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2020 Voter Fraud. Super Tue Results. B2T Show Mar 6, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

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Trump’s Truth about Nikki Haley and the events of Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday Results – Rick goes through a list of all the states and gives the percentage of the win of President Trump.

Nikki Haley suspends her campaign. Dan Scavino posted a video on his Truth account of Nikki Haley giving the announcement with a crowd shouting. It is a spoof but is funny.

Rick gives a breakdown of each caucus and the votes and percentages for them all.

Trump’s Truths – Trump calls for a debate with Biden.

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Trump Truth – President Trump is going live during Biden’s State of the Union address and correct any inaccurate statements by Biden.

Biden has over 350,000 problems ahead of Trump rematch.

Sworn affidavit in Fani Willis Fulton County RICO case reveals 148,000 mail-in ballots did not receive signature verification, nor did they follow chain of custody documents provided when requested.  Rick shows the court documents.

Elon Musk says He won’t spend on 2024 race after reported Trump meeting. Elon met with President Trump last weekend alone with other Republican donors, few details were provided.  This report claims President Trump is seeking donations because he is low on cash reserves.  Musk has an X post about it.

Jen Psaki mocks voters worried about illegal immigration.

Woke LA District Attorney George Gascon sent cops to the home of staff prosecutor who blew whistle on his soft on crime policies in attempt to intimidate her. Deputy DA Tatiana Chahoian said her boss tried to intimidate her with “mob tactics.”

New York governor deploys National Guard to NYC subways. Mayor Adams was elected largely on a platform of getting crime back under control.  He has been pressuring the governor to help him fight a crime wave that has turned the New York City subway into a lawless and violent zone.

House Select committee subpoenas Andrew Cuomo over C-19 Nursing home policies.  Cuomo has been criticized for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article titled Renault Award: Plastic makers lied about recycling for decades, we find that the public has been misled about the feasibility of plastic recycling.  According to the article, only 9% is ever actually recycled.

Rick then goes into prophetic words from Rick’s alone time with God, Amanda’s Prophetic word from a church in Louisiana, and a Julie Green Word.

After some time of waiting for Juan, Rick starts to not feel well and had to end the show and reschedule Juan.  The Backstagers pray for Rick and he starts to feel better.

The Backstage then goes into their Wednesday night Bible study with Gus.

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