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Elon Warns of Sleepwalking into WWIII. Trump: “RINO Tom.” B2T Show Oct 24, 2023

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Elon sees how the West is taking us deeper into a full war and warns it may destroy much of civilization.

To Rick, it seems Elon is warning those that trust him that there is an elite class making horrible decisions.

We know these decisions are purposeful and part of the New World Order (NOW) plans to destroy America.

Rick reports on many aspects of the war including the escalation caused by Iranian militias that used drones to attack American locations in Syria.

The militia attacks caused Tucker Carlson to put out a video discussing “It looks like we are going to war with Iran.”

We also look at the fiasco for Speaker of the House where Tom Emmer was selected as the candidate by most Republicans and then Trump got involved.

Trump called Tom a RINO and a globalist and this quickly torpedoed Emmer’s bid as Speaker.

This shows the power of Trump and of the MAGA movement.

Rick reviews other news, including the Georgia Supreme Court upholding the heart beat bill that effectively bans most abortions in Georgia.

Battles will continue in every state on abortion, but it is good to see that judges are making some decisions that support life and the constitution.

After covering more news Rick reads one of his “Rick’s Alone with God” posts that discusses the forming of the Bride:

“ My will is to gather my body as the bride of Christ.  My bride will shine.  Nothing can stop this forming.  A forming and coming together of this bride.  As my remnant stands firm against the evil, the bride I am preparing for the wedding feast.  Just as each person is fearfully and wonderfully made, my bride is as well.”

We then review the latest word from Julie Green that tells us the attacks against Trump will fail:

“Your next attack against my David, against his family, will fall flat. It will come to nothing; just like all of these indictments and court cases will come to nothing. You will not have their corporation. You will not destroy them financially. Oh no, you won’t. I’m the one who has blessed them and you cannot take the blessing away.”

We then study Hebrews Chapter 9 and mix in beautiful worship videos as we have an impromptu WordNWorship.

After this we go Backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR) and Impactor Training on bonding with family and friends.

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