, it is strange fire. And because you have done that, says the Lord, you shall see my glory move away and depart and rest on those that have truly sought me with all humility. Those who, even in the midst of loss, have sought me and have pursued me, says the Lord. It shall rest upon them now, says the Lord.##

***And what you bring to the altar of foreign Gods, says the Lord, those deals, it shall be impaled through, says the Lord. They shall be impaled through by my word, by my spirit, by my truth going forth. It shall be impaled and punctured and pierced, and their minions scattered from it. For they shall scatter, says the Lord, shall scatter in this hour. Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered.##

***I the Lord am arising and lifting up my voice in this hour, and I am coming forth for those who have challenged me, and my holiness, and my sanctity. And I am coming forth, says the Lord, with my holy word and my holy judgments, and those that have challenged me shall find the very judgments upon them that they have blasphemed my name with, that they have tainted my house with, that they have littered it with. They shall find it upon them because they challenged the sanctity of Almighty God and they challenged me and they challenged my word and they challenged those who I have anointed and appointed for such a time to uniquely go forth with my truth, the precision of my truth, in order to convict a generation, says the Lord, that needs to be raised up in this hour, mobilized, brought into order, cleansed, delivered, and go forth mightily in this nation to take territory away that the enemy illegally took.##

***And I, the Lord, am authorizing it in this hour, I am authorizing it, says the Lord. I am authorizing my people, says the Lord, to go forth for my glory and in all humility, and take those regions back for me, says the Lord. Luke chapter eight, says the Lord, Luke chapter eight, it takes one being delivered for an entire city to be set free, one that is willing to go forth and proclaim my works. And as you proclaim my works, says the Lord, I shall bring you forth and elevate you and restore unto you what seemed lost. I shall restore it onto you in this hour. And as other leadership is brought low, I, the Lord, shall restore it onto you and give it back onto you. Press down, shake it together and running over, I shall pour it into your lap.##

***Well done my good and faithful servant, says the Lord, you have run the race that is set before you. You have endured, you have pressed in for more of me and I, the Lord, shall pour it out onto you in this season that my glory will hit this area. My glory is going to hit areas in D.C. My glory is going to hit areas in the Midwest. My glory shall pour out, and you shall see entire cities transformed.##

***My glory will pour out in Chicago, says the Lord. They will disarm, says the Lord. Gangs will put down their weapons. They will put them down and they will walk away because there is a seed that has been planted in Chicago, says the Lord. There is a seed that is about to bloom in that area that will affect the entire state of Illinois all the way to the governorship, says the Lord.##

***Believe in me, trust in me, cleave onto me, in this hour, and my word. Obey the instructions I give you, for in this hour, I shall give you instructions and I shall give you what to say, and I shall give you precision, and I shall have you step out in faith with me to say it, says the Lord. And as you do, you will watch and entire areas of this nation begin to turn over. You will see it in Israel, says the Lord. My people will call on the name of Yeshua. The IDF will call on the name of Yeshua, and this hour, for a great victory to come forth and for their government to be gutted down to the hollow, says the Lord. For that nation as well must be cleansed.##

***And in this hour, the United States and its brother Israel will be cleansed in tandem, in tandem, says the Lord.  And the outcry of my glory will go forth out of Israel and it will rattle the nations around it. It will shake the nation of Jordan, says the Lord, and the outcry will go up in your nation, says the Lord, and it will shake the foundations of this nation that you will see leaders flee Washington D.C. because they can’t stand to be in the glory, says the Lord. For my glory is going through the streets and the square, says the Lord, and it is descending, and my power is going to overturn offices, says the Lord. It is going to overturn halls, says the Lord. It is going to overturn Congress, says the Lord. It is going to overturn committees, says the Lord, because I am God, says the Lord. There is no other. There is no other.##

***I am, says the Lord, the righteous judge and I sit and weigh and judge the matters of men. And in this hour, I shall do so in accordance to my word and you shall see a great change and a great flood come forth, and you shall see that flood bring down strongholds that have been there for decades. It is going forth now at my word because I, the Lord, have spoken it and the word shall go forth this day and accomplish everything that was spoken. Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts in Jesus’ name.##

