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RINO Hunting Stakeout? The Dead Petro Dollar. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show June 13, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s jump into the news…

Inside Trump’s meeting with House Republicans.

President Trump gathered Thursday morning with House Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club to talk politics and strategy just five months out from the election.

They greeted him by singing Happy Birthday the day before his 78th birthday.

Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollar exit: A global finance paradigm shift.

A significant financial upheaval is potentially ahead of the financial world as Saudi Arabia has decided not to renew its 80-year-old petro-dollar deal with the United States.

The deal, which expired Sunday June 9, 2024, was a cornerstone of the United States global economic dominance.

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Biden’s awkward, embarrassing moments with other leaders at G7.

Biden seemed to have some confusion immediately upon landing as he made his way down the short stairs and onto the tarmac.  A man intervened and redirected him in the other direction.

Rick shows a small clip of the interaction.

Poll: In agreement with Trump, 6 in 10 voters back mass deportations of illegal aliens.

In our Trump’s Truth section, Rick shows a clip of President Trump addressing the media in D.C.

Rick shows another clip when President Trump enters the room.  Lindsey Graham is clapping away.

Rick says he believes President Trump was RINO hunting.

Another post has a comment from Stephen Moore about the economy.  This post has a video clip as well.

Rick shows a few more posts from President Trump before moving to another article.

Supreme Court hands down unanimous ruling in key abortion pill case.

Rick says we actually lost this case because Pro-Lifers did not have standing and it shows how corrupt the FDA is.

Let’s take a look at the Pentagon’s latest plan to fight ‘climate change.’

The Pentagon is entertaining a proposal to load up the campus with Chinese manufactured solar panels.

Biden EPA rules will cause blackouts for millions of Americans, study warns.

An X post from Rep. Rob Wittman also discusses the solar panels.

In the SGAnon section, he has posted a list of his current research focuses which has a list of 7 things he is currently looking into.

A X post shows Elon talking about governments growing out of control.

This post has a video clip that Rick shows.

Would Mr. Rogers be canceled today?  This resurfaced clip suggests so.

This article says Mr. Rogers had a secret history of blatant transphobia and misgendering.

Rick shows a video clip that is titled, Mr. Rogers violently attacks gender identity.

A Telegram post from behold Israel has a video clip and says Israeli airstrikes targeted a two-story building in town of Janta, Lebanon.  The question is: Who lives in this building?

Rick shows several videos on Telegram about the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

Al-Jazerra caught altering video of Gazan criticizing Hamas amid ongoing bloodshed.

NATO says over 300,000 troops now on high readiness.

After several more articles, Rick goes into PraiseNPrayer with our beautiful songs with scripture attached.

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