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Trump on Abortion. Solar Eclipse. Clay Clark LIVE. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Apr 8, 2024

The B2T Show

Let’s start out show…

We start the show with Clay Clark joining us.

Clay talks about the final Reawaken America event coming on June 7th and 8th in Detroit, Michigan.

Clay gives five points he wants to emphasize today.

He talks about the eclipse, the rockets NASA launched today, CERN has fired up again today, Aleister Crowley, and a group in Israel is calling for the sacrifice of the Red Heifers.

Clay goes into detail about each of these points and gives scripture as he talks.

He goes into more information about things happening in the world.

Clay talks more about the Reawaken America event and special things happening at the event.

Clay, then, talks about how the Believer’s Authority made a difference in his life

After Clay leaves, Rick digs into the news.

We start our news with Trump’s Truths.

President Trump posted a video about the abortion issue.

Rick says this will inspire the ‘useful idiots’ to come and vote for one issue.  That’s what happened last time.  Rick believes this needs to be about all issues and believes that’s what President Trump is trying to do.

In another Truth, President Trump talks about sending the issue back to the states.

Then, in another Truth, he talks about Senator Lindsey Graham with regard to abortion.

Rick then goes into talking about silver and how it has risen over the last several days.

He also shows the US Debt Clock and points out what gold and silver should be if they weren’t suppressed.

He talks about contacting Kirk Elliott to get a consultation about getting protection for your wealth.

Rick then talks about Dr Chon’s BiosStacking Summit.  He has a video posted on Rumble.

This summit will be going all week.  You can learn about natural health.

If you use the B2T code, you can get access for $32.00.

Upcoming on B2T:

April 9th – Dr Bryan Ardis

April 10th – Juan O Savin Update

April 15th – General Michael Flynn

April 16th – Mel K

Also, our Monday night ‘Hearing from God’ series with different people discussing

how they hear from God.

Trump says abortion should be left to states.  President Trump says the states should decide abortion rules ‘by vote, or legislation, or perhaps both.’

Solar eclipse sweeps US, with some states in path of totality.

The line of totality spanned 15 states, but a partial eclipse in all continental US states, according to NASA.

Rick did a video of what he saw in Texas.  He has it posted on YouTube and will post it on Rumble.

Judge ordered Jan 6 defendant’s computer monitored for ‘Disinformation’ – appeals court overturns.

This article shows a picture of Daniel Goodwyn.  He was on the show last week.

Rick reads the article and discusses how Daniel was not spreading disinformation but telling the truth and was punished for being in the Capital for 36 seconds.

MEMECLIPSE: TIME mag ludicrously calls Trump meme video ‘bizarre campaign ad’

It was just a funny meme.  Rick says this just shows Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Emails reveal Georgia officials scrambled to defend sanctuary policies following Laken Riley’s murder.

Rick goes over several more articles before going into some of our beautiful praise and worship music.

After our praise and worship, Meri Crouley some on and discusses some of the projects she is working on before she goes Backstage with members and discusses how she hears from God.

While Backstage with the members, Meri takes time and prophecies over several people.  She gives some miraculous words to several people.

Meri is a real blessing to the ministry.

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