Julie Green Word

February 28, 2024 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – EXPOSING THE PLAN OF THE ESTABLISHMENT TO MANIPULATE THE 2024 ELECTION

***For I the Lord this day, am telling you, my children, your enemies are at a crossroads with the Biden, or slow Joe, as they will refer to him. You will start to see this in the news; more mocking him rather than defending him. They are in a process of removing him. Like I have said many times before, I have told you what you would see before that would take place, and now you are seeing it play out in front of your eyes.##

***Your enemies are desperate to control him. They are desperate to control the narrative, to control who wins the next election and the outcome they so desire. They have said many times in private, they cannot have another replay of 2016, but if that were to take place, we will make sure we have control of the House and control the Senate and we will continue to control the Supreme Court, because if he wins, we will just impeach him and remove him out of the way. They have wolves next to my David and want him to pick their person for his VP so they can get rid of the Biden and get rid of President Trump and have who they want.##

***My children, they are ravenous wolves, willing to stop at nothing to get what they want. In all these scenarios and all these plans they have conjured up, not one will go the way they wanted; not even getting rid of the Biden. His removal will not be theirs to decide on how or when, and you are about to see that is true.##

***Much will take place before their convention. Much will take place in their party and in Washington. The Washington establishment, they are at a point of no return. They also don’t see me coming, and that my justice will prevail. They have many things to distract you and to damage this country further before the next election. They will try to stop it, if necessary. Again, this is your enemy’s plan and nothing they have done against my nation will stand.##

***This marks the end of their control. Lord, what marks it? The fall of Biden, their narrative, their media being able to stop this fall and resistance that has grown against them. They can’t stop this great awakening in this nation. My body and my eagle are fighting back and they have awakened out of a deep sleep of deception. Many more will continue to awaken. The more the establishment pushes their agenda and horrendous policies on this nation, the more people will resist and push back.##

***My children, they all thought you were too asleep and too stupid to take notice of what they were doing to you and some in your government believe that is still true. That is why they are not through with pushing more against you. These are warnings, yes, but it is nothing you should fear. It is to awaken you and let you in on their plans so you stand on my word and use truth against your enemies that will completely destroy them.##

***A major distraction is coming one after another and don’t fall for them. That is why I have told you over and over again to stay focused on me and I will show you what to see, and that is me; that is truth on what is really going on. You can stop the enemy’s deception by knowing my truth that sets you free. Be free in my word. Be free in me.##

***My children, don’t bow your knee to the enemy. Don’t believe in their power. Don’t believe in their threats. Don’t believe in their plans more than mine. Choose, my children, who you are listening to. Choose which reports you believe. It is time for the volcano to erupt the fire, to be set ablaze, for the earthquake to shake and for the flood to destroy every lie. It is all coming at one time. There is nothing for you to fear. This is what your enemies have sown and it is their harvest time. Your enemy’s plans are backfiring on them and they are trying to put out fires and problems everywhere they look.##

***I will say this again, a great fall is coming; a fall of corruption, a fall of a corporation that enslaved a nation, the fall of an establishment that ruled over you. The fall of their media, a fall of their judicial system, a fall of an illegitimate administration, and a fall of many political figures. It is all coming to an abrupt end. Listen to my words, my children. Fear not. I am with you. Your enemy’s destruction will be great, but your victories will be even greater. Stand by me and stand in faith because abrupt changes are about to be seen for your freedoms, sayeth the Lord, your redeemer.##

Galatians 2:20

English Standard Version

20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Journal of Time Alone with God

Sat Mar 2, 2024 9:02am – Lean Not on Your Own Understanding 

Thank you, Lord, for Luke Chapter 1 and the richness of this Gospel.  Thank you for the love you surround me with.  Thank you for the confirmations of your upcoming revival.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son.  Protect this communication in Jesus’s name.  How are you this morning Lord?

