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Trump Thanked for Visiting the Hood. Joe Not Well? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show June 17, 2024

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Let’s jump into the news…

Rick starts the show with the US Debt Clock secret window.

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Open the Heavens event

We get an economic update with Dr. Kirk Elliott.

Kirk talks about the history of fiat currency.  He also discusses the Saudia Arabia deal not being renewed.

He also talks about the US Treasury putting more sanctions on Russia last week and Putin is very angry.

At the G7 summit, the group decided to take Russia’s money that was frozen and gave $50 billion of Russia’s money to Ukraine.

Shortly after, we see a Russian nuclear warship off the coast of Miami and there is also a missing nuclear submarine.

Dr. Kirk says he believes Putin is giving a warning to the US.

Damon Imani has a video that he has put himself in the ‘View’.

Jill Biden was on the View talking about her husband and the kind of person he is and how he is fit for office.

Damon doctored the video and puts himself at the table and ‘asks’ her questions.

At the end of the video, all of the ladies look puzzled at his questions.

Rick shows a video clip with Pastor Sewell from Fox News.

In the Trump’s Truth section, President Trump talks about an article from the New York Post about non-citizens getting voter registration forms.

President Trump has a meme saying, ‘Voters trust Trump over Biden bigly!!’

Rick shows a clip of Biden and Obama where Obama had to take Biden’s arm and lead him off the stage.

Nancy Pelosi is caught on video saying she was responsible for the National Guard not being present on January 6th.

In another Truth, President Trump retruthed a post from John Solomon.  The post talks about President Trump going to Detroit and being endorsed by a former mayor and going to a black church.

Another article shows Donald Trump has a clear lead over Joe Biden.

The chart shows Biden has a 1 in 4 chance in winning while Trump has a 3 in 4 chance of winning.

Why choosing a running mate is different this time around.

Rick asks the audience who they think will be chosen.  Rick thinks it could possibly be Ben Carson.

In an X post, a CNN video clip says, ‘Trump campaign launches “Black Americans for Trump” coalition.

Elon Musk has retweeted a post that says the mass amnesty scheme to be officially announced this week.

This post has a video clip from NBC that talks about this plan to give voter registration forms to illegal immigrants.

Democrats arrested for election fraud after abusing absentee ballot system.

Biden re-election team seeks the moral high ground: Targets Trump in $50 million advertising spend.

Biden’s re-election campaign said Monday it will spend $50 million through the end of June on a new ad campaign that directly targets Trump’s suitability for office.

Has Pride month finally put a sock in it?

Many have forgotten that the idea of ‘Pride month’ happened overnight and yesterday in cultural terms.

Rick talks about how the pride merchandise is not as popular this year and says Bud Light hasn’t mentioned Pride Month on its social media.

Kansas sues Pfizer over ‘misrepresentations’ and ‘adverse events’ of COVID-19 vaccine.

Kansas AG Kris Kobach alleges Pfizer violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

Rick says this shows the companies can be sued if they knowingly lied about the vaccine.

Benjamin Netanyahu disbands Israeli war cabinet.

Rick says we need to pray for Israel.

The Woke reason why there’s no ‘scenic route’ option on Google maps.

This article says there is no scenic routes because of DEI.

Covenant Journal revealed: Shooter said being female was a f**** curse, that she’d ‘kill’ to have had puberty blockers.

Pages hidden from public provide thorough illustration of shooter’s mental state in weeks ahead of deadly shooting.

Rick says this article is PG-13+.

SGAnon has a post on X discussing the Dinar and the amount that is in circulation.

Rick then goes into a Bible study on Luke 9 and PraiseNPrayer.

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