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Zelensky Back for more Cabal $$. Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Dec 12, 2023

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Zelensky is back meeting with RINO McConnel and with Chuck Schumer asking for more US tax dollars to fight for the Ukrainian borders.

He then met with Biden in another attempt to create more cash for the globalist Cabal.

Finally, Mike Johnson of the House and others are asking for detailed plans vs. just forking over cash, but we all know this is a game with the Uni-party in charge.

Rick covers Trump’s latest reactions to the court cases and shows how all these cases are purposely timed to disrupt Trump’s campaign.

Trump also highlighted the latest poll that 1 in 5 mail-in ballot voters admit to committing some type of voter fraud.


We also learn Jack Smith is using cell phone websites and pictures from Trump’s phone to make his case against Trump on the J6 false flag.

Rumble’s CEO also acknowledges the cyber-attack that made Rumble inaccessible yesterday for many people.

The CEO speculated that this was likely an attack for political reasons due to subscribers posting about J6 and other topics the attackers did not like.

Rick covers more news before reading the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where we learn the Deep State is in panic mode:

“My children, your enemies are in panic mode. Confusion is setting in. I have told you before that I have cut the lines of their communications off. They are not able to do all that they have wanted to do. They can’t go as far as they want to go. No, because I am in the way today. I am in the way every day.”

Then Rick brings on Dr. Ardis on live to discuss the latest developments around his battle with the Medical Cartel.

Dr. Ardis starts with the new facility where he spent a week getting ready for its launch in January.  This included organic food, yoga, cold plunges, and more.

Then Dr. Ardis shared his latest research on the 9 different flu vaccines from the CDC website.

We learn there are 9 different vaccines and all of them are less than 5% effective, but all have damaging ingredients.

One has kidney cells from a Cocker Spaniel, others have mercury, some have anti-biotics, and others have fetal cells.

A must-watch as Dr. Ardis shows how evil the vaccine manufacturers are by exposing the flu shots.

Dr. Ardis will be publishing more details soon on his website and reviewing these in more detail in the Ardis Club Experience:

We pray for Dr. Ardis and his family and then go backstage for Project Children Rescue.

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