I am well and ruling the entire universe.  I am well pleased with most of those in my Remnant who are submitting, listening, and growing.  They are growing in my word and in learning how to better hear directly from me.  My Remnant, remember, these are not normal times.  My spirit will be pouring out in ways most of you have never experienced.  So, do not get comfortable with how you have heard from me in the past.  Explore new ways of hearing from me.  This is why I am having Rick and Gus bring on many different servants who are hearing from me.  Not that it will be exactly the same for you, but I need my Remnant to come out of their comfort zone and stop thinking that I will only communicate with you the way I have in the past.  Expand your thinking and become aware of me and my presence with you at all times.  Do not think I cannot speak to you in direct sentences that you can record.  Do not think I cannot communicate to you in dreams even if you have never had a dream you are confident came from me.  Do not think I will not give you direct messages and instructions throughout the day.  I will be using my Remnant who have listening ears and are attentive to my calls and communication.  Learn from these others.  You do not need to mimic everything they are doing, but expand your mind and do not lean on your own understanding.  Your own understanding may block my ability to communicate with you.  If you have put me first in your life and are being transformed by the renewing of your mind, the next most important item is to be fully available to me 24 hours a day.  Yes, be the clay 24 hours a day which means you are listening to me always.  You may need to remind yourself in each situation throughout the day by saying “Thank you, Lord, for being with me, communicate to me in this situation.  I am always available to you.”  When you are ware of my presence constantly and asking for my guidance, this is when you will know that you have actually allowed me to yoke you.  Many in my Remnant are close to allowing this to happen, but need to break free from their own understanding and allow me to fully yoke you.  This means that you expect to hear from me throughout the day.  Just like Nathan French teaches about having your pen and paper ready is faith when you are alone with me.  Well, having your mind and attention on me throughout the day and expecting to hear from me is faith as well.  Exercise your faith by expecting to hear from me throughout the day.  When you start hearing from me, then you are now fully allowing me to direct your paths.  Most of you are not seeking my continual guidance and this is the next level of maturating I want to bring you into.  Once again, do not lean on your understanding, but trust in me fully, and submit all your ways to me, so that I can yoke you and guide you throughout your day.

Many of you reading these words are questioning if you want to be yoked by me.  I tell you my yoke is easy and my burden is light for a reason.  Many in my body are saved but not sanctified, they are assured of an afterlife with me but are not being used by me.  Why?  Because the enemy has a very effective programming system throughout the world and you are surrounded by his programming everywhere.  It’s all designed so you will not take the step of faith and trusting me to yoke you.  That is why I want you to know how much I love you.  Do you really think I am going to lead you on a path that will harm you, or break you?  No.  Just the opposite.  Get into my word and understand the love I have for you.  Jesus gave himself up for you.  Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  Yes, you are my friend and my servant who I love and want to guide.  I cannot do this when I am so low on your priority list.  Even if you move me up to two or three, I cannot guide you, if I am not number one.  Why?  Because that means you do not fully trust me.  Remember I know the plans I have for you.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.  Can you trust my plans fully?

Now, I have given you my word so that you can easily break free from the enemy’s programming.  However, this word needs to be in your heart.  So dive into my word and let it transform you.  As you are transformed you will stop being conformed to the pattern of this world.  That transformation is all about understanding how much I love you and trusting me with everything.  Yes, trust me with everything, including your family, your career, your life. My word is living and active and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.  Become righteous before me by being crucified with Christ so it is no longer you who live but the life you now live in the flesh you live by faith in the son of God who loved you and gave himself for you.  Put on your armor of God, which includes the breastplate of righteousness.  Be ready with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of peace.  I want to give you peace, the peace that transcends all understanding in the upcoming time of chaos.  So trust me, my child, trust me.  It’s time to make a decision to break from the enemy’s programming, renew your mind, and submit fully to me so I can express my love for you in ways you cannot even imagine.  Join my Remnant and my Angel Armies in this battle.  And remember, I loved you and gave myself for you.  So you can trust me.  You can trust the God who knows the beginning from the end to guide you.  So let me yoke you and let’s fight this battle together.

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