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War Exposes Border Risks. Media Trust Record Low! PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Oct 23, 2023

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The war between Israel and Hamas has highlighted what can happen when you do not have strong borders.

Reports are coming in that military aged men from over 50 countries are crossing our borders.

When will the American public wake up and realize the democrats and RINOS are enemies of our nation?

Rick shows a chart of the monthly illegals being captured in 2020 with Trump vs. 2021, 2022 and 2023.  Last month was another all-time high.

Kirk Elliott comes on to discuss the war and the effects on the economy and future investments.

Due to continued inflation and now oil potentially climbing to $140-150 a barrel compared to the current $90, even more inflation is likely.

Silver continues to be a liquid way to invest and play a potential upside when the Babylonian Financial system collapses.

Rick shows the that continues to show silver 5-year price at over $1,500 an ounce vs. the $23 price now.

Rick covers news about the war and how many people are taking one side or the other and fighting each other and taking their eyes off the cabal.

Not only are what Saul Alinsky calls “useful idiots” being used to prop up the anti-Israel narrative, so are many truthers.

Many truthers have been caught in a non-Biblical narrative that calls all Jews in Israel by pejorative terms like Zionists or Kazazian’s.

Rick explains that DNA tests and research on Israeli’s do not support the Kazazian theory.

Also, Rick points out that many prophets continue to talk about Netenyahu being the Trump of Israel and Israel still being something that God is protection.

Kim Clement used to say and sing “Israel is Forever!” so any theory that all Jewish people are bad is against both the Biblical text and the modern-day prophets.

Rick does not feel Israel can trust Biden, Trudeau or Macron who all have visited or plan to visit Israel.

All three have been anti-Israel and have directly or indirectly supported the Palestinians in the past.

Now all 3 are saying “we stand behind Israel.”

Rick believes the primary reason they are supporting Israel now is to try to purposely cause a war to take more eyes off the elites plans to sink the US.

Rick asked everyone to not take their eyes off the NWO plans and their tactics to distract us from the WEF, the WHO, the trilateral commission, the Council of Foreign relations, and other globalist-controlled entities.

He also believes the Mossad and all the 5-eyes intelligence agencies were behind fooling Netanyahu and the IDF, so they were not prepared.

In Rick’s opinion, this was a full false flag operation trying to lead to WWIII.

However, with the authority and power we are given by Jesus name, the name above all names, we can call down the cabal and ask that their plans be foiled.

Help fight this spiritual battle as the Remnant and take your stance against a World War and against the plans of the enemy.

Rick reviews other breaking news including Trump’s reactions to several situations and how republican donors have stop giving non-Trump candidates funding since they don’t think they can win.

Rick reiterates that Trumps role is to stay popular so the Deep State has to take desperate measures to keep him out which will result in their exposure and mistakes.

Rick reads a word he received from the Lord on his Alone Time with God on Friday, Oct 20 which highlights the need to stay close to him:

“Remember, the way to listen to me is simple.  First, you need to be in my word daily.  This renews your mind so you can understand me when I speak.  It will also make your paths straight from simply obeying the words already written.  Get these words in your heart.  Meditate on them and get to know them in your heart.”

Rick teaches on how to use application to get God’s word in your heart.

Then we go to PraiseNPrayer where we start with a song “First Things First” which is the key to be used by God in this hour.

We play many worship videos as the presence of God falls on the broadcast worldwide.

We get to hear many praise reports and Charlette read another word from Rick’s Alone Time with God on the fearfully and wonderfully made Bride that he is forming.

We pray for Trump, Netanyahu and specific prayer requests for those on Rumble and Backstage.

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