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Ardis LIVE. Exposing the Medical Cartel. Dems Dark Money. B2T Show Apr 9, 2024

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Biden campaign spreads disinformation on Trump’s actual stance on abortion.

The Biden-Harris headquarters X account claimed President Trump supports “extreme abortion bans across the country that criminalizes doctors, threatens IVF, and forces rape victims to give birth.”

Rick says this is information war.

President Trump actually says this issue should be left up to the states.

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Rick also talks about Dr. Cohn’s BioStacking Summit on April 21-28, 2024.

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Democrats commit vastly more dark money than Republicans for 2024.

A look at the dark money groups and their backers fueling the 2024 presidential election.  Democrats are outspending Republicans $800 million to $160 million.

Son of Hamas founder tells pro-Palestinian activists terrorists view them as ‘useful idiots.’

“Hamas does not respect any of those followers,” he said of American college students parroting the terrorist organization’s talking points.

Rick shows a post from OSINTdefender talking about a retaliatory strike from Iran against the territory of Israel and how they will respond.

Rick revisits a topic from yesterdays show about the Biden administration wanting to pass laws that would make if very difficult for President Trump to remove people from positions in our government.

In a post from Praying Medic News, we see his opinion about what will happen if Biden tries to pass this law.

In a Daily Signal article, we see “What’s the deal with illegal aliens on motorized bikes without license plates in DC?”

Clueless Pete: Buttigieg brags DC is so safe he can walk his dog to the Capitol but fails to mention his security detail.

Norfolk Southern agrees to pay $600 million in East Palestine train derailment settlement.

The company has ‘made commitments to address three long-term concerns of residents: drinking water, home values, and healthcare.’

Sheila Jackson Lee claims the Moon is ‘made up mostly of gasses’ (It’s not)

We’re now spending more on debt interest than defense, report finds.

I’ve been at NPR for 25 years.  Here’s how we lost America’s trust.  Uri Berliner, a veteran at the public radio institution, says the network lost its way when it started telling listeners how to think.

Rick goes over a few more articles before Dr. Ardis joins the show.

Dr. Ardis talks about where he has been and what he’s been working on and researching.

He talks about his new nicotine project using fresh vegetables.

Rick and he discuss some of his supplements and what they are used for.

Dr. Ardis takes questions from the participants and gives information on health concerns.

Dr. Ardis is a wealth of knowledge.  This is a must watch episode.

After Dr. Ardis leaves, Rick plays some of our beautiful praise and worship music before going backstage and have a time of Intercessory prayer as we pray for the children as well as other needs.